Sex With Cousin Sister Shwetha On Way To Native Place

Hello everyone, this is Siddhartha. I am from south India and this story revolves around the 3 main characters from my mother’s family. Their family consists of 4 people.

There is the father-in-law, aged 50 years. He is a businessman. Then secondly the mother-in-law, aged 42 years. Their age gap is around 8 years. MIL got married at 19 years and she is having two children.

The first daughter’s name is Shwetha. Her age is 21 years and she is studying B.Tech in Bangalore and her younger sister is Priya, whose age is 19 years. She is studying for her first-year degree in the native place.

Coming to myself, I am 23 years old and 2 years older than Shwetha. The story started 8 months back. I am working in Bangalore in a reputed MNC company. As we had the Dassera holidays, I and Shwetha planned to go to our native place from Bangalore. To reach my place it takes a 12-hour journey by bus.

As it was the Dassera festival, the bus was full and we got a non-AC bus. We reached the bus station and settled in the seats next to each other. As the bus started to move, it took 2 hours to reach the outskirts of the city and then stopped for a break.

The bus driver mentioned that it was the last break and there will no further stop in between. We got down from the bus and had our dinner. Everyone was watching us thinking we were a newly married couple.

My cousin sister Shwetha looked beautiful in her t-shirt. Her boobs were clearly visible. I forget to mention her stats. She is blessed with a 34-28-34 figure. The black pants that she had worn for the journey had stuck to her thighs and gave a good look. Overall, she looked like an angel in her dress.

As we approached our seats after entering the bus, my cousin sister sat near the window seat and we talked about general stuff and then started to sleep.

Due to the non-ac bus, there was no air ventilation in the bus so I tried to open the window for some air to flow in. When I opened my eyes, there was the beauty Shwetha sleeping next to me. I had never seen her like that before.

When I opened the window, due to the speed of the bus, her t-shirt was fluttering in the wind. I could see her navel and without hesitation, I looked at it like a filthy animal.

I was enchanted with her and was looking at her beauty. Suddenly, there was a voice calling my name and I came back to my senses. She was laughing and asked what happened? I said, “Nothing.”

My cousin saw my boner and looked into my eyes and said, “Go to sleep.” But I was not getting sleep due to the boner in my pants and started to look at her. Slowly, I started to keep my hand on her and acted like I am asleep. She showed no resistance.

Slowly, I moved my hand to my cousin sister’s navel. Still, she showed no reaction, so slowly I rubbed her navel and moved my hand inside her shirt!

Then I advanced towards her boobs. Shwetha was wearing a bra and I had to struggle a bit to insert my hand inside her bra. Her breathing increased gradually. Her bra was tight as it was filled with her boobs and my hand. I pressed my cousin’s tits harder and harder and soon, Shwetha started making sounds, “Haaaaa..haaaa..”

Then my cousin opened her eyes! I was scared and removed my hand quickly. Shwetha acted as if she was still sleeping. She moved and for 2 minutes, I held my breath and pretended to be sleeping.

Suddenly a hand touched my hand and when I opened my eyes, I could not believe my luck. It was my cousin sister’s hand. She took my hand and kept it inside her shirt. To my surprise, she removed her bra and that gave me the green signal.

I started to press Shwetha’s boobs. My whole hand was covering one of her boobs and it fitted perfectly in the palm of my hand. I pinched her nipples and Shwetha made a loud sound. I was frightened and kept one hand on her lips. But my cousin sister was sucking my hand and fingers due to my hard pressing.

Shwetha even bit my finger and suddenly, she removed my hand. She came near my face. We felt each other’s breathing and then kissed. It took almost 15 minutes to separate each other’s lips.

Shwetha pressed my dick above my night pajamas. She was stroking my dick above my night pant and then she slid her hand into my pant slowly. Shweta was surprised to see my 6-inch dick and started to give me a handjob. Meanwhile, I was sucking her boobs and left some love-bite marks on her boobs near the nipples.

After 5 minutes, my horny cousin sister bent into my lap. She acted like she was sleeping and began giving me a blowjob!!

At first, Shwetha touched the head of my dick and sucked my precum which was released due to her handjob. Slowly, she took the full cock in her mouth.

Shwetha was now moving slowly because the people around were asleep and there may be a chance of getting caught. Slowly, my cousin sis increased her speed while looking around to see if anyone was watching us.

After 15 minutes of this risky blowjob, I ejected my cum inside her mouth. She drank it happily and kissed me.

Then I started rubbing my cousin sister’s pussy. To prevent her from making loud sounds, I kept her bra in her mouth.

My cousin slid down a little to give me access to her pussy. I pressed her pussy slowly and inserted one finger into it. It was very tight because my cousin sister was a virgin which I came to know later.

I began making to and fro movements after inserting my 2 fingers (index finger and middle finger). My younger cousin sister was crying now due to the pain and teardrops were rolling from her eyes without her knowledge.

Slowly, Shwetha began to moan. This time, I inserted my third finger and increased the pace for finger-fucking my cousin sister’s un-fucked pussy. Soon, she came with a large load of cum.

Shwetha was tired after that and fell asleep after a few minutes. I removed the bra from her mouth and kept it in my pocket. I rested my hand inside her t-shirt while she slept like a baby.

Around 6 am, she woke up and woke me up with a peck on my lips. We reached our native place by 7:15 am. My cousin sister asked for her bra but I refused to give it. She pleaded with me. I said I have a demand. She had to send me a video of her body after stripping after she reached home. She accepted immediately.

In the next part, I will tell you how I fucked my cousin sister in her own house and got caught by her mother and later how her mother too joined our party!

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