Blowing My Co-passenger

Heya! I am back with my story of a sexual encounter with another guy in a sleeper bus. I am a slim, smooth guy with a good figure from the outside. But I am a completely seductive girl from the inside.

I love to crossdress. I am 5’6, 56-60 Kg, hairless body, and long hair. Guys do mistake me as a girl from behind.

Anyway, coming back, I was told to visit Mumbai from Bangalore by my company. For my trip, I booked a VRL AC sleeper bus from Bangalore. I booked the last upper seat in the doubles row, hoping to get some action on the way.

On the day of the journey, I wore slim denim shorts (knee-length, exposing my smooth waxed legs) and a t-shirt. Just to feel girly, I put on a laced black panty inside and wore a tight black slip below t-shirt. I had no idea if I’d be getting fun on the bus or will have to satisfy myself on a long boring journey.

Around 6 PM, I boarded the bus at Majestic and took my berth. The bus was half full, half empty with nobody beside me. Straightaway, I removed my shoes and laid down on my berth. Pulled the curtains, and I was all alone. I was disappointed, though, in finding nobody on the berth next to me.

I thought I will have to play with myself throughout the journey. We reached Yeshwantpur. The bus stopped to pick some passengers. I was praying that some hot guy turns up in the berth next to me. And somebody did turn up.

He was looking in his late 50s or even older. Maintained built and good height. He had grey hair and a mustache. He removed the curtains. I gave him a glance and then got back to myself. He got up on the berth, looked at me, smiled, and said, “Hello.”

“Hi,” I said.

“Bombay?” he asked me. I nodded.

He pulled the curtains back, and it was dark again in our berth. I had kept the window curtains closed too. I was relieved of having somebody beside me now and knew I had a chance now. Maybe a slight chance, but I did. I was smiling in the dark.

But for the next couple of hours, nothing happened. We both were busy on our phones and did not speak to each other. The bus stopped for dinner. I got down, smoked a cigarette, popped a mint candy, and came back to my berth. My co-passenger was still busy on his phone.

After half an hour, we were on the highway again. All the bus lights went off. It was pitch dark in our berth except for the lights of our phones. We both were lying down. I kept my phone aside and closed my eyes. Immediately I felt him keeping his phone down too.

There was an absolute silence between us for some time, but the sexual energies, I felt, had started to build. Although there was a distance between us. But I felt warmth from his body all over. I was getting horny. Little did I knew that he was getting aroused too.

That’s the thing about night journeys. They tend to make you horny. And then the movements began. He started moving his legs, hands up down, so did I. At one point, our feet met, and we both stopped moving. There was a very gentle touch between our feet, and we both just went still.

Neither of us took the feet back as if we were testing each other – both of us facing up. We were not even looking at each other. Our breath was getting faster and deeper. Feet still touching each other gently, motionless. While I thought if I should make the first move, he made his.

He rubbed his feet over mine to signal and waited for my response. I waited for a minute before I rubbed his feet with mine. This time, he got a little bold and started fiddling with my toes using his. I reciprocated the same and started playing with his toes.

Our toes were making love to each other while we both were still hesitant. Still facing up, he made a bold move and kept his hand over mine. I did not move. Rather I started moving my fingers in between his fingers. Still facing up, he came closer to me.

I moved towards him too, and our bodies were now touching each other. He turned towards me and started licking my left ear. I took my hand from his and kept it on his face, and started to respond to his licking. I took down my shorts a little to exposed my laced panty.

As soon as his hands reached there, he felt the fabric and got excited. He placed his mouth over mine and started smooching me. Initially, I let him lick and suck my lips without opening my mouth. But in some time, I pushed him on his back, got over him, and started sucking, biting, licking his lips.

He opened his mouth, and my tongue went in to find his tongue already ready for me. We both started kissing passionately like two lovers. Our tongues, lips were inseparable as we exchanged saliva. I then sat on his thighs, just below his crotch, and started to feel him over his formal pants.

All the silent seduction and kissing had already made his manhood grow to its glory, but I wanted to tease it some more. I kept grabbing, squeezing his cock from above while my other hand was busy playing with his lips and tongue.

One of his hands was resting on my thigh, while the other was playing with my lips. I grabbed his thumb with my teeth. He very gently pushed it into my mouth. I started sucking his thumb in a very seductive way which made him hornier. He tried to unbutton and unzip his pants, but I held his hand.

I bet forward and whispered in his ears, “You seem to be in a hurry. It’s a long journey, darling. We have the whole night to ourselves.” I started licking and biting his ears and neck. He held me by my long hair, brought my lips near his, and started smooching me again.

By this time, I had positioned myself over his cock, which seemed big inside the pants. We were smooching wild again. I started dry humping him. I went back to cowgirl and started unbuttoning his shirt. After 4 buttons, his chest and nipples were visible.

Without wasting any time, I started sucking and licking his hairy chest. He took my t-shirt off. I voluntarily took off my shorts. I was just in my panty and slip. He started squeezing my man’s boobs. I took them near his mouth, and he started eating them over the slip.

He placed his hand inside the slip and took it off from one side. He started sucking my boobs hard. I started to moan. To suppress my moans, he put his fingers inside my mouth, and I started sucking them. He then held me by my shoulders and pushed me down to his crotch.

By this time, I had also gotten horny to suck him well. Straightaway, I unhooked, unzipped his pants, pulled them down, pulled his underwear down, and released his cock from the shackles. He had a sexy shaved cock. It was a good size, bigger than average and thick.

I took his dick in my hands and started giving him a handjob. But he was in no mood to waste time. He grabbed my hair and forced his cock into my mouth. He went deep, and I gagged. I spat on his cock and, like a hungry slut took it in at once, again.

I started giving him a slurpy blowjob. His cock was all wet with my saliva. I cleaned all his pre-cum and ate it. I started blowing him deeper and wetter. My tongue made him breathe heavily. In some time, he came inside my mouth. I drank every last drop of his cum and then cleaned his cock well with my tongue.

He called me up and started kissing me again. My ass was on his soft cock, and his hands had started playing with my ass now. I asked him, “Do you want to fuck me?” I wanted his cock bad in my man-pussy.

“Not in the bus, in Bombay,” he said, “I do not want the passengers to hear you moan, scream and shout.”

“Where in Mumbai?” I asked.

“Let’s get down in Navi Mumbai. We can book a hotel and stay there for the day,” he said.

“Sounds like a plan,” I agreed.

The time was still 1 AM. There was still time for the sunrise, and we both were in a mood. I kept sucking him till morning, and then we got down at Navi Mumbai.

What happens next, read in the next part how my fantasy dream came true.

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