Making Love To Beautiful Sonal – Part 1

Hi friends Rohit here. Today I am going to tell you a story which happened a few months back. The name of the princess in this story is Sonal. Now coming to the story. After publishing my story, one of the readers Sonal messaged me. I also replied. Slowly we became good friends.

We were chatting about general stuff. Slowly it went to our personal life. Our sexual life. We exchanged our pictures. I was mesmerized by her beauty. Before going further, I should give some details about Sonal. She is 24, married and has a kid. She lives in Mumbai.

Her height is 5’6”. Weighs around 50 kg. very fair complexion. Vital stat 34-26-36. Her cup size is C. She is a real beauty. Any man can die for her. her eyes, nose, lips everything is so beautiful. God took so much time to make her. (Fursat se banaya uparwale ne).

Her fingers are soft and thin. Her waistline, India Pakistan mein Jung kara de. I don’t have a word to describe her beauty properly. Only I can say that she is a princess. She is a mother but looks like a sweet sixteen.

One day when we were chatting, she suddenly said, “My husband travels every month for her business. He stays a few days at the home.”
Me: How can he do this? How he stays away from you? If I was your husband, I would never stay away from you.

Sonal: Don’t be kidding.
Me: I am serious.
Sonal: Thanks.
Me: Can we meet?

Sonal: Why do you want to meet me?
Me: I want to see the beauty live.
Sonal: Lol.
Me: I am serious.

Sonal: Ok then come to Mumbai.
Me: If I come to Mumbai then you will meet me.
Sonal: Yes, I will meet you.
Me: Only meet or anything else also?

Sonal: You are very naughty Rohit.
Me: Yes, I am.
Sonal: No way. I am married.
Me: As you wish, my princess.

The day passed we became closer. We were now free and talked about everything. Even I came to know that her husband’s dick size is only 5.5”. She knows that I got 8” long dick. I also send my dick pic. But she never sent me any nude pic. But once she sent me a pic wearing a black lacy bra.

Friends, I can tell you that she was looking like a heavenly goddess. Now we were talking over the phone also. Her voice is also very sexy. I found an appeal in her voice. She is a total package of beauty, grace, hot and sexy. Her husband is so lucky.

One day when we are talking in a video call. I was asking her to meet. She was teasing me by showing her cleavage and waistline. I got tempted very much. I took out my dick and started masturbating. She was looking at my hard dick. I could see the lust in her eyes for my cock.

I was teasing her and asked, “Do you want to take my hard cock?”
Sonal: Yes.
Me: Okay I am coming to Mumbai tomorrow to meet you. Are you ready?
Sonal: Sorry Mr, tomorrow I am going to Kolhapur to attend a function.

Me: You are going with your husband and kid, right?
Sonal: No, my husband is on a business trip. He will not come and my kid went to my parent’s house.
Me: So you are traveling alone.

Sonal: Yes, what to do?
Me: Alone how you will go?
Sonal: I booked my bus ticket online.
Me: Ok.

After that, I knew her bus details and seat details everything. Immediately I planned my trip to Mumbai. I wanted to travel with her on the same bus, side by side. I called my traveling agent and asked him to book my air ticket from Kolkata to Mumbai. And then night Mumbai to Kolhapur on the same bus.

I asked him to book a bus ticket also. And told him the seat number Because I have already checked online that her side by seat was still vacant. She booked the ticket in a luxurious Volvo bus. Her seat was in the middle of the bus. Left window side.

The next day I caught my flight and went to Mumbai. I was thinking that should I behave like a crazy young boy. But I felt that I was so crazy about her. And I can go to any extent. I landed in Mumbai and came out of the airport. I directly went to Zaveri bazar and purchased a nice diamond ring for my princess Sonal.

I had some tea and snacks and then went to the Panvel bus stand from where the bus started. Evening around 8 pm I reached the bus stand. I got up on the bus and took my seat. A few minutes later I saw Sonal get into the bus and searching for her seat.

She was wearing a loose shirt and jeans pants. She had applied sindoor and red lipstick on her beautiful lips. She was looking damn hot. Inside her shirt, she was wearing a tight bra which little bit pushed her soft mound upward. Her cleavage was not visible because it was covered with her shirt.

But anybody can guess that if she opened one more button of her shirt, her beautiful cleavage will be revealed. Which made her more mysterious. I wanted to fuck her right there but I controlled myself. She came near me and sat beside me. Suddenly she looked at me. She had not noticed me previously.

She was shocked to see me. She whispered, “What are you doing here?”
Me: Just wanted to travel with you and spend some time. Hope you don’t mind.
Sonal: You are mad. I can’t believe.

I was looked at her closely. Now she sat on my left. I tried to look at her cleavage but she understood my intention. She pinched on my leg and smiled. I was just looking at her. I was praising her beauty with my eyes. We both didn’t utter a single word but looked at each other.

Our eyes were talking to each other. I held her hand and put my ring on her finger. She was surprised again. She took her hand from my hand and looked at the ring.

Sonal: What is this? Why you brought this gift for me?
Me: It is just a token to praise your beauty and to show you that I am your great admirer.

She held my hand and leaned on her seat. She was happy that she got me as a companion. We were not talking to each other. Our hands met and we were realizing each other presence. I was feeling the softness of her hand and her bodily aroma which was driven me crazier.

I took her hand near my lips and kissed. She held my hand tightly. Her fingers were so soft and artistic. I looked at her face, her eyes, nose, lips are very beautiful. I couldn’t believe my luck. We held each other’s hand tightly.
Slowly we started talking.

I came to know that when she first saw me, she was very nervous and didn’t understand what to do. We smiled at each other. She whispered in my ear, “You are very naughty. But don’t try anything, ok.” We talked about ourselves. After around 1 hour we both became easy and talked to each other freely.

By that time the bus light was switched off. I understood that she was very upset with her husband nowadays because he was always busy in his business and business trips. She said, “My husband is so busy that he can’t come with me for one day.” I felt the pain in her voice.

Around 11 pm bus stopped for dinner. We both got down and had our dinner together. Again, our journey started. We had given one blanket. We wrapped the blanket on our bodies. The light was switched off. I moved my head towards her and looked at her. She understood and looked at me.

We both were looking into each other’s eyes. Action speaks louder than the words, so her eyes. I moved my face a little forward and planted a soft kiss on her cheek. She hesitated a little. I understood that this was the first time that any other man kissed her cheek. She didn’t object but was a little uneasy.

I whispered, “Do you feel bad that I kissed you?” She didn’t reply but planted a soft kiss on my cheek. I was very happy and also thought about my good fortune. I whispered in her ear, “I want to kiss on your beautiful rosy lips.” She didn’t answer but turned her head toward me.

I understood that she was ready for the kiss. I moved forward and planted a soft kiss on her beautiful lips. She was not protesting either taking part. Slowly I whispered in her ear, “Should I move further?” She looked at my eyes and then closed her eyes. I understood she was ready for some fun.

I again put my lips on her and this time I was kissed hard on her lips. I was now sucking her lips and smooching with full intensity. Slowly she took part. We were now going into a deep lip lock. Her lips were so soft and juicy. I was eating her saliva. It was tasty.

I was sucking and chewing her lower lip and upper lip alternatively and chewing them from time to time. Sonal reciprocated the same. Sometimes I took both her lips in mine and sucked. Then I took her tongue in my mouth and sucking her tongue. She was arousing slowly.

I was sucking her tongue and eating her saliva with full of love and affection. Then I pushed my tongue in her mouth. she allowed my tongue willingly in her mouth and sucked my tongue. We were now eating and sucking each other lips and tongue with full intensity.

Almost 30 minutes gone but we were not ready to leave each other lips. Finally, we separated and took a long breath to catch our breath. She leaned her head on the back seat. I was now looking at her face. My eyes were roaming all over her body.

Her face, lips, boobs, legs. I slowly brought my hand in front of her and opened one button of her shirt. She was breathing heavily. I put my hand on her chest and opened one more button of her shirt. Now her cleavage was visible. I looked into it deeply. I leaned forward and sniffing her sweet bodily aroma.

I couldn’t control himself and slowly placed my right hand on her boobs. It was very erotic. I got an instant boner. I wanted to enjoy the session. I was fully excited. I didn’t care about other passengers on the bus. I already opened all the buttons of her shirt.

Her milky jugs were in front of my eyes. My eyes were popped out by seeing the beauty of her breast. She was wearing a black front open bra. Her bright color gave a sexy contrast with the black bra. I was kneading her breast. She pressed her mouth with her hand to stop her moaning sound.

I was kissing and licking her lips and on the other hand pressing her soft melons. I inserted my one hand under her bra. Oh my god, finally her breast was cupped by my hand. It was soft and hot. She holds my hair and pressed her lips on mine. We were smooching like wild animals. It was too much for me.

I was pressing her boobs with full pleasure. I took out my hand and opened the front hook of the bra. Sonal’s proud hills were sprung out from the bra cage. They were standing straight in the air. Her boobs are tender. Black nipples on the top made them more beautiful.

I was mauling her both breast with my both hands. I was kissing her like a mad dog. She opened the zip of my pants and took out my flee. It stands straight in the air. Pre-cum was oozing from the head. She slowly moved her one hand around my cock and with the other hand pressed my head on her boobs.

Her soft fingers wrapped around my cock.  My cock was throbbing under her fingers. I felt so good. The scene was very erotic. I forgot everything by seeing such a beautiful breast of Sonal. I was kissing and licking every inch of her upper body. I was sniffing her beautiful body and enjoying her womanly aroma.

I bent down my head and took her left nipple in my mouth. I was sucking her nipple like a child who needed his mother’s milk very badly. At the same time, I was kneading and pressing her other breast. Almost 30 to 40 minutes I was sucking her pointed nipples alternatively.

Sonal was still playing with my erect dick and giving me a nice handjob. I held her jeans and opened the button of her jeans. I couldn’t hold it anymore and tried to open her panty. Her trimmed clean pussy was flooding with her love juices. I touched it. I pressed her pussy lips slowly.

I looked at her and said, “Sonal I can’t hold it anymore. You are also licking down there. See my finger it is covered with her love juices.” I showed my finger to her and put it in my mouth and start sucking my finger covered with her love juices.

I uttered, “Oh Sonal your pussy juice is very tasty, yummy!”
She smiled at me and said, “Do you like it?”
Me: Yes, darling I like it very much and I want to fuck you right now. Please allow me.

I could see the lust in her eyes also. But she stopped me and said, “Don’t do this now. Because if you try to fuck me now it will be a mess because we are now in public transport. So, control yourself.”

I looked at her with sad eyes. But I understood that what she was saying is correct. I held her hand and took it to my shaft. She wrapped her fingers around my cock again and gave me a few strokes. I kissed her lips and boobs once again and asked her to take my shaft in her mouth.

She gladly bent down and took my shaft in her mouth and sucked my cock like a pro. I was enjoying her sucking and pressing her boobs. She was an expert. Within a few minutes, I released my load in her mouth. Jolt after jolt I released my white liquid in her mouth.

She gulped my entire load and did not waste a single drop. I was happy. But she was still not satisfied. I put my finger in her pussy. I was rubbing her clit and finger fucking her pussy. At the same time sucking her both the boobs alternatively. Also, bit her nipples. She was gasping for breath.

She was jumping from her seat with excitement. Within a few minutes, she came a lot. We both were now exhausted. We dressed properly. We kissed each other and it was very passionate. There was a mixture of love and sex. We slept for the last few hours because it was already 3 am.

We reached Kolhapur at around 5.30 am. I gave her the address of the hotel where I stayed. I requested her to come to my hotel for a nice session. She agreed and said, “Today night I will be in your arms in your hotel room.” I was very glad. We departed for our destinations.

It was a great journey and now I knew she wanted me as much as I wanted her. So I will tell you in the next part what happened when we reached Kolhapur. Please send your feedback on [email protected]

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