Groped In Public Bus And Screwed On Bed

Hey folks. I am Anuj with a story of being groped in public bus by a stranger. I am a 6 feet tall guy with very little body hair. I am chubby and have man boobs. I am very fair and have baby pink lips. I am a sight for horny eyes, which means I pretty much get into action wherever I go.

The story is of 2019. Vizag gets rainy and messy in June. On one such day, I was traveling from Gajuwaka to RTC Complex. For those unaware, this is amongst the city’s busiest routes, and the buses are usually heavily crowded.

As always, I was wearing a loose-fitting t-shirt and sports shorts. To spice things up a little, I was wearing a hot pink panty under my shorts. I have realized with experience that nothing turns on a gay guy more than another guy wearing panties.

I boarded the bus at about 8 PM from Gajuwaka. As expected, it was heavily crowded, and I somehow managed to get into the aisle. I had both my arms up, holding the handrail. I was surrounded from all sides by men reeking alcohol and tobacco. I smiled at everyone I made eye contact with.

Now Vizag is sweaty in June, which meant the outline of my boobs and nipples were visible from outside the t-shirt. A couple of minutes later, I felt a hand on my ass. I shivered a little, and the hand was moved away. After some time, I felt the hand again. This time I remained calm.

The hand squeezed and caressed my ass from the outside. I smiled to let the guy responsible know that I was in. The smile gave this guy a lot of courage. I felt some movement behind me. Then a guy adjusted himself, so my ass was touching his crotch while he held my waist with both his hands.

I couldn’t turn but realized that this guy was the same height as I was and was well built. I adjusted so I could fit my ass right on his crotch. I could feel the tension building as his dick hardened. The hand on my waist shifted inside my t-shirt and made their way towards my boobs.

I was in a middle of a crowded bus, with a stranger’s hands squeezing my nipples. I closed my eyes out of pleasure and tilted my head back. I felt someone lick the back of my neck. I let out a soft moan. The hands caressed my complete body while my neck was simultaneously being licked.

I was on cloud 9. Then suddenly, I felt the hands go down into my shorts. The stranger was feeling my dick from the outside. After a little playing around, his hands went back to feel my ass from the inside. I guess he felt the silky panty and recognized the slut in me.

I felt my shorts and panty being taken down a little to expose my naked ass in a crowded bus. But thanks to the way I was surrounded, I couldn’t be seen. The stranger’s ass felt and squeezed my ass wildly. Then he inserted his finger inside my ass crack. He reached my hole and tried to penetrate it with his index finger.

I jumped out of shock and excitement. The finger was removed. For the next 20 minutes, the stranger kept licking my neck and feeling my waist from the inside of the t-shirt. We were close to the Vizag railway station when he came near me. He whispered, “I get down here. Care to join?” I nodded in agreement.

Soon my shorts were lifted, and the bus halted. I got down but couldn’t find out my stranger lover. As the bus went past, someone came from behind and lightly spanked my ass. I turned around to see a guy in his late 40s, chiseled, wearing lungi and shirt. He was smiling at me and motioned me to come with him.

I followed him like a dumb slut. We reached a lodge on the first floor. I was a bit scared. But he motioned me to follow him. He went and spoke to the guy at the reception. The receptionist stared at me and smiled wickedly. Both of them called me and made me sit at the reception.

The stranger guy’s name was Krishna, and the receptionist’s name was Murthy. They were both in their late 40s. While Krishna was well built and chiseled, Murthy was heavy and large. After the introduction, Krishna took me with him to a room on the second floor.

He told me that Murthy was a close friend and wanted to join if I didn’t mind. The slut in me agreed readily. Krishna conveyed the same to Murthy, who told him he would join in after some drinks. Krishna told me to freshen up. There was a common bathroom in the lodge, and we both went together.

I took my clothes off, and Krishna insisted that I keep wearing the panty. I agreed. Krishna went to the cubicle first and was out in 5 minutes. He told me to go in. I showered with the door open while Krishna kept staring. He had taken his clothes off, and I could see a giant bulge in his undies.

Suddenly he told me that he would be waiting in the room and went outside. I completed bathing. But as I came out, I realized he had taken my clothes with him. I was ashamed as I had no towel and was standing in a panty. I waited for some time.

After some time, Murthy came to the bathroom and again gave that wicked smile of his. He held my hand and pulled me along with him. I was super shy as I was walking in a lodge in only panties and dripping wet.

As we reached the room, Murthy latched it, and both of them offered me a drink. I asked them for a towel. They said no need as they will help me dry later. They had brought some cheap whiskey. I gulped down 2 pegs instantly as I wanted an immediate buzz.

Both of them called me and made me sit between them on a sofa. I was squeezed naked between them as they enjoyed their drinks. Krishna had felt me earlier on the bus. So Murthy kept touching my boobs and feeling my body. This went on for 15 minutes.

Both men kept talking in Telugu while staring at me. About 15-20 minutes later, the three of us had gulped down half the bottle of cheap whiskey. Krishna stood up and made me stand as well. He came closer and immediately rested his lips on mine.

The alcohol had taken over, and the slut in me was getting hornier and hornier. I opened my mouth, which awakened the wild beast inside him. He held me from my ass and ate my mouth. He bit my lips, sucked them till they were sore, and played with my tongue. I had my arms around his neck.

Soon Murthy also got up, and I could feel him tasting my armpits. This gave me shivers. Krishna told him, “This one is sensitive bitch,” and they both laughed. Murthy told me to take their clothes off one by one. I obliged. I took off their undies.

I was shocked out of my senses as their black monstrous cocks stared at me. Krishna had an 8-inch cock which was very thick. Murthy, on the other hand, had a 9 inch. I had never been with cocks this big. I was both scared and excited.

I started sucking them one by one. Both the men were rough, and now and then, they would gag me on their cock. I used to cough, and they used to resume. This went for some 5-6 minutes when Krishna came on my face. He came out a huge load and kept shagging on my face for 20-30 seconds.

He then went and sat on the sofa to resume drinking. Murthy used his hands to spread the cum all over my face and hair and then made me suck his cock. His dick was so so big that every time He forced me to deepthroat, I would feel the cock stretching my neck.

To my surprise, Murthy continued without cumming for a good 7-8 minutes. My throat was sore now. He then held me by my neck, pulled me up, and spat on my face. Then he made me drop on my knees and came on my face and boobs. Both men resumed their drinking as I sat on the floor covered in cum.

Krishna got up and made me lie on the bed in the doggy style. He came behind me and started licking my ass. I could not withstand the pleasure and moan like a bitch. He then took out some coconut oil and rubbed it inside my ass and on his cock.

Then he held my hands on my back and, in a single motion, forced his cock inside me. I cried and shouted in pain as my ass was stretched beyond the limit. He laughed. Slowly the pain reduced, and I started enjoying. Krishna fucked me in this position for a while, then held my hair and gripped them tight.

I knew he was about to cum again. And he did. He filled my ass with his cum. My legs were trembling out of pleasure as I lay on the bed to relax. But my excitement was short-lived as Murthy had gotten up to fuck me. Murthy turned me around and took my legs on his shoulders.

He slowly inserted his cock inside. It didn’t pain as Murthy’s cock was slim compared to Krishna’s. I was smiling and enjoying myself. Then he went full in. The insides of my ass were stretched as his cock was huge in length. He started fucking me.

The fucking was accompanied by constant squeezing of my boobs. Murthy’s dick was so deep inside me, I could feel it in my stomach. Murthy would occasionally bend down to eat my lips or bite my nipples. Like the last time, Murthy continued for about 7-8 minutes.

He let go of my legs, climbed on top of me, and held my face. He then wildly started sucking my tongue and lips. I knew he was near, so I wrapped my legs around his waist and arms around his neck.

I kept shouting, “Yes, Murthy, fill me. Fill me with your cum. Fuck me hole hard, Murthy.” And Murthy came. He fell dead on me as he came, and my ass started leaking.

As both of us gained senses, I asked the men if they could make me cum. Both agreed. Murthy went on knees behind me to lick my ass while Krishna was sucking my dick from the front. I came soon. I was so exhausted that I immediately lay on the bed.

I might have drifted to sleep somehow. But I could feel both men fucking me and covering my body with cum the whole night. I woke up the next day with an extremely sore ass. Both men lay next to me. As they got up, I gave them one more blowjob each and left after the hot gay threesome.

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