My Hot 60 Year Old Maid!

Hello readers! This is Yash living in Uttar Pradesh. In this story, I will tell you how my 60-year-old maid and I had wild sex. Enjoy!

So before going into the story, let me describe myself. I am a 21-year-old guy who is currently studying in an engineering college in Karnataka. I am 5’7,” and my weight is 60 kgs.

So let us get into the story. When this incident happened, I was 19 years old and was in junior college preparing for my board exams. I lived with my father, mother, and sister.

We had a maid named Reena who used to clean our house. She had a fair complexion with a lean body. She also had straight hair, which she used to tie like a ponytail. But her ass and her boobs were so fascinating that everybody would dream of her as a sex doll. She had a figure of 36-24-36.

She used to wear a saree and a very tight blouse from which her big boobs were in such a manner as if it would pump out of the blouse. Her navel was also clearly visible. Although she was 60 years old, she had an amazing figure and nature as if she was in her early 30s.

She was a poor lady who lost her husband, her son, and her daughter-in-law as well. She used to live with her 3 granddaughters, who were very young to work. So, she was the only one in her family who could earn for living.

One day, my mother had back pain, so she searched for someone who could do her oil massage. She asked Reena if she knew someone who can do the massage for her. She replied that she could also do that for her.

My mother agreed. So from the next day, after completing the household works, Reena used to massage my mother. This continued for a while. One day my mother asked my sister and me to take the pleasure of massage from Reena aunt.

My sister agreed, but I hesitated. I always looked at Reena as my grandmother, and I was also a bit shy. So from the next day onwards, Reena used to massage my sister and my mother after completing household works. But one day, again, my mom asked me to take a massage from Reena aunty, and I again refused.

But my mother said, “No problem, Yash, she is like your grandmother. Don’t be so shy. When ‘Dadi’ asks you to massage your feet, then why are you not shy? So why can’t Reena dadi do that?”

Reena also added with a wicked smile, ” If you are so shy, let me do your feet massage only, Yash babu.”

I agreed to that, and then I changed my pajamas with my boxers and lay down on the mattress. She massaged my feet so well that I enjoyed it very much, and that night I slept very comfortably. So from the next day onwards she used to massage my mom, my sister and also me.

One day my whole family went out of the station to attend a family function. I was alone as next month my board exams had to start and I had to prepare for it. My parents informed Reena about that. When she heard that I would be left alone, she smiled wickedly. I noticed it but later forgot that.

So when my family left the house, the doorbell rang and I went to open the door. There Reena comes. She was fully wet as it was raining outside. Her boobs were visible clearly, and the water was coming down from her waist to her navel. At first, I was totally out of my mind, but then I got my senses back.

She noticed me staring at her boobs, and she again smiled, looking back at her boobs. I welcomed her and asked her to start her work. She went to the kitchen and started cleaning the dishes. After that, she started sweeping the house and mopping the floor. Till then I was studying in my room.

After completing her work, she came into my room with the oil container to do the massage work. I asked her to sit on the mattress until I changed. After changing, I came back to my room wearing my boxers and my half t-shirt. I earlier used to get my feet massaged.

So I always wore a t-shirt and my boxers for getting my massage done. But this time, she said, “Open your t-shirt also, Yash babu.”

I said – ” Why, dadi? I will only get my feet massage done.”

She said – ” Open it, naah! Today the work was very little. I also didn’t clean the dishes as much and will not massage your mom and sister. I have too much time left. Believe me, you will enjoy this massage, and you will remember it forever,” she added with a smile.

I opened my T-shirt and showed my fascinating body to her. She said,” Wow, Yash babu, you are not a child anymore. You are an adult now.”

I smiled at it and lay on the mattress showing my back. Let me tell you. I never had sex before. I wanted it eagerly but not so much with our maid. Now she started massaging with her hands on my back, and I was completely enjoying it, losing my senses and feeling sleepy.

After few moments, she penetrated her hands in my boxers, touching my hip. I didn’t notice that at first. But when I got my senses back, I realized that now she was pulling my boxers down. So that my hips could expose in front of her, I held her hands.

But she took her hands from mine and continued pulling my boxers down slowly. I got a boner, and now I did nothing, letting her do whatever she wanted to. After pulling half of my pants to the hips down, she started massaging my hips now.

I enjoyed this very much, and till now, my dick was so much rock hard that it seemed like it would explode. Now, after completing the hip massage, she asked me to turn around. As soon as I turned, she saw the tent inside my boxers and smiled, looking at it.

Now she started massaging my hands. As it was uncomfortable to massage my hands by lying down, she asked me to sit. I sat down, and then she started to pull my hands towards her boobs. I could touch and feel her fluffy boobs and her tight nipples.

I enjoyed that, but I was not confident about her intentions and didn’t want to make the wrong move. Now after massaging both my hands, she again asked me to lie down. I did that, and now she started massaging my chest. After touching my nipples, I could see the lust in her eyes.

Rather than massaging, it was seeming as she was rubbing her hand through my nipples and feeling my body. After that, she asked me to spread my legs a little apart to apply oil on my legs. I did that, and then she massaged my legs from my heel up to my knees and then stopped.

I said – “Dadi! My thighs are left.”

To which she smiled and said – “I can’t do here because of that (pointing towards my rock-hard dick). But if you permit me, I can do there also.”

I smiled and said – “Of course you can do.”

Now she started massaging my thighs. I could feel her hands slowly reaching towards my pubic region. Now her hands touched my dick, and she was continuously rubbing her hands on my it. I held her hands from the top and started enjoying the moment.

Now she started pulling my pants slowly, and ‘Boom,’ here’s the dark brown 7 inch dick in front of her. I was totally out of control now, and I pulled her towards me. She fell on me and her boobs and my dick. Both were pinching each other.

I kissed her desperately, and we had a smooch for more than 5 minutes. Now I started under-dressing her by pulling down her saree and opening her blouse. There it was! The Big Boobs! I started pressing her boobs, followed by licking her boobs. By then, she was rubbing my dick slowly with both her hands.

This continued for about 10 minutes. By now, I had started cumming slowly, but not completely. Now I turned her around, and now I was lying above her and kissing her different body parts. I licked her navel, her boobs, kissed her on her neck, grabbed her ass, and fingered her pussy.

She also licked my nipple, my navel, biting me on my neck and licking my balls round and round. Now she held my dick in her mouth and started the blowjob. I was enjoying it with losing all my senses. Now we had wild sex when I put my hard dick in her pussy.

I lasted for more than 7-8 minutes. She also enjoyed the moment very much. And by now, I penetrated the sperm in her pussy with full force without fear of her getting pregnant as she had reached her menopause. I cleaned my dick by putting my dick in her mouth.

I was holding her head from the back and letting her clean the rest. After the wild sex, we smiled at each other and wore our clothes.

She said with a smile – “Be prepared for tomorrow.”

I said – “I am always ready, darling Dadi.”

Now she left, and we had a last kiss before leaving. From that day onwards, we had sex almost regularly until I left the house to continue my studies. Now because of her, I am a pro in the game called sex.

Thank you for reading my story. I enjoyed sharing my experience and hope that you also enjoyed reading how I had a maid with added benefits!

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