I Lost My Virginity To My Aunt

Hey guys, this is Raju (name changed), and I’m 22 years old Telugu boy. So, this is my first story here about how I lost my virginity to my aunt. I have been following ISS for a long time and wish to write my stories and thoughts here. And yes, today I’m doing it.

I am a student. I don’t have a great body. I am a bit fatso and 6 feet tall! So let’s get started.  This incident happened a long way back.

I was in my intermediate (junior college). The heroine of my story is my aunt.
Quickly about her – she doesn’t have a great body, the right amount of flesh at right places. But any man on this planet would like to see her expressions while having sex. She had a lusty face. Aah! I got hard just imagining her.

I had a crush for so long on my aunt! I have imagined her and masturbated hundreds of times before this incident. Let’s get into it.

Nobody was at home except my aunt and me! The remaining went on a family trip. My aunt had some office work, and I have my exams in a week. So I decided not to go on a trip. And my aunt too. Everybody left for the trip at 6 pm.

Around 8 pm, we had finished dinner and switched on the ac. I slept on the bed, and she slept on the floor next to the bed. I was so much turned on due to that chilled room and my aunt beside me sleeping in her loose nighty.

That night there’s nothing much. I have slept, and in the morning, I usually wake up late. I just opened my eyes, and my aunt was naked, drying herself after a shower. Why would I miss a chance like this? I enjoyed seeing every inch of her naked body with my half-opened eyes.

After dressing up, she woke me up. We had our breakfast with a boner in my boxer. After that, this continued for 4 days. Finally, I got some courage, and I asked my aunt to sleep in the bed. She accepted readily! I was so excited.

I didn’t know how to start. But I slowly started touching her with my back, then slowly I have placed one leg on her! There was nothing from her. So I thought it was a positive sign and started spooning her. She woke up with an angry face.

“What are you doing, Raju? I didn’t expect this kind of behavior from you,” with a harsh tone, and she just went to the hall. I was totally afraid and struck. I went to her and tried to explain. She was in no mood to listen to my words. I begged her not to tell anyone. After an hour, she slept without talking to me.

I went to the bedroom and was feeling guilty for what I did! And I didn’t have much sleep that night. Later in the morning, she just woke me up as nothing happened. After waking up, the first word from my mouth was sorry! She didn’t react and left. We completed our breakfast, and I started studying.

I couldn’t focus on my studies. My mind was running with thousands of thoughts, and I finally went to my aunt. I said sorry. She said she needs some help in the kitchen. I entered the kitchen.

She was cooking something and asked me something from the upper rack since she couldn’t access it. I helped her and was heading back. She again asked for something, and I did it!

She was in her sky blue color nighty. My god, that ass was so tempting to see, and I was semi-hard inside. I thought of trying my luck for the last time. I hugged her from the back. She was resisting, but I was in no mood to listen.

“I am so sorry for yesterday. I have a huge crush on you. I can’t even focus on my studies anymore. I love you so much.” I said these words with lots of tears in my eyes.

She felt my hard dick on her ass and was responding to my actions. I started dry humping her. I kissed her neck. She was shivering, and I can feel that. I just went on my knees. And inside her sky-blue nighty kissing her bums, squeezing her ass so hard, and licking the ass line.  This continued for 10 minutes.

She might be enjoying it to the fullest I can listen to the soft moans of my aunt. But I was inside her nighty. I couldn’t see her reaction. Now I just came out, and she was quiet. I made her turn to my side, hugged her, and said sorry again.

She started to react hugged back. She said, “Enough of sorry. Take whatever you want. I’m all yours.” I was so excited and kissed her on the lips. And she responded, sucking my lips back.

I started grabbing her boobs, which are so smooth like cotton candy, and squeezing them hard. I made her sit on the kitchen slab. I undid her nighty up to her waist and made her legs wide open.

I started kissing her inner thighs, sucking them hard, getting close to her pussy. Finally, I am seeing pussy for the first time in real. I started licking around the pussy with my tongue tip in a circular motion.

She started moaning hard and begging me to lick it hard. But I blew some air onto her pussy. It made her go crazy. She held my head and buried my head between her legs.

She finally came after 15 minutes of hard licking and tongue fucking. Oh boy! Her juices were so tasty. I drank all the magical fluids that were dripping down. I stood up. She grabbed my dick and balls.

I undid my shorts, and she touched my dick. Her hands were so soft. She started to stroke me, the foreskin of my dick to and fro. She said, “Fuck me, Raju, I can’t wait for it anymore.”

I said, “It is my first time.” She kissed me on the cheeks and said, “I will help you.” She rubbed my dick head on her pussy. I was on cloud nine. Then she guided my tool to her hole. I pushed it hard. It went deep inside her! She was so wet that there was no resistance to my dick.

She moaned my name loud. I was moaning too, and I took it out and pushed even harder. She was enjoying it lying on the kitchen slab. And I started to increase my pace. She was enjoying herself, and her expressions made me go crazy.

Even she seduced me a lot, and after 10 minutes of fucking I said I’m about to cum. She said to take it out, and she started giving me a blowjob. I came so hard and a lot inside her mouth. She drank all of that! She kissed me and said, “You naughty boy. Now go and study.”

That was my first experience with my aunt. We had many situations that happened in the next two days before my family returned home. I want to share those experiences too.

I am hoping you guys enjoyed my sexy experience with my aunt. Is that seductive? Did I make you wet? Let me know in the comments section and ping me at hangouts [email protected]

If you guys are interested in sharing your opinion, please mail me or message me in hangouts! Bye, have a nice day!

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