Loosing Virginity To My Cousin Sister

Hello friends, this is my 1st story and a real-life incident with my cousin. My name is Rahul. I am 26 now, and my height is a 5.7 athletic body because I regularly play football and basketball. I am an average-looking guy from Bangalore, having a 6” long dick 2” girth tool.

Without any further delay, let’s start the story of losing my virginity to my cousin sister Neha (name changed). Let me tell you about my cousin sister Neha. She is 23 years old and working in Bangalore in an MNC. She has a figure like Nidhi Agarwal (34-28-34), and her height is 5.5 Feet and 52kgs.

We are close to each other and share everything. So, it was during the current lockdown (26th April). When the lockdown was announced, my cousin called me and told me that she is alone in her flat. Her roommates have gone to their native. She has some work and couldn’t go to native.

She asked me if I could stay with her till anyone of her roommates come back. She is afraid to stay alone. I accepted it, and by evening I reached her flat. Everything went on as usual. On Friday evening we were watching a romantic movie. There was a hot kissing scene and a sex scene.

In my mind, I wanted to masturbate. I had not done it for nearly 2 weeks because of work and had no time. I already had a hard-on. She was laying her head on my shoulder. She saw my boner which made me shy. She said, “It’s okay, no need to feel shy.”

Then my cousin said she would take a bath. She does it daily before going to sleep. I could easily see a towel wrapped around her pink netted panty underneath. It was very hard for me to control. I straight away went to the bedroom and slipped out my boxer.

I started shaking my cock, imagining Neha’s pink panty. Then something unexpected happened. She pushed the bedroom door. I had forgotten to latch the door. She shouted, “What are you doing? Stop it.”

I was shocked to hear her voice. Immediately I covered my dick with both my hands and told her sorry. But surprisingly, she threw the towel down and was standing naked in front of me. This was the 1st time I saw a naked girl. Slowly she came towards me and took the dick in her hand.

She put the head of my dick in her mouth. For a few minutes, she sucked my dick head. Then, pulling the foreskin down, she started to lick where the foreskin and the head connect. I had an out-of-world experience. This was the 1st time I was getting a blowjob.

She slowly came upwards, kissing my nipples. Then we had an intense kiss where we exchanged saliva for 10-15 minutes. Then she again started to blow my dick. I could no longer resist her. I cummed loads in her mouth, and she swallowed it completely.

Now it was my turn to return the favor. I went to the kitchen brought Hershey’s Syrup Chocolate. I poured it on her lips, nipples, boobs, and navel. I started to lick the chocolate from her lips and was chewing her lips. Slowly I moved towards her boobs.

I started to lick around her boobs gave hickeys. But I had not licked her nipples. I was blowing air around it so that she gets fully aroused. She started to call, “Rahul, Rahul, please lick my nipples. I can’t take it anymore.”

I slowly started to lick the tip of her nipples. She had pink nipples and then took the complete nipple in my mouth. I started to suck them as if milk was coming out. She arched her back. I enjoyed both of her boobs for 30 minutes while I was fingering her pussy.

I went down her navel, licked it completely. All this time, she had her eyes closed and was moaning, “Yes, Rahul.” I went down her pussy and blew air around it. I gave a small kiss on her well shaved pink pussy. I started to kiss her inner thighs gave her hickeys.

I started to lick her from the asshole till her cunt. I did it 2 times. I didn’t touch her cunt. She was dying to lick her there. She started to say, “Rahul, please don’t do this, please touch me there, lick me and suck me.” She was begging me to touch and lick her pussy.

Then I poured some chocolate syrup on her pussy and started to lick her cunt. I started moving my middle finger around her pussy lips. I slowly inserted my finger inside her pussy and started fingering her. I inserted my second finger and started fingering faster. By now, she was in full ecstasy.

I started increasing the pace. She started to lift her body and buried my head into her pussy. She started screaming and moaning like hell. “Oh my god, Rahul, yes, yes, yes, don’t stop, please don’t stop, just like that.”

She cum heavily on my face. I licked till the last drop and also shared cum in her mouth. By now, my dick was hard. I poured some chocolate syrup on my dick and started rubbing on her pussy in a missionary position. This made her go crazy.

I tried to insert my dick but couldn’t as I was a virgin. She guided my dick into her pussy. I pushed my dick completely, and she gasped for a second. I laid on her and started to kiss her, and bit her lips wildly. Slowly I started to move and could feel my rock-hard dick inside the walls of her vagina.

It was a cold and burning sensation. Then I increased my pace, and so did her moans, “Oh Rahul, fuck me. Fuck me harder, oh yes! I want you totally inside me.” I started to fuck her so hard and fast our bodies started to move in a rhythm.

She started to scratch my back with her nails. I fucked her in a missionary position for 10 minutes. Then turned her and started to fuck her in the doggy style. I started to fuck her faster and deeply while grabbing both of her melons.

Pressure started to build in my balls, and I told her I was about to cum. She told me to come inside her as she was in her safe days. With a few strokes, I came inside her, and she also orgasmed at the same time. We both fell on the bed.

My penis had become flaccid and came out. I could see the juices flowing out of her pussy like a river. I asked her how she felt. She said it is the best experience and I could satisfy any girl. (All thanks to Kamasutra book). Later we cuddled, kissed each other, and slept.

In the morning, my dick was hard again. She gave a wonderful blowjob, and I fucked her in a missionary position. Later on, we had a bath. We even made out there. For the next 2 days, we were naked and fucked in the flat and in various positions.

We thought of fucking during the full lockdown. But due to some emergency, she went to native and is still there.

I hope you all loved reading about my amazing sex experience with my cousin. If you liked my story, share your views at [email protected]. Girls or ladies in Bangalore interested in sex/ sex chat/ talking can mail me. Or chat on hangouts. Everything will be confidential.

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