Telugu Aunt Seduction And Lockdown Sex – Part 1

Hi all, I am back with my story of meeting my family friend during the lockdown. I was back in my hometown Warangal from mid-march and was working from home and didn’t have sex for 3 months. It became more of a daily routine, waking up, eating, work/chat, sleep.

I was desperately waiting for a lady’s touch, I was in regular touch over hangouts or skype with the couples and ladies who I met previously. We were having hot sexy video calls but it was more of virtual sex which I liked but was not satisfied with it.

I hardly have 2 people with who I had sex within Warangal, one was my ex and the other was with a family friend’s wife – my Telugu aunt. No sex but only had just touches and kisses with the aunt when I was pursuing engineering. It had been close to 6 years and I didn’t have the opportunity to have sex with the aunt as both were busy with our lives.

Coming to the story, during the lockdown most of the time, I was busy with office work. I saw my Telugu aunt coming to my home quite often to talk with my mom and help her with the household work.

The first couple of weeks I just said hi and walked off but because of the gap I had in sex and the way aunt was looking at me, I started remembering the things I had done with my aunt when I was in engineering. I wanted to give it a try but at the same time, I was also worried about my family.

After a couple of weeks, I got some courage and started talking to her. We were playing chess and some other random games during the afternoon time along with their kids.

I got close to them again and started speaking with my uncle during the evening hours about the current position of covid and jobs. I saw a major difference in the way my Telugu aunt was talking to me, we exchanged our mobile numbers.

One day while she was working in the kitchen, I woke up late around 10.30 and my mom was outside talking with my dad near the gate. My aunt who was in her mid-30s, height around 5.8 with a figure of 34 size boobs and chubby looks was wearing a red saree with a black jacket, exposing her belly and boobs size typical housewife look.

I wanted to give it a try and went into the kitchen and rubbed the Telugu aunt’s ass with my hand while walking. There was no response from her. I did the same a couple of times but she was not saying anything.

She was making tea and breakfast for me. She turned back and told me to freshen up and come.

I was done with my brushing and downloading, came back to the kitchen. Now I saw my mom and dad were sitting near the gate and talking with my uncle (aunt’s husband).

Aunt was preparing tea. I went on to her back and smelled her near her neck! She felt my breath and turned around and asked me what I was doing. I told her that I came to take water.

The married south Indian aunt was furiously looking at me. I took the water bottle and came back. I saw she was still standing in the same position. I went again and kissed her neck! She turned around but didn’t say a word.

We were both looking into each other’s eyes and I could feel her breath. Aunt was looking angry but was not saying a word. She then turned back and turned off the gas.

Suddenly, I grabbed the Telugu aunt’s waist and kissed her passionately on her neck. She was pushing me back, but I was in no mood to leave her. It was more than 3 months since I had that touch and feeling and my cock was high in the mood.

I was trying to push my hands over the sexy Telugu aunt’s boobs but she was not allowing me to do it. Then my mom called my aunt and I didn’t have any choice but to leave her.

Later I had tea and breakfast and was watching TV. My aunt didn’t come to my house the whole day. I was a bit worried.

The next day, I woke up around 9 am and saw my aunt and my mom talking outside.

My aunt saw me and told me that she would make tea for me and mom and came to the kitchen. I went back to her again to see her reaction. She was moving far when I was trying to get near her.

I just looked around to make sure my mom was not coming in and then I grabbed my Telugu aunt from behind and started kissing her again. This time, I didn’t see much resistance from her. I started pressing her boobs and they were bigger than before.

I was kissing her over the neck. I turned her around and kissed her on her lips and started sucking her lips while my hands were busy pressing her big melons. I pulled the pallu down and started sucking those boobs over the jacket.

She was in full mood and was holding me tighter. I grabbed her ass from the back and was licking the top of her boobs. I was trying to remove the jacket but she stopped and pushed me.

My Telugu aunt adjusted her saree and signaled me to go in. I was so horny I was unable to hide my cock. I sat in the hall and covered my tool with a pillow. My mom noticed something was fishy and asked me what I was doing when my aunt was preparing breakfast.

I told her nothing as I was playing a game on the mobile. She just nodded like ok, but I understood she had some doubts! I was waiting for my chance to have sex with my Telugu aunt.

This foreplay kind of thing continued for some more days but I didn’t get a chance to enjoy the sex. The rest will be continued in part 2.

Next Part: Telugu Aunt Seduction And Lockdown Sex – Part 2

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