Exchange Student – Part 1

Hi, this is Mohan Reddy, once again putting up a story about an exchange student who enjoyed reading my stories. She was from the northern hemisphere towards the east of India. She is 4 ft 7 in tall and has a good healthy body.

Let us call her Mona. Her father was posted in India when she was small, around 5 years old. So when she got a chance to study here, she opted for Mumbai. Her father had friends here, and also, there was a close family to them.

In the family of friends was Rajesh. He was 14 years older than her. He had carried her all over when they went out for outings. Rajesh now was 6 ft tall. Mona was very fond of him.

When he carried her, she used to kiss him Hi or bye as a greeting. But always held his head straight and kissed on the lips as she used to her parents. No one ever minded it as she was small.

Mona came down to do her studies at the age of 21. So Rajesh was 35 and married to a cute girl, 28 years old Rashmi. Rajesh was teaching in the same college as where Mona had taken admission.

He got her a place to stay as a PG in the same building. He had a small place and could not offer her enough privacy if he had guests in his house.

Rajesh had a small son 2 years old. So when Mona came to India, Rajesh went to pick her up from the Airport. Mona, on seeing him, ran and jumped in his arms and wrapped her legs around him in greeting to hug him.

But as she was used to with him, she held his head and gave him a tight kiss on his lips.

Rajesh: Mona, now you are old enough and a big girl now. You cannot kiss me on my lips like this.

Mona: See, I have stayed a little girl till now, so what is there.

Rajesh: Now I am married, so please do not do that in front of my wife.

Rajesh took her home and introduced her to Rashmi. They both hit off well, and with the kid, Mona got playing with him. Rajesh took her to her PG accommodation and told her to get fresh and come down for her meals. They had a nice time that day.

The next day Rajesh took Mona to the college. He introduced her around to some of the girls in the class to make friends and get comfortable. Now Rajesh was a handsome hulk, and so the girls were pretty jealous of Mona. But being exchange students, they got on well.

In days to come,, Mona learned that most of the girls loved Rajesh. But he always kept his distance from them as he was a Professor there. A couple of girls had also tried their games with him but got a wrap for their misbehavior.

So the girls were scared of him. Yet, they did not leave the chance to get an eye on him to see if they could try and get some love. Being new to our education system Mona needed help and used to come to Rajesh to take it. So when he used to teach her, she would sit very close to him and rub her legs to his.

Rajesh took it normally. But this was an effect of all the girls talking about how they would love to make love to him. On one weekend, Mona stayed the night at Rajesh’s place as it had got late. She had gone to sleep in the 2nd bedroom, putting the child to sleep.

In the night, Mona got up to the noise coming from the other bedroom of lovemaking. She wanted to take a peep, but the noise stopped. She was about to go to the hall. Then she saw tall hunk Rajesh come out of his bedroom nude with a hard-on, go to the fridge, take a bottle of water, and go back to the room.

Mona was shocked to see a nice 7 inches dick hard, firm, and thick for the first time in her life. She had only seen children, so she never expected what she saw. Mona then crept to their room door to see if she could get a peep.

The door was not fully shut, and she saw Rashmi lying on the bed nude. She had small tits and a bit of a bush neatly trimmed between the legs. They chatted for a while, and Rajesh’s dick became limp.

Now Rashmi was in the mood for a second round. So she went down and took his dick in her mouth and started sucking it. Mona got a view of how the dick grew back to its size. Then Rashmi started riding and had an orgasm.

After getting her second orgasm, Rashmi came down. She sucked Rajesh off till he spilled in her mouth. They both were satisfied, and Mona saw the satisfaction in her face.

Mona touched herself down as she felt a bit wet. She ran to the toilet, removed her pants, and found her panties fully wet at the crotch.

The next day Mona, a bit scared, spoke to a best friend about what she saw and how she had urinated in her pants. Her friend laughed and asked her if it had happened before. She said No.

Friend: Do you Masturbate?

Mona: What is that?

Friend: Have you ever had sex?

Mona: No.

So the friend explained to her that she also has never had sex but masturbates daily by massaging her clit. Mona went home that day and wanted to try it but was not sure how.

Since Mona and Rashmi had got close, they now started talking confidential stuff. Rashmi tried enquiring about Mona’s boyfriend’s etc. but got negative replies. So Mona thought of broaching up the topic.

Mona: Have you had boyfriends before Rajesh?

Rashmi: 2.

Mona: Did you have sex with them?

Rashmi: Not penetrative, but just feeling and on 1 occasion oral.

Mona: What is oral?

Rashmi: When the girl takes the boy’s penis in the mouth or the boy sucking the girl’s pussy. It is very enjoyable and is a good way of initiating sex. The girl needs to get her pussy wet to accommodate the penis, and the man needs to get hard to penetrate.

Mona: OK, that is why you were sucking Rajesh’s penis before putting his dick into your pussy.

Rashmi: (Surprised) When did you see that?

Mona: Last night. I was asleep with your son but heard noises and got up. I came out to see the noises and saw Rajesh in the hall nude with his dick hard, taking water from the fridge.

Then I saw that after a while, his dick became soft. You sucked it then put it in your pussy, and moved up and down. Then I heard you make enjoyable noises in a gap of 5 minutes, and then you took out his dick and sucked juices out of his dick.

Rashmi: (Laughed) So how did you like it?

Mona: I don’t know as I have seen a dick for the 1st time. You have hair on your pussy while I keep mine clean. But I seemed to have wet my pants seeing you two.

Rashmi: (Laughing) OK, this is all done after marriage. And you seem to have liked it that it got you aroused.

Mona then decided to try out the massaging of the clit and playing of the nipples at night to know how it felt.

I will continue the second episode after I get a response. If you liked my story, message me at [email protected]

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