My Wife, Her Bull And Me

Hello readers, I am back with my next story. This was shared by a very good friend of mine. This is a real story, as I heard it from both involved parties. Now, enjoy the story!

Hello folks, I am Ashu. I am a 35+ year-old married man living in one of the bustling cities on the east coast. This is a story of how we opened up our marriage, how my wife found her bull and how I weaned her away from her bulls. You will hear the stories from two POVs (point of view) – one from my wife’s pov and the second part from my side.

Let’s start with my wife Reshu’s words. It was a cold wintry morning and I was in a warm cozy room. I was squinting to see the time and the clock showed 6.47 am. Damn! I should have overslept by 15 minutes. Time to wake up and get to work.

Then I realized that it was Sunday. Sunday was a day to sleep in and none of us woke up before 8.30 am. I realized the reason I woke up so early. There was some activity between my legs and I was wide awake now and turned to the other side.

I saw my man’s semi-erect cock staring at me. It was a sight to behold – cleanly shaven, waiting for me to take it in, in any of my holes. I decided to put it into my mouth and my thoughts wandered to the day 4 months ago.

I was a woman whom any man would want to get into bed with. I was fair-complexioned with hair up to the small of my back, a well-rounded bosom, and an hourglass figure. I was aware of my beauty. I also had brains and was working as an investment banker in NY when I officially met Ashu. My parents from India had found a match and wanted me to meet him.

I almost fell in love with the tall, 6 foot, well-toned, attractive, handsome and athletic man called Ashu. I met him in an upscale restaurant. I didn’t want to tell him that I was attracted to hIm, but I gave enough hints and a ‘go ahead’ signal to my parents.

After a whirlwind romance, we were married in 3 months. We settled slightly outside the city to get privacy and still get easy access to the city. After a kid and ambitions and 6 years of marriage, sex became routine. We were fucking on Fridays and Saturdays – no sex in-between.

On that fateful day, my husband woke me up by sucking my breasts. “Mmm, someone is in the mood for dirty morning sex,” I said. But I was afraid that our kid would barge in. So I pushed Ashu away and got to my morning chores.

Ashu walked up with a cup of coffee and asked me my thoughts about opening up the marriage.

“No, Ashu. Marriage is not to be opened up. Three is a crowd in a marriage.”

“Sweety” (Ashu always called me by that name), don’t you think our sex life is boring? We have tried almost everything there is to it.”

“No, not everything.”

“What do you mean not everything?”

“We haven’t had sex on a beach.”

“That’s because you were afraid of sand sticking to your pussy.”

“Hmmm, you are right.”

“We even had sex in public. Remember Rosa park?”

“Yeah” (I was very shy of that episode). I hugged him tightly but I didn’t realize this had made me horny. While my initial reaction was that someone would find out, that conversation was cut off by a scream from the kid’s room.

A few days later, he brought up the subject again. “Did you think about Sunday’s conversation?”



The doorbell rang and another conversation was cut off. That night in bed, with me sitting on my husband’s rod, I brought it up again. “What do you mean by opening our marriage?”

“Let’s each fuck someone else.”

We both had a partner earlier before we got married.

“You mean go back to our ex?”

“No, sweety. Find another person. It doesn’t have to be the ex,” he said, panting and pumping his rod. After a steamy session, we decided to set some ground rules.

Both of us would try this for a quarter. If we can still love each other, we will continue. Else the open marriage shuts down and we will figure out a way of falling in love with each other so that our marriage will not break. Both of us would send pictures with each other’s lovers, especially fucking. No videos and nothing at home. It will always be elsewhere but within an hour’s drive from home.

I agreed and jumped on him to fuck again. I was extremely horny by this conversation. We hooked up on a couple of dating sites, but our best bet was Ashley Madison.

One day, I got a ping from the Ashley app. They found a match. I liked the pics and had expressed interest in a couple of matches. Ron (one of the matches I had liked) responded. We started talking via the app.

After some conversations, we agreed to meet. One of my ground rules with Ashu was that the second meet would be with the three of us and I would need Ashu’s approval to proceed.

I met Ron at a bar and was attracted to him. But as usual, didn’t want to let my guard down. It was a fabulous conversation and Ron made me laugh! Slowly, I felt he could be a guy I could spend time with. Lucky for me, he lived about 45-minutes away from me on the other side of the city. No common friends and hence our secret would be safe.

At the end of the meal, Ron offered to drop me. I wanted to see his status (men always express their status via cars) and he had a nice Lexus.

I had explained to him my arrangement with Ashu on the second meet. Ron agreed to meet Ashu. Just as we reached my home, I turned and kissed Ron. My first kiss to a man who was not my husband in the past 6 years! And it was a long and loving one from Ron.

I savored it for a moment and then kissed him again. Ron took this as a green signal and started exploring my body.

We broke our kiss due to a honk. We had stopped in front of the neighbor’s driveway and I had Ron drive me around the block again to avoid nosy neighbors. He dropped me and we continued the conversation via WhatsApp since we had exchanged numbers.

I explained my night to Ashu, but didn’t tell him of the kiss. I didn’t want him to feel that I had moved ahead without permission.

I set up a meeting with the 3 of us in the city and Ashu seemed to approve of Ron. He wanted to work out logistics. The kids should not know of the arrangement and all 3 of us agreed. It was decided that I would spend 2 weekends a month with Ron and the rest of the month with Ashu.

I was waiting for Ron that weekend to take me. I had made arrangements for my husband and my kid to have some weekend classes so they would be busy.

The day arrived and I started having guilt pangs. I expressed my feelings to Ashu. “Ashu, I am not sure I am ready.”

“Sweety, don’t worry. At any point if you feel uncomfortable, give me a call. I will pick you up right away. This is just your nervousness sweety”.

That evening Ron pulled up and I headed out with him. As soon as I got into the car, Ron gave me a beautiful bouquet of roses. This reminded me of why I chose Ron. He was making small talk and when we reached his house, he had beautifully decorated and had even a cake ready.

I fell in love with Ron. We kissed and this time, there was nothing to break it. We continued kissing for a long time.

“Babe, are we only going to kiss?” Ron asked.

“I am a little nervous and we have the weekend. Can we please take it a little slow?” Ron was a little disappointed but agreed.

We watched a romcom and headed to bed. We snuggled in our night clothes (mine was a flimsy camisole and shorts and Ron was in a boxer) and slept hugging each other.

Ron woke me with a coffee. I brushed and came sat on his lap with the coffee. I wanted to make up for the lost night. We slowly sipped coffee from the same cup and kept giving small kisses. The coffee was getting cold, but we were heating up.

After a long kiss, I started wandering up Ron’s toned body. He broke the kiss and took my breast out of the camisole and started sucking them.

“What took you so long?” I asked. This encouraged him and he was sucking one and mauling the other. I loved every bit of it. He was still in his boxers, I pushed him away and got up, he was disappointed. He didn’t realize I was also horny and wanted to fuck!!

I pulled his boxers down. and threw them into the laundry basket. I looked at Ron and said, “You mister, will no longer be allowed clothes when the queen is home”. This seemed to please him.

I saw the rock-hard 8″ dick (Ashu is equally endowed) and started sucking it. I sucked his dick, then his balls, and then his dick. He started moaning. I sucked it faster and deeper. He emptied his load into my mouth. I swallowed it completely. Whatever was dripping, I licked it clean.

Ron was tired, but I was still horny. I sat on his lap and gave him my breasts again. This raised his dick again between my legs. I still had my clothes on. Ron pushed me on the bed and removed my cami in one shot and continued to suck my breasts.

He removed my shorts too. Once my shorts came off, Ron took a minute to admire my pussy. This made me shy and I asked him, “Are you only going to look at it?”

He then removed my transparent panty and started sucking it. His lips and his tongue on my very wet pussy, took me to heaven and I came many times while his mouth was there. He lapped up all my juices.

He then proceeded to stick his finger in my pussy and made me come just by fingering and sucking my breasts. This was a completely new experience for me. All the while, I was loudly screaming. I arched my back. I was in for a big orgasm. He didn’t seem to mind and continued fingering.

I started screaming, “Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggghhhhhh!!!! “and came a heavy load.

Ron dived in and lapped up all my juices. Both of us were exhausted but wanted more. Slowly, we were rolling in the bed, hugging and kissing. This excited both of us and I started to moan again. This got Ron running and he inserted his hard again dick into my pussy and started ramming me.

After 15 mins of ramming and mauling my breasts, I sensed another orgasm and started arching my back. Ron was also grunting and after a loud moan, I came with Ron!

Both of us were thoroughly exhausted. But satisfied.

We laid hugging each other for another 10 minutes and then cleaned up. We ordered food in and spent some time watching a movie.

Ron was getting horny again, but I made him wait till evening. I went to cook for him, and he came to the kitchen. As per my order, he still didn’t wear anything. While cooking and talking, I occasionally stroked his dick. This was enough to get it going.

He bent me on the kitchen top and started ramming my pussy. We both came again. We cleaned up, had the food I had made and was ready for another round. I told Ron that I wanted a first-night experience that night. So he put on a movie on the tv and made me sit and watch.

I couldn’t concentrate on the movie and kept peeking into it. He shut me out. Halfway through the movie, he came and put his hand under me. I shrieked. He said, “Babe, don’t worry, I am going to carry you into the bedroom.”

I was ecstatic and got into his arms. I asked him to suck my breast before he carried me. He dutifully obliged. I was definitely in the mood now and was eager to see what he had planned.

The bedroom was lit with candles, windows were draped to give it a glow, making to look like a great first night experience. Ron put me down on the bed. I pulled him on top of me and started kissing him. He made me completely nude and started hugging me. It was two nude bodies intertwined kissing and exploring each other.

We had a few rounds of sex and had slept in each other’s arms.

This continued for 6 months and I was very happy. This diversion made me love Ashu so much more. I had loved Ron for his stamina and his loving care of me when I was at his place.

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