Neighhbour Aunty Had An Ass To Die For!

Hi readers, Aryan here from Bangalore. Unlike other stories, I won’t tell you that I got a giant cock or anything. I am a normal guy who knows how to please a woman.

This story happened a month ago when I moved into a new place in Bangalore. I noticed a man next door, he introduced himself as my neighbor. He told me that he was living with his wife. He said that his wife was washing clothes on the terrace. My shifting was almost done so, I went to just get a view of the terrace.

Sitting on the floor and leaning over was a sexy lady who was washing clothes. I got an instant erection after looking at her deep cleavage which she was showing. She noticed me staring at her cleavage. In order not to make the situation awkward, I introduced myself and told her that I was new here.

She said, “Oh, you are the new neighbor?” I said, “Yes.”

We spoke for some time about casual things. Occasionally, I was staring at her cleavage, but surprisingly, she wasn’t trying too hard to cover it.

A couple of weeks passed by and we became familiar with each other. Her husband worked late nights, so she was mostly alone throughout the day. She used to usually go to wash clothes in the morning and I had planned to go up to the terrace at the same time and meet her there, pretending that it was a coincidence.

We started talking and my neighbour aunty asked me, “Who was the girl that came to your house a couple of nights back?” I was taken aback as I didn’t know that she had noticed.

Me: Just a friend.

Aunty: Oh, is that why I heard her moaning when she was there?!

I was shocked as she was speaking openly. I thought there might be a chance here, so I thought of trying my luck on this stalking MILF!

More about my neighbour aunty, she had an ass that one would be to die for. It was the most highlighting thing whenever she walked by. She also had pretty big Indian boobs that I am sure would fill both my hands.

I thought of going for it and replied,

Me: She is my friend only, but we have needs, so we help each other out.

Aunty: Help, huh? Don’t help so much that will make her cry.

Me: Haha, I am sure you get to scream and cry a lot too.

My neighbour aunty became silent for a while and went from there. I understood that she was not getting fucked well, but was not comfortable in telling me that. So, after her husband went, I directly went to her flat and knocked on her door.

Aunty: Aryan, how come you are here?

Me: Won’t you even invite me inside?

She asked me to come in. She was in a saree, so I asked her if she was going somewhere? She said that she was going to a parlor nearby, so I told her, “Let’s go to the mall together, and you can go to the parlor as well.”

Aunty: Why the mall?

Me: It’s my apology for making you feel bad yesterday.

Aunty: Accha, then let’s go.

The MILF was happy. I took her to the mall and bought her clothes and perfume as well. She was very happy and told me that her husband never did this for her. She said, “It’s nice to have a friend like you.” We came back home.

She became very comfortable with me in the following days and we became very close. She told me that her husband didn’t give enough time or attention to her. He would just come home and sleeps. She began crying. I consoled her and she gave me a hug! My dick started growing.

Suddenly, I grabbed my neighbour aunty’s ass while hugging her and gave a good squeeze. She was shocked, suddenly pulled out, and started walking away. But I caught hold of her saree and pulled her, opening the saree. I then caught her and planted a deep kiss. She kissed me for a while but then told me that it was wrong and we should not do this.

She went and sat on the sofa, pulling her saree with her. I went from behind and directly opened her blouse hooks and started sucking on her big Indian boobs. The MILF tried to push my head, but I bit her nipples and then she slowly started enjoying it as well. She did not resist.

I threw her blouse aside and climbed on her. I took her boobs, and started sucking them like there was no tomorrow. She was moaning and calling out my name.

I made her stand up, turned her and bent her over. I then gave her a couple of spanks on that big booty of hers. My neighbour aunty caught her saree and went to the bedroom. I followed her and took my shirt off.

Then I caught her from behind, and removed her saree completely, and took off her panties as well. Her panties were wet, but it was that ass that one would die for.

I lifted her and put her on the table. I made her lie down on it and then went down on her. I started smooching my neighbour aunty’s pussy lips. She couldn’t take it anymore and started screaming my name. I started fingering her along as well!

I tongue-fucked her till she was screaming loudly like she was about to have an orgasm, but I stopped right there. She went mad and got up suddenly. She asked me, “Why did you stop?”

I unzipped my pants and she pushed me on the bed and climbed on me and started giving me a blowjob. She was doing it well, and then she started licking my balls as well. I flipped her, and we went into 69 position.

We went on till she came, but I had not cum. So I lifted her and pinned her to the wall. I inserted my cock completely into my neighbour aunty’s pussy. I started giving her slow strokes and she was moaning slowly.

I kept increasing the pace and started pumping harder and harder. I was grabbing my neighbour aunty’s boobs and pinching her nipples at the same time. She started screaming and we both had an orgasm at the same time.

She was exhausted, and she couldn’t stand properly. I lifted her and took her to the bed. She kissed me and said, “This is the longest session that I ever had.” I have fucked her many times after that whenever we get enough time.


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