Gave Innocent Village Aunt Joys Of Hard Fucking

I am Vikram, 22 years old. I am a graduate student staying in Bangalore. I used to stay in PG accommodation. Due to loneliness, I started watching porn and became addicted to it.

It all started when I was 19 years old. I had visited my village for my holidays. After a long time, I visited my aunt’s house. My aunt Sunitha is a 38 years old lady with 2 children. She was an uneducated woman because it is a village and many girls don’t get any education. She too didn’t know anything about the present world.

Coming to her looks, my village aunt had a perfect figure and she looked gorgeous. She had huge boobs and a bubbly ass.

Once, when I was there and was playing with her 2 children, aunt felt tired and she went to sleep. Due to the gusty wind, the bedroom door slightly opened. OMG! For the first time, I saw my village aunt’s cleavage. Her boobs were looking as round as mangoes.

From then onward, I used to stare at my village aunty’s boobs whenever I got the chance. I slowly became more addicted to her boobs. Then, I came back to Bangalore again for studies. But I used to masturbate daily imagining her boobs and ass. I was eagerly awaiting the chance to taste those sweet, ripe, and juicy mangoes.

After 3 years, again I went to the village for my holidays. I was eagerly waiting to visit my aunt’s house. The next day in the morning itself, I went to my aunt’s house. To my surprise, there was no one in the house except my aunt.

Me: Where are uncle and the children?

Aunt: The children have gone to my relative’s house a week back, and today uncle has gone to bring them back home.

I was very happy to hear this and did not want to miss this opportunity. My married aunt was busy with her household work and I was watching TV. Whenever she bent, I stared at her big village boobs and ass. I was getting aroused.

Suddenly, the power went off. I was just sitting and staring at her. Due to the summer heat, we both were sweating profusely. She bent again to pick up something and sweat was trickling down from her face and continued to fall till her neck.

Then the sweat drops went down exactly to the center of her cleavage. What a beautiful scene it was! I was not able to control my feelings.

After doing her household work, my aunt sat beside me and started to talk with me. She asked about my studies and lifestyle in Bangalore. She asked me about my habits. I took the chance and said, “I have one bad habit that nobody knows.” She became curious and asked, “What is that? Do you drink or smoke?”

I replied, “I will not tell you, I will just show you.” I took my mobile, played a porn video and showed it to her. She became blank and speechless! Then she was angry with me. I was scared that she would tell this matter to my uncle and family members.

I went to her and explained to her about porn. I told her that it was good for our health, and it reduces our stress. I told her that many doctors suggest that we watch porn to overcome stress and nowadays it was also treated as an education. Like this, I explained everything to my innocent aunt in a positive way.

She became a bit relaxed on hearing my explanation. Then she went to the kitchen without speaking anything. I went to my room but didn’t close the door. I started watching porn videos in high volume! The moaning sounds from the video were coming with a high pitch, and after a few minutes, she came to my room and asked me,

Aunt: Vikram! Does watching porn reduce stress?

Me: Definitely, aunty! It will release some feel-good hormones in our bodies and this helps to reduce stress.

Aunt: I want to experience it, but I was scared about your uncle. What if he comes to know about this?

Me: Aunty, don’t worry. How can he know about it? He has gone to your relative’s house right! It will take at least a night to come back. Don’t worry!

Aunt: What will you get by watching this?

Me: It feels very good, and it also helps to know how to have sex with our partner.

My village aunt lied beside me and started to watch porn videos. She was watching without blinking her eyes. She had no sense that what was going on next to her.

I slowly removed my shorts and inners and became half nude! Then I took her left hand and placed it on my dick! Oh!! My whole body shivered. It was the first time that a woman was touching my cock. I started to stroke my dick with my village aunt’s hand. Till then, she had no sense about what was in her hand.

Then I bent downwards, lifted her nighty up to her thighs, and inserted my hand into her pussy area. It was so wet and sticky. I rubbed her pussy and clitoris with my hands.

My village aunty started moaning, “Aahhahhh..Ummm.” I went on like this for ten minutes and finally, she squirted on the bed moaning, “Ahhaaa..ummmm…”

Suddenly, she came back to her senses and stared at me! I became scared and removed my hand from her pussy. She scolded me, “Why did you remove your hands, idiot! Continue, I am liking it and I want more.”

Then I took full liberty and removed her nighty, bra and panty. Now, she was fully nude. I kissed her, bit both her lips and we shared our saliva. I took one of my village aunt’s boobs in my mouth and was caressing the other boob with my fingers. I sucked both boobs for 15 minutes. Believe me, they really tasted like sweet mangoes.

Then I kissed her navel and played with it. I started to rub her pussy. I inserted two fingers inside her pussy and was licking her clitoris.

Again, she squirted all over my face! She was moaning loudly, “Aaaaahaaa..shhhhhh..come on..fuck..fuck..more and more.. ahahaaa.”

Then, I took my cock and started rubbing it on her pussy.

Aunt: Vikram! Please don’t tease me, please fuck me, I can’t control anymore, fuck me harder.

Me: Wait! I promised you, that you will get a wonderful experience of it, and that you will see heaven.

Aunt: I’m already in heaven, Vikram! It’s so good, and I want you daily. I want to see heaven with you daily. Please make me your bitch and fuck me daily.

Me: Why aunty? Uncle does not satisfy you?

Aunt: Hey, don’t talk about that man, he doesn’t know anything. He just puts his dick inside me and fucks me. He doesn’t know how to satisfy a woman. Now that I got a chance with you, don’t waste any time, please fuck me harder.

I inserted my cock slowly into my horny village aunty’s pussy and started to move it in to and fro movement. After some time, I increased my speed and was banging my dehati aunt fast. She hugged me tightly and was moaning, “Aahhahhh..shhhh..ummmmm..fuck..fuck..ahhahhh.” Finally, we both came together after 20 minutes.

We became relaxed and were hugging each other. After that, we both went to the bathroom and watched porn videos and I fucked her in the doggy style. She got more aroused by doing these positions. Then I lifted her in my arms and fucked her in the air for 10 minutes. We bathed each other and had another round of fucking sessions.

Suddenly, a call came from my uncle. We both became scared. Aunt answered the call.

Uncle: Hi! Sunitha, what were you doing? Why did you answer the call after a long time? Is everything fine?

Aunt: Yes! Everything is fine. I was busy in the kitchen doing some work.

Uncle: Ok! I called you because I am not coming today night. It’s already late today, so I will be staying here tonight and I will be there tomorrow.

Aunt: It’s ok! Vikram came to our house. He will be staying with me tonight, don’t worry!

Uncle: Oh! It’s good. Ok then, bye!

We both became happy and wished to have another fuck session but after the earlier fuck session, we were both tired. I asked my aunt to fulfill my fantasy. She asked me what it was I told her, “We both should stay in the nude the whole day.” At first, she rejected me, but then she smiled at me, and accepted. We both slept nude till the evening.

Then my village aunt went to cook some food. I went to the kitchen and kissed her neck from the back. I kissed and licked her whole body from the back. I sat on the floor and started to lick her asshole and pussy. She was pressing her boobs and moaning, “Uummmm, Sshhhhhh..Aahhha..ahah..aha..aha.”

Then I placed her on the kitchen slab and fucked her in the missionary position. I took a cucumber and inserted it in her asshole. I fucked both her holes in the kitchen. Then she came with the food. She sat on my thighs, by inserting my penis in her pussy. I sucked both her boobs in between having food.

After dinner, we went to the living room and switched on the TV. There I played different types of sex videos, like oral, black cock, dildo, lesbian, gangbang, cheating, etc. I fucked my aunt imagining the scenes in the video.

I took her in my arms, and went to the bedroom and took one boob in my mouth, fondling the other boob. I bit both her nipples and sucked her boobs for 10 minutes.

We both turned around and made the 69 position. I stood up and she knelt on her knees and started sucking my cock. Then I placed her on the bed and fucked her in a missionary position.

Her moaning sounds and our fucking sounds are coming together. “Ahahhhhhhh, Shhhhhb, Fuck..pach, pach..pach, tuchhh..puch, tuch, ahahha, Shhh..ummmm.”

I fucked her in doggy style in both her holes. Then she came over to me and started riding my cock, and I was pressing her boobs. Again, I went over her and started licking her pussy. She was pumping my head to suck more. I inserted my cock and started to fuck her very hard, “Puch..pach..pach..pach.”

She hugged me tightly, “Aahahaha, ahahahhha, unmmmmm, shhhhaahhaha..ahaha..ahaha..ahahah.” We both fucked for 2 hours and we came at least 10 times.

We both were heavily sweating and we licked each other’s sweat off the bodies. She asked me to fuck her some more. I took her to the wall and lifted her up to my waist, and fucked her in the air.

Then she came over to me and fucked again. Like this, we both enjoyed the whole night. Whenever I got the chance, we both used to take baths together and fucked each other.

Now I came back to Bangalore and still, I am masturbating imagining my dehati aunt. I am eagerly waiting to have another opportunity to fuck her.

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