Sweaty Sex – Part 3

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Hello, my dear readers. I am back here with the third part of my story. People who have gone through my previous stories might be knowing about the plot of this story. So kindly refer to my previous stories before proceeding with this one. Let us straight away get into the story now.

The time was around 1:30 pm. I had come to Namrata aunty’s house in the morning. Who knew that I would have the hottest sex of my life with this sexy hot voluptuous woman? It is almost like we make a fantasy wish, and that comes true. The kind of sex aunty and I had that day was mind-boggling.

I always wanted to fuck her hard and long. So there we were, sitting on the dining chair and just wondering about what had just happened between us. We both were happy and feeling satisfied. She was looking at me and smiling. I was flashing my satisfied smile back at her.

We both were already done with our lunch, and the chocolate that we shared was sexily delicious. Aunty stood up and walked up to me. Without saying anything, she just caught my arm and made me stand up too. A naughty smile was pasted on her lips all the while.

We stood before each other, looking intently at each other. Slowly we got closer, and our lips were locked with each other. We kissed each other deeply, savoring the taste of our lips. Believe me, my dear readers, her lips were soo damn soft and warm.

Every time I kissed her, I felt as if never to stop kissing her. Her saliva felt so warm and juicy. I was getting all the more desperate to keep on kissing her. Then we broke our kiss, and aunty said to me, “I think you enjoy kissing me a lot.”

I said, “What makes you think so?” She said, “The way your lips and tongue play with mine says the whole story, my sweetheart.” I was blushing a bit after hearing that. But there was no shame because aunty and I were already close. Even before we slept with each other, we were completely close.

I said, “Yes, aunty, I love kissing your lips. Your lips taste soo good.” Now it was her turn to blush, and she did. She looked beautiful while she was blushing. I again locked my lips with her and was kissing her.

She broke the kiss immediately and said, “Hey, you kisser boy, enough for now. I need to do some shopping today. So we will rest for a while and then move on to the shopping mall.” I said, “What? In this heavy rain, you want to go shopping?”

She said, “I need some stuff, Rahul. For three to four days, I have been too busy. Today I am completely free. So we are going to shop today. I was about to protest, but she took none of it. Now the problem is, I cannot drive in this kind of rain. So I thought of calling one of my elder family friends.

He can drive in any given condition. I said to aunty that I am going to call Rishi bhaiya for help. Namrata aunty has been my mom’s friend since they were in school. That’s the reason aunty too knows about Rishi bhaiya. I called bhaiya, and he said that he would be there on time.

That day it was raining horribly. Namrata aunty still had to go shopping. I said to her, “Aunty, I am going home. I would rest for a while, change my clothes, and then meet you in the evening after picking up Rishi bhaiya from his home.”

Aunty said, “No, there is no need for you to go home now. Rest here itself, and then you can go home and get ready. Again I was about to protest, but she took none of it. She always used to win over these kinds of matters. But I always used to love every bit of it.

So I stayed back with Namrata aunty, and the shopping time was set in the evening. Aunty called my mom and said that I had my lunch and our plans for the evening. Aunty was talking to my mom on the phone. I got closer to her and kissed her on her lips.

Aunty looked at me with big eyes and frowned at me smilingly. She continued talking to my mom. I got on my knees before aunty and pressed my face on her fleshy belly. Her body stiffened a bit with a jerk. I started kissing on her belly, on top of her saree itself.

Then I slid her saree pallu aside and started kissing on her bare naked belly. She was getting aroused, and her body was writhing in pleasure. I was kissing, licking, and sucking her entire belly flesh. I was able to feel her body heat on my lips and face.

I kissed her navel once, licked it twice, and then put my tongue into her navel. Aunty jerked a bit forcefully. I kept on alternating between licking her belly and tonguing her deep navel. I have no idea how she was able to stop herself from moaning hornily.

The kind of things I was doing to her, any woman would have moaned loudly. I looked at her face once and then mashed my face between her legs. Her thin and soft saree felt incredible on my face. My cock was well erect in my briefs. She smelled sexy down there.

The smell was a blend of her body odor, her perfume, and a hint of her pussy smell. I was enjoying both the smell and feel of her hot body. Namrata aunty’s left hand was on my head, grabbing and lazily playing with my hair. Her words were getting affected by what I was doing to her.

She had even started breathing a bit heavily. The moment I caught the hem of her saree and started slowly raising it, she immediately apologized to my mom and cut the call. She pulled me onto my feet and said, “Are you out of your mind, Rahul? You idiot?” There was no anger on her face.

All I could see was an aroused woman who craved to get fucked. But she was creating a thin wall of feminine shyness which was a sexy honor to break. I placed my right hand on her saree-clad pussy, and started massaging it slowly. Her eyes were getting half-closed, and her lips had parted sexily.

She caught my hand and whispered to me one thing. “Rahul, take me to bed and fuck me.” I just obeyed like a sincere student. I took her to bed and fucked her. I fucked my Namrata aunty hard and long. All the while, she moaned and screamed lustfully. After we were done with our desires, we fell asleep.

When we woke up, the clock was striking at 5 pm. Aunty kissed me and said, get ready and come soon. I came back to my home and showered. Somehow I drove my car to Rishi bhaiya’s house in that terrible rain. I picked him up, and we both left for Namrata aunty’s house.

We both hurriedly ran into her house. Aunty was dressed and ready till then. She looked lovely in a chocolate brown chiffon saree, with a white cotton blouse to go with it. I felt a stirring in my cock. She wears those vertical-shaped bindis on her forehead that often make a woman appear beautiful.

She also wears a nose bud, which appeals to me so intensely that I sometimes lose my mind. Her saree complemented her fair-skinned body pretty well, making her all the sexier. I think my eyes and expressions screamed about her looks.

She blushed when I was running my eyes from top to bottom on her body. We grabbed our umbrellas and hopped into the car. Namrata aunty did not let me sit in the front seat. She called me onto the back seat.

In our entire family, including our relatives, all know that Namrata aunty pampers me even now. So no one shows any restriction when aunty orders me to be with her. So I got into the back seat with her. All the while, I thought that the mall would be a bit vacant.

Which idiot would like to shop in this heavy rainfall? But when we got there, I was wrong. There were many. Rishi bhaiya said he would like to be in the car as he doesn’t want to get wet and feel sticky all the while. So aunty and I grabbed our umbrellas and were out into the mall.

We went through galleries and floors together. I won’t say there was too much of a rush, but it was far from vacant. While walking, she took care of her saree, and I took care of her by holding her hand and placing my hand behind her back to support her when needed.

Whenever I did that, she smiled. Oh man, I love this woman. Finally, aunty was done with her shopping, and we were back in the car. Rishi bhaiya said you both had been shopping or shoplifting? Because aunty had got atleast seven shopping bags from the mall.

Now it was dark as anything. And because of the rainfall, the sky seemed darker. Rishi bhaiya started driving. It takes 45 minutes to reach home from the mall. In the car, the lights were out, and it was dark. Outside too, it was dark, and the heavy rainfall added to its darkness.

I put my hand on Namrata aunty’s thighs. She looked at me, and I saw a naughty smile across her lips. We both were sitting close to each other. Her fleshy hips were touching my hips. I slowly started rubbing her thighs. Her soft saree fabric was adding to the sexiness of the situation.

Soon I started fondling her thighs, and now I was massaging her inner thighs. Aunty was breathing deeply and was occasionally throwing glances at me. Obviously, because of her saree, I was not able to rub her inner thighs properly.

Then I all of a sudden buried my right hand in between her thighs. I was able to feel her body heat through the layers of her clothes, her panty, her petticoat, and her saree. I was trying to massage her pussy on top of her clothes. She was getting desperate.

Her breathing was getting labored. Aunty suddenly caught my hand, and through her facial expressions, indicated me to stop. Not because she wanted me to stop, but she was unable to stop herself from moaning. Aunty was sitting exactly behind Rishi bhaiya.

So he was not able to even get a hint of the naughty action going on behind him. Aunty finally said in my ear that she couldn’t take it anymore. I said to her, “I will stop only on one condition. Allow me to do what I am going to do now.”

She seemed confused. I caught her saree pleats between her thighs and started raising her saree slowly. Aunty’s eyes always bulge out whenever I lift her saree. She seemed a bit scared, and I was smiling sexily. I hiked her saree almost up to her upper thighs.

I snaked my hand inside her saree. With my index finger and middle finger, I traced her pussy lips. Oh my goodness, she was dripping wet. I inserted my index finger into her pussy hole and slowly fingered fucked her. Namrata aunty’s mouth opened a bit, and her eyes were shut for a second.

She was breathing rapidly. Her huge breasts were heaving up and down. I kept on finger fucking her. Then I inserted my middle finger and increased the pace of my finger fucking. Aunty was going nuts. Her facial expressions were soo fucking sexy. Then suddenly, I arched my fingers upwards in her pussy.

Aunty jumped a bit in her seat. She caught my hand on top of her saree and begged me to stop. I removed my fingers out of her pussy, and my hand out of her saree. She immediately lowered her saree and did her best to set it as properly as possible.

Aunty grabbed my right thigh and clawed it hard. Then she hit me on my thigh hard and said into my ear, “Let us reach home. I will kick your ass.” My fingers were completely drenched in her pussy juices. I gave a glance at Rishi bhaiya, making sure he is not watching.

Then looking into her eyes, I put my fingers into my mouth. I sucked her musky pussy juices completely. I savored the taste joyfully. Aunty said, “You are filthy, completely filthy. Then she flashed a smile that was shy and sexy both at the same time.”

I said to her, “Your juices taste so good, aunty.” She replied, “You always say that. I don’t believe you.” I said, “Ok then, to prove you, I will have to get a taste of your pussy juices again.”

Saying this, I caught the hem of her saree. She grabbed my hand and said, “Yes, I believe you. Please don’t do anything else.” I laughed, and she hit me again on my thighs. The whole night was ahead.

What did I do with my sexy Namrata aunty that night? I would be narrating in the next part. You can email me at [email protected] Till then, bye, and live in peace.

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