How I Became A Slave Of Mallu Uncles – Pt 2

Hi readers, this is Akash again. Hope you enjoyed my first story. This story is again an incident with the same uncles nearby my home.

For those who don’t know me, let me introduce myself.

I am 20 years old and I am from Kerala. I am a slim guy with a 5-inch cock. I have a medium-sized ass that most of the guys who fucked me told but not boobs and has a girlish mind. I am a bottom gay who likes well-built guys with black cock and has a weakness for uncles.

You can read the first part here – How I Became A Slave Of Mallu Uncles

After my first incident with my mallu uncles, I have had a lot of kinky episodes with them as we meet every day to play badminton. I gave them a handjob and blowjob at least 3 days a week, and we were all enjoying it.

One day they told me they want to fuck me. Obviously, I had expected this from them but was afraid of doing it and I told them. They told it will be okay, and we will take all the precautions and will do it softly and slowly.

I was not so sure about it, but at last, they convinced me that we will do it. Also, they told that if I don’t feel like doing it after one time, we will stop and I agreed.

They told me to clean my asshole and insert a banana in my hole two hours before I go there. This was to loosen up my hole and then I won’t have much pain. I accepted and did as they told.

When I reached there, they were all happy to see me as they were going to have a good time. They asked me whether I was ready and I told them yes and we all went to the bedroom.

I started undressing them all (It was the routine) and then I took off my clothes.

Everybody was naked, and they started hugging and kissing my face and body. Scaria uncle was kissing and sucking my lips. Shaji uncle and Biju uncle were sucking my nipples and Aju uncle was pressing and spanking my ass.

Then I sat on my knees on the bed and started giving them a blowjob. This went on for half an hour and all of their cocks were ready to fuck my hole. Scaria uncle went to take something and others were spanking and biting my ass.

Scaria uncle came with some lubricating cream. Then Aju uncle sat on the bed and told me to lie down on his lap so that my ass was facing him. He then widened my ass and slowly took out the banana I had inserted in my asshole.

The feeling that there was a banana in my asshole didn’t bother me after keeping it for such a long time. But after he removed it, I felt so relaxed.

Scaria uncle told me to eat it and I obeyed him as I was their slave. Aju uncle then spat in the hole and started fingering it. He inserted one finger, then two fingers and when it was three fingers, there was a small pain.

Then he inserted the fourth finger too and I told him to stop but he continued! I was moaning with pain.

Aju: If you can’t take this, how will you take my cock, da?

Then all of them laughed. I was making some sound and then Shaji uncle took his cock and shoved it into my mouth to keep my mouth shut. Aju uncle then took some cream and rubbed it on my asshole and then inserted the fingers. It felt much better than before.

Then Scaria uncle told me that it was enough, and he wanted to fuck me first. He made me stand in doggy position on the bed, and he was standing.

He slowly inserted his cock into my hole. As my hole was loose and well lubricated, it slipped into my hole easily. He made slow thrusts and was riding me slowly. It was paining a little but I could bear that pain. He then started to increase the speed.

As the speed increased, it started to pain more and I started moaning. At the same time, Shaji uncle had his cock in my mouth and my moaning sounds didn’t come outside. Biju uncle and Aju uncle were shagging each other’s cock by seeing this.

Scaria uncle started pounding my ass hard and it was too much for me. I told him to stop, but he told me that pain will be over after some time. He fucked me slowly and fast alternatively for 10 minutes as he didn’t want to kill the pleasure. After sometime pain started to recede, and I was actually enjoying it.

He understood that I have started to enjoy the fucking and told Shaji uncle to remove the cock from my mouth.

Scaria uncle: Moan hard, you bitch, moan like you mean it.

Me: Ahh Scaria uncle..Fuck me hard (I did it just like I saw in porn videos). Fuck me harder.

Hearing this, he became more turned on and started fucking me harder. I was both in pain and pleasure. I was moaning loudly like a horny bitch. Finally, he slowed down and removed his cock from my asshole.

Then Shaji uncle came and he inserted his cock in my hole in doggy position itself and started fucking. I didn’t feel much pain as his cock was almost the same size as Scaria uncle’s and from the start itself I was in heaven. I moaned with pleasure and I was starting to get tired. So he made me lie down on the bed and then slowly inserted his cock.

This was more relaxing to my body but asshole became narrower so it was hard for him to fuck. But he started to pound my ass hard as his full strength comes on to my body. It started to pain again and I started to cry. But, he continued fucking me in that position.

I tried to stop him in between, but he held both hands to the back and continued fucking.

I understood that he was too excited, and he was not bothering whether it was painful to me or not. I just put my face down on the bed and was waiting for him to stop.

He stopped fucking after 10 minutes and freed my hands. Then he told me that he was doing it to make me the best slave. And I had to go through a lot and then he sucked my nipples and licked my armpits as a reward for bearing with him. I liked that and was ready for the next cock.

The next one was my favorite Aju uncle. He was tall and stocky with a big black cock. He did everything the way I liked to do.

I was lying on the bed after the session with Shaji uncle. Now, Aju uncle came to me and gave a tight slap on my ass and then started to lick my asshole. It was awesome, he inserted his tongue into the hole and was licking fast. It was tickling and I got so horny.

He then made me stand in doggy position and slowly inserted his big cock into my asshole. It was so big that it didn’t enter first, he again put some cream in the hole and his cock. He tried again but was not getting in.

He then widened my ass and gave one hard thrust and half of it entered my ass in one go. I shouted with pain as my ass hadn’t seen such a big cock and just half of it has entered. He stopped right there and then slowly started to screw my hole. He didn’t make it hard. He asked me whether it was paining.

It was paining and I just waited for a few seconds and told him to continue. He slowly fucked me and then slowly he inserted his whole cock in my ass. I was feeling his cock touching inside me. I told him to keep it like that for some time. He also thought that it is a good idea as it can loosen the hole.

Then, after a minute I told him to start fucking. He slowly started to fuck me and still, it was paining. He gradually increased the pace, and after 10 mins he pounded my ass hard and I was moaning like hell.

Then he removed his cock and told me to get up. I couldn’t stand up straight due to the pain.

Then he pulled me up and then took me up on his hands, and he slowly inserted his cock into my ass and started pounding my ass again. He was so strong and I liked that position very much as I hadn’t much to do anything but it was paining. He thrust his full cock in my ass and he was fucking my brains out.

In between, we kissed and he also sucked my nipples. After fucking in that position for 5 minutes he put me on the bed.

I was so tired by now that I just lied down and didn’t move at all. I had to get fucked by one more guy and his was thickest of all cocks.

He came and put some cream in my hole and he made me stand in doggy style and slowly tried to insert his cock. He couldn’t insert it, however hard he tried it slipped out. This went on for two minutes and at last he pushed his thick cock into my hole.

I shouted and told him to remove the cock. Tears started pouring down my eyes. But he told me to wait for some time and he won’t move the cock for some time. I waited but the pain was still there. Others were all laughing and telling me to cool down. I also laughed with them but there was still pain.

Scaria uncle then put his cock in my mouth to distract me from my pain. I was giving him a blowjob and after sometime, Biju Uncle started to fuck me slowly. And he increased the speed slowly.

Biju uncle told me to make sounds and I started moaning. At first, it was not real moaning but after sometimes I started to moan with pain as his fucking become harder.

Biju Uncle then covered my mouth with his right hand and took my dick from back with his left hand. He started to shag my cock. It felt like I was in heaven with pleasure. My cock was rock hard and I was feeling like cumming. I told Biju Uncle that I will cum soon if he kept on shagging.

Biju uncle told me that he was also going to cum, so we will do it together to which I also agreed. And so everyone joined us in bed.

Biju uncle removed his cock from my ass and told me to lie down on the bed with face upwards. I lied down with my ass having a burning sensation. They were all shagging their cocks ready to cum on my body. But I couldn’t do it as I was very tired.

They all cummed on my face and body one by one and told me that I did very well and I will make a good slut. Then they told me to lick the cum remaining from their cock which I did obediently. And then I licked all the cum on my body and swallowed it.

I couldn’t get up from the bed, so they took me up and we all bathed together in the shower and after the bath, Scaria uncle asked me how the session was. I told him that I enjoyed it a lot.

He asked me whether I was ready to do this again. Although there was pain there was an immense pleasure in fucking. So I told him yes and from then we have had lots of fucking sessions in different positions and different places.

We have not only done it in the house but outdoors also as they thought it will be very kinky. And have done a lot of dirty things, but I will write about those in the coming stories.

I will share my next experiences with you soon.

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