Lactating Aunt Has Breast Full Of Overflowing Milk

This story is based on true facts. Let me introduce myself. My name is Pranav. I am from Coimbatore, my native place is on the outskirts of Coimbatore. I stayed with my grandparents when I was in college. Most of my first year was full of surprises, which I will come to later. This incident happened in my second year.

One day suddenly, when I came back home from college, I saw a car parked outside. When I went inside, I was surprised to see that my uncle and aunt were there.

My uncle works in the textile industry as a Manager in Mumbai. He got married a few years back. Now, my aunt was pregnant, and he had come to admit her to the hospital for delivery. After 3 days, she gave birth to a child and one week later, she got discharged.

Now, coming to my aunt Arthi, she was a homely girl. After delivery, her figure was 34-32-34. Luckily, we both had our bedrooms on the first floor. It was midnight, 2 am. I sneaked out of the bedroom to have a cigarette on the terrace.

When I crossed my uncle’s room, suddenly the baby was crying. My aunt woke up and started removing her blouse and then started feeding the baby. My aunt’s boobs were glowing in the moonlight. I suddenly had an instant hard-on.

I immediately went to my room and started masturbating. After a few minutes, I finished and washed and planned to go to the terrace. When I crossed her bedroom, the devil in me knocked again to sneak in, and when I looked, my aunt was on the other side.

I went out silently, opened the terrace door and went to the terrace. I had my cigarette and after 10 minutes when I came down, I peeked through my terrace side window. My aunt was sleeping facing the window and her blouse was half-open. I could see her boobs shining with rose color. Her puffy nipples were dripping with milk. I had a boner seeing this.

I went to my room and locked myself and masturbated thinking about this.

The next day –

Uncle: Wake up Pranav, it’s time for college.

I was in deep sleep. Slowly, I opened my eyes. It was my uncle. I was confused thinking of last night. I woke up. He asked me to join for a morning jog.

Pranav: What time is it now, uncle?

Uncle: It’s 6.15 in the morning.

Pranav: I will get ready in 15 minutes, please prepare a cup of coffee.

Uncle: Ok, I will make it now.

Then, I woke up and got refreshed. I changed into my tracks and went to the kitchen and had my coffee. We both left for the morning jog. We both stopped in some time. On the way, we stopped at a juice shop. My uncle saw his friends and started chatting but I returned home.

It was 6.45 in the morning and my grandparents were still sleeping. I went upstairs to have a shower and the devil in me knocked again. I sneaked into my aunt’s room and I got lucky again. She was semi-naked lying on the bed. I was stunned seeing her boobs and watched her for some time.

Suddenly, I heard the gate opening sound. So, I slowly went out to my room and had a shower. I then dressed up and packed my books for college.

It was 8.45 in the morning. I went to the dining hall. My grandma and aunt were cooking breakfast. My aunt’s figure was super amazing from the back.

Then I had my breakfast and went to college. When I returned home in the evening, my uncle was very tense. When I asked him the reason, he told me that due to operating difficulty his company has called him back on an urgent basis to Mumbai. I was very much disappointed to hear this as this would mean that both uncle and aunt would leave.

After some time, I heard my grandparents advise my aunt to remain in Coimbatore for the next 1-year due to her health condition.

The next day, my uncle left for Mumbai. I started to think about seducing my aunt. I immediately opened my laptop and started to search in Google where I found ISS.

That night, I was unable to sleep and I was reading most of the aunt-nephew stories. From the next day, I started talking freely with my aunt and helping her in house chores, and sometimes helping with the baby. Eventually in the next few days, my aunt and I became very close friends.

The next day in the morning, when I woke up, I got refreshed. I went to wake up my aunt, and we prepared coffee. She asked me about my college life, and how many girlfriends I had. We became friendlier, day by day, as the week passed.

One day, I noticed my aunt was very quiet. I didn’t know what was bothering her. The next day in the morning, when I went to wake up my aunt she was squeezing her boobs and was in pain.

I entered the room, but she didn’t notice me. She was crying in pain when I went and woke her up. She was shocked to see me and covered herself in embarrassment.

Pranav: What happened aunty?

Arthi: Nothing, you don’t understand it.

Pranav: Should I call the doctor?

Arthi: No, I can handle this.

Pranav: Do you need a cup of coffee?

My aunt nodded her head. Then I went downstairs and prepared coffee. I took it to her bedroom. She had got dressed up, but I could see her blouse was wet in the nipples’ region.

Slowly I started chatting with her. Suddenly, the baby woke up. She immediately took the baby and opened her blouse and started feeding the baby. I could see my aunt’s pink nipples dripping with milk. I was staring at her boobs and she noticed them and covered them with her towel!

I asked her in a low tone why she was crying?

Arthi: The baby was not drinking milk and due to this my breasts were full of milk and were paining.

Pranav: Did you consult any doctor about it?

Arthi: No. It’s better to do this naturally.

The Devil in me: (Offer your help to suck the milk out).

Pranav: Aunty, can I help you in any way?

Arthi was stunned at hearing this. Out of embarrassment, she walked out to the kitchen. Later at night at around 2 am, I went to the terrace to have a cigarette.

I thought of checking my aunt. She was semi-naked lying in bed, then I slowly entered and took my phone to take some pictures of her semi-naked body.

The next day in the morning, she was dull again. I thought of using this to my advantage. The day passed and it was dinner time.

We were watching a movie, and my grandparents went to sleep. It was an action movie. Suddenly, the baby started crying. She took the baby for feeding. I started staring at her boobs. I got an erection, but I covered it with a pillow.

The movie was about to end. I started playing with the baby and the movie ended. My aunt turned off the TV and walked upstairs.

I took the baby and followed her. I continued to play with the baby, but my aunt went to sleep. After some time, I slept near my aunt. The baby started crying again, my aunt woke up, and she found me sleeping next to her. She tried waking me up, but I acted as if I was in deep sleep.

Then she took the baby and started feeding her. I was looking at her with one eye. After some time, she put the baby to sleep, and she too slept.

Slowly, I turned towards my aunt. I could see her boobs and her blouse was wide open. Her boobs were trying to escape from her bra. I was stunned by seeing this.

The Devil inside me: It’s time to make your next move.

The rest will be continued in part 2. My email is [email protected] would love to hear your feedback and comments.

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