Seduced By Village Cousin Sister – Part 1

Before going to the story, I am a reader of ISS for 5 years. I always wanted something spicy in life but never had until this one.

Myself Manish from AP. I am 6 feet tall with a nice body and a fair complexion. I am still a virgin and never had sex till now. I like mature women and I am sexually addicted to my cousin sister.

I have a cousin sister by the name Dhivya. She is 9 years younger than me. She is 5 feet 10 inches tall with a fair complexion and has small tits and fabulous lips. I used to touch her thighs while explaining some doubts in her studies.

During the lockdown, we went to the village. One fine evening, I was horny and at that time, my cousin sister came near me to watch the movie. I slowly placed my hand on her hips. Suddenly, a current passed through me. She was wearing a churidar.

Then I slowly placed my hand on my cousin sister’s thigh. Se didn’t say anything and I could feel the heat on her body. Slowly, I pressed her thighs and immediately my cock became rock-hard. It began to ooze precum, making my underwear wet.

Then I placed another hand into my pants and started masturbating slowly. We were in the room and nobody was there. But suddenly, I heard the door and removed my hands both from her thighs as well as from my pants.

A friend of my cousin sister came and asked her to accompany her to buy something. I was like, what the hell?!

After my cousin sister left, I was imagining the touch and the heat. I started masturbating. After 15 minutes of stroking my cock, I finally got rid of the load. I was relieved.

After dinner, she came near me and asked me to resume playing the movie. I was like, wow. I immediately opened my mobile and resumed the movie and resumed my work after some time. Here we were sleeping on the mat on the floor. I put the blanket on both of us.

Under the blanket, I moved my hands towards my cousin sister’s body. I placed my hand on the side of her buttocks. I could feel the heat. I slowly moved my hand onto my cousin sister’s thighs. Oh my god, her thighs were so soft as feathers.

While caressing her thighs, my hand touched the clitoris of my cousin. She jerked a bit and a current passed through my body. As soon as she jerked, I removed my hand. Then, after some time, I placed my hand on her stomach. I caressed her stomach for some time and moved my hands upward.

Slowly, I placed my hands on my cousin sister’s boobs. Suddenly, I felt my cock becoming rock hard. I slowly pressed her boobs from one hand and with the other hand, I was jerking my cock. That was the first time I touched someone’s boobs.

While pressing her boobs although on top of her dress, I felt they were small but very tight. I became so aroused as it was the first time. I was stroking my cock very hard and was about to ejaculate. I was sweating, stroking with one hand and squeezing boobs for the first time in my life. I was on cloud nine.

After almost 30 minutes, I once again came. I was relieved on one hand but on the other hand, I was searching for something more. On that day, I released my load twice. I slept placing my hands on her boobs.

On the next day, we were in the village itself. She was teasing me with a tight 3/4th and shirt all day. On that evening, we were just walking in the compound. She knowingly moved in front of me. The 3/4th was tight and the buttocks’ shape was clearly seen. Suddenly, my feelings got ignited and within no time, I was aroused.

I was not able to control myself anymore and started to try some naughty things. I increased my walking speed and we were walking side by side. I lifted my hand and patted on my cousin sister’s ass. In reply, she gave a naughty smile. And I loved that smile.

I increased the frequency of patting her ass. Oh my god, that feeling when I first patted a girl’s ass was something else.

Every time I patted her ass, I also slowly tried to press her ass before taking off my hands. With each pat on her ass, my cock in my innerwear grew. And I knew that my cousin sister was also enjoying that. I was also on cloud nine and the ass-squeezing while walking went on for the next 40 minutes.

After 40 minutes, she went to do some housework and I went to the washroom and started masturbating. I soon shot a huge load of cum.

After the dinner, the post-dinner walk started in the compound. And to my surprise, my cousin sister started patting my ass. Every time she patted on my back, my dick grew in size. And suddenly, I could feel the huge bulge in my shorts. Yet she was not stopping.

I was aroused and even she was on song. I also started patting her ass and we both were patting each other’s ass alternatively. I was enjoying like anything and while turning, I was early to turn and this time, she patted on my cock! And for a moment, she got hold of my rock-solid little brother. She said “sorry” cheekily and I said, “no problem.”

We continued this for another 30 minutes. These were all my first experiences and I was enjoying them like anything.

After this incident, we became even close and we used to sleep together while I continued to move my hands on her whole body, caressing her neck, face, forehands, stomach, boobs, cleavage, navel, buttocks, clitoris and hair. But I never went further to get naked with her till now.

I was horny even while writing this story. This is my first ever story. My cousin sister teased me while going on the bus and I will let you know about it in the next part.

Please send your comments to [email protected] and I hope someday, I would lose my virginity to a random female reader. Not to say, our relationship will be kept confidential.

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