Seducing My Hot Gujarati Cousin Tanvi

Hello everyone, this is my first story here and it is based on true incidents. My name is Jatin. I am an average-looking 27-year-old guy. I stay in Bangalore and I work in an IT firm.

All was well. Last November, there was my cousin’s wedding and I had to go to my native in Gujarat for the wedding. I usually don’t like to go to weddings because I personally find them boring. But, due to the pressure of my parents, I pretty much had no other option.

I went to Gujarat. Our house there was a 3-storied house. My mom had 2 brothers and they also came along with their kids. My mom’s elder brother’s daughter Tanvi was also there. I hadn’t seen her in almost 5 years. But that day, when I visited the house, I saw her and oh god, after looking at her, my dick started to become erect!

Last time I saw my cousin Tanvi was when she had completed her 12th. At that time, she was very thin, had small tits, small ass, and was not good-looking. But now she was 23 and she was damn hot.

My cousin was now 5’6, very fair and gained weight in all the correct places! Her tits were probably a C-cup but the way her hips extended to her ass got me drooling! When I saw her, she was wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

I went and said “Hi, I didn’t even recognize you! You got so big,” and she said, “Hi bhaiya, it has been ages since I saw you too! How is your new job?” and then we instantly started chatting.

Since there were not many kids of our own age, both of us bonded really well. We were talking for hours. As everyone was busy, no one interrupted us.

Then it was nighttime and we had to go to our rooms. My room was in the penthouse. I liked it because I would get to light a cigarette when everyone is sleeping.

That night, I couldn’t stop thinking about my hot cousin Tanvi. I wanted to fuck her so hard. I wanted to grab that ass, squeeze it and slap it till it was red! With these dirty thoughts, I slowly started touching myself. Then, suddenly my phone started vibrating. It was Tanvi! I was excited. She was texting me on Facebook.

Tanvi: Bhaiya, are you up?
Me: Yeah, what’s up?

Tanvi: I am not sleepy and I am bored.
Me: Acha. So, how can I help?

Tanvi: Let’s play something.
Me: Like what?

Tanvi: Truth or dare? Please bhaiyaaa, I am so bored.
Me: Haha your wish. Ok, I will start. Truth or dare?

Tanvi: Truth.
Me: Do you have a boyfriend?

Tanvi: No bhaiya, my boyfriend left me 2 months back.
Me: Oh, I am sorry. His loss. You are so hot, I don’t think he can find someone better than you.

I was worried about how my cousin would take this. But, to my surprise –

Tanvi: Thanks bhaiya, even you are very hot!
Me: Ok. My turn and I pick ‘truth’.

Tanvi: If I wasn’t your cousin, would you have dated me?
Me: Umm, of course. You are so hot and sexy. I would’ve loved to date you.

Tanvi: Ok. I would date you too, but what can we do now. I pick ‘dare’.

I realized that it was my opportunity to fuck this bitch. She was obviously horny.

Me: I dare you to come to the penthouse without wearing any underwear or bra. You can wear anything on top.
Tanvi: I would, but what if grandpa or my dad see me going up? Please, let’s do a different dare.

Me: Come on, it’s 3 am. No one is up and everyone is tired. Just come up.
Tanvi: But but I am scared of getting caught.

I somehow convinced my sexy cousin to do the dare and finally, she said that she will come in 5 minutes. My heart started racing! OMG! Was this really happening? I was so scared and started to sweat. But then I tried to control it.

I was walking on the terrace and after 15 minutes, she came. Tanvi said, “Let’s go to your room” and we both went in. My cousin sat on my bed. Only the blue bed light was on. She was wearing a tank top and shorts. I could clearly see that my beautiful cousin wasn’t wearing a bra.

Tanvi: See, I did it bhaiya!
Me: No way. You only did one part. What about the other?

Tanvi started to get shy and she said, “No, I am not wearing anything inside.” I immediately sat next to her, trying to act relaxed. But then I said, “Prove it.” She just stared at me and said, “Abhi? (right now?)”

I said, “Yeah, why not?”

She said ok. The next moment, I couldn’t believe what was happening. I suddenly felt like the luckiest guy in the world. My hottie cousin started to take her tank top off. I saw her perky white tits! My dick got really hard. I knew this bitch wanted to get fucked.

Tanvi then took her shorts off. I saw her beautifully clean shaved pussy. I immediately got off the bed and went close to her. She was just staring at me. I leaned and kissed her. She started kissing me back! I grabbed my cousin’s sexy ass. It was so soft. I pushed her on the bed and started to suck on her tits. Then I licked her navel while she was moaning.

Tanvi then went down and gave me a blowjob. God, it was so good! My dick kept getting bigger in my cousin’s mouth. After almost 10 minutes of blowing me, I made her do 69 and started to eat her pussy. I kept slapping her ass while I was eating her pussy. My horny cousin was moaning like a bitch with my dick in her mouth.

Soon, I released in her mouth and made her drink all my cum. We couldn’t fuck that night because I didn’t have condoms. But I still had one more week with my hot cousin. 😉

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