Hot And Dirty Sex With My Bengali Friend

Hi everyone. This is my second story here. It is about how I had sex for the first time with my Bengali friend while my parents were out.

I’m Ashik, 5’7”, average height, and build with an average-sized cock. I live in an upscale residential area in Sylhet, Bangladesh. I was 20 back then and still a virgin. I had a girlfriend (Priyanka).

We weren’t bf/gf, but we’re very close. We used to go out on long drives in my car or bike, mostly with my bike. I’d always try not to avoid any potholes. We were very open about everything, smoked together even talked a lot about sex.

She was a virgin as well. We used to talk about masturbation, and even she’ll tell me if she’s on period or not! We both met at chemistry tuition class and hit off instantly

Let me give you her stats. She was short, around 4’8”, but her assets were overwhelming. Her most appealing part was her ass. Whenever she used to wear jeans and walk around, they’ll bounce. Her boobs were firm with a cute pink nipple.

Coming to the main story, one day, we went out on my motorbike. We went to a restaurant and had snacks. We were talking normally, suddenly she said.

Priyanka: Dude, it’s been so long since I watched any good movies.

Me: Why don’t you get some from the stores or something?

Back then, internet speed was really slow.

Priyanka: Nah, man, I’m not talking about that kind of movie.

Me: Oh, I get it. Someone’s horny!

Priyanka: Come on, man, it’s not that, just I haven’t seen a good movie in a long while with which I can get some pleasure from you know.

Me: Okay, I have a good collection of DVDs. You can borrow some. Let’s go to my place.

We finished our meals, and we’re on the way back to my house. I knew my parents won’t be there now so I was hoping something might happen finally and to my luck, it started raining! She was wearing a white dress with white churidhar.

By the time we reached home, we were completely soaked. I invited her in and told her I’m bringing fresh towels and clothes for her. I gave her a towel and shorts and a tight T-shirt, told her sorry as I don’t have any women’s clothing and my moms can’t be used as she might find out.

She was okay with it and went to the bathroom in my room to change. I made coffee for her and went to my room just as she came out of the bathroom. I was staring at her milky thighs and the nipples that were pointing straight towards me. I instantly got a boner.

She smiled naughtily and said, don’t get any ideas as she saw my boner. We sat on my bed drinking coffee, and I brought my laptop and DVD collections. I told her, here’s some you might be interested in. You can even watch some on the laptop to check.

We laughed at the cover photos of the DVDs showing nude girls getting fucked and anal sex. I liked anal sex. As she looked at the covers, I sat closer to her and could feel her breathing increase and get horny. I put on my favorite porn video with lots of anal play and dirty sex without telling her.

I asked her what do you think of this one and started playing it. She was shy at first and said, I’ll watch it at my home. But I insisted, let’s watch just a couple of minutes and see if you like it or not. I started playing it. The scene came straight to the girl giving the guy a blow job and rim him.

I noticed she was watching intensely. The girl on the video was gagging all over and then went below and started rimming him. I said that’s the best part!

She almost didn’t hear me and was like, “Huh, what did you say?”

I said, “I like this part the most. Soon you’ll see the guy licking her asshole too.”

Priyanka: Okay.

She was breathing heavily. I can tell and was watching the video very intensely. I slowly put my hand on her milky thighs, and as the shorts were white, I could already see a small wet patch on her pussy. That means she wasn’t wearing her underwear.

I started running my hand over her thighs. She didn’t seem to mind, so I got the courage and started squeezing her thighs. Then while rubbing, I gently touched her pussy over the shorts as if by accident. She didn’t look at me but gave a slight moan.

I got my green signal and put my hand inside the t-shirt. First, I played with her belly for a while, then slowly went up and put my full hand on her soft boobs. She let a long moan and closed her eyes. The video showed the man eating the girls’ ass crack, and she was moaning like hell.

I started playing with Priyanka’s boobs inside her shirt, then slowly came close and blew into her ear. She was on cloud nine. I kissed her ear, lobes, neck and went to her lips. We started fighting with our tungs, and I took off her shirt.

I wanted to tease her. I started kissing and sucking her from below her navel and slowly going up towards her boobs. I kissed her boobs but was careful to avoid the nipples, just licked the Areola and then started licking her clean shaved armpit.

By then, she was moaning louder than the girl on the video. I was licking and biting both her armpits. They were so smooth and smelled great. Then she couldn’t resist anymore. She grabbed me by my hair and put my mouth on her boobs, and saying, “Bite me hard, Ashik.”

Hearing that, I lost control and started biting and licking both of her boobs. I put my one hand inside the shorts. Yes, I was right. She wasn’t wearing any panties. By then, her clean shaved pussy was so wet and slippery with her juice. It was as if someone poured oil over her pussy.

I took out my hand and tasted her juice. She smiled naughtily, saying tastes good right, I like to taste it myself! I put my fingers inside her mouth to give her some of her juice, and she licked it clean. Now I took off my clothes and became naked.

She was looking at my dick with lust, I also took off her shorts in one go, and we both were naked. I intentionally didn’t turn the air conditioner on. We both were sweating all over, and I loved that. Now I went straight to her feet and started sucking her toes.

She became uncontrollable and was calling my name and moaning. After sucking her toes for some time, I slowly started licking her legs and coming near her pussy. But I didn’t touch her there and went straight to her boobs. They were covered in sweat, especially under her boobs.

I licked her all over, giving small bites and kisses now and then. Then I focused on her armpits. I can see small droplets of sweat there. I blew on her pits and then gave a long slow lick on both of her armpits. She let out a low moan of pleasure.

I started biting and licking her neck while all the while my hands were rubbing her pussy. I looked into her eyes and gave her a passionate kiss. We both were drinking each other’s saliva, and my dick was rubbing her mound. I took my hand below while kissing and teased her by rubbing my dick on her vagina.

She couldn’t handle it. She tried to grab my dick and put it inside, but I didn’t let her. She moaned and said, “Fuck me, Ashik, fuck me hard.” I said, “I would soon come. First, you must enjoy everything.” Saying that I turned around and came to a 69 position.

My face was inches above her glistening pussy, and my dick was rubbing her forehead. She understood and took my dick by her hand and slowly licked the precum first. Then, after kissing the tip, I  grabbed my balls and put the dick in her warm mouth. It was my first time it was hard not to cum.

I concentrated on her pussy, spread her lips with my fingers. I started licking her juice. It was the first time for her too. She gave a small scream when I put my mouth on her pussy. With that, she put the whole dick inside her mouth and started sucking it very hard.

I, too, was sucking and giving small bites in her mound and slowly was rubbing a finger on her ass crack. Her pussy tasted a bit salty, but it was amazing. I put one finger inside her to lubricate it and put it on her asshole. She jolted like she had an electric shock and mistakenly bit my dick.

She started sucking me furiously, and she too began rubbing my asshole and inserted a finger. She let go of my dick, started licking just below my balls, and slowly went to my ass crack! Guys, I’m telling you, it’s a different kind of pleasure which I can’t express.

I was now the one moaning. She put her tongue inside and started sucking and fucking me with her tongue. Then she spat on it and put a whole finger inside my ass, and started sucking my dick. I screamed and said I couldn’t hold it anymore and cum in her mouth.

It was the best blowjob in my life, and I cummed a boatload. She swallowed some of it and let some trickle down her cheeks. She suddenly called me to come to her and kissed me with my cum still in her mouth. My mouth, too, was full with her juices, so we exchanged our cums.

I licked my cum from her cheek and neck. We again were in a lip lock, she was biting my lips this time, and my chest was rubbing her sweaty boobs. My junior started to rise again and was poking her vagina. It became hard again within a minute.

Suddenly she put one hand in my dick and forcefully guided it at her entrance, saying, “You had your fun, now let me have mine, fuck me hard now, Ashik.”

As it was her first time, I felt a little resistance. Then my whole dick glided smoothly inside her. She screamed at first but then was moaning. I started slowly fucking her and gradually increased my speed. The room was already very hot, and it was filled with the smell of sex and moans.

I came down to her sweaty boobs while fucking her. Both of us were sweating like hell, and we liked it. I sucked on her nipples for some time. Her pussy was very tight. I took my dick out and spat on her pussy and some on my dick. This time I put the whole shaft in one hard go.

She screamed, calling my name and saying, “Yes, that’s how I want it, you dirty bastard.” Hearing that, I became an animal and started ramming her hard while holding her legs on my shoulders.

I licked and inserted one finger in her asshole and was finger fucking her there too. She liked it and started screaming and shouting, telling me to fuck her harder. I tried putting two fingers in her ass, and both glided in. Without giving her a warning, I removed my dick from her pussy and rammed it in her asshole.

My fingering made the hole a bit wide and slippery, so it went almost halfway. She screamed and shouted at me, saying, “Motherfucker you should’ve given me a sign at least.” I didn’t care and started ramming her ass. It was very tight, way tighter than her pussy.

I spat on her hole two times and again started ramming her hard. She was enjoying this now, all the while screaming and calling my name. After some time, I felt like cumming and asked her where she wants it. She told me to cum on her ass as she doesn’t want to get pregnant.

I again released my juice but this time inside her ass. I was amazed at how much cum I released again. When I took my dick out, some of it trickled down from her ass. I wasn’t finished yet. I went straight to her ass and licked the cum coming out of her.

I kissed her, giving her a taste of my cum mixed with her anal juice. We both were exhausted. I saw the clock and realized we were at it for more than an hour. It was almost 9 pm now, and she was getting late. My parents will come home after 11 pm, so I didn’t have any problems.

We slowly got up naked. I turned the AC on full power and went to the kitchen to bring some juice. We both were thirsty even after drinking all the “Natural” juices.

We roamed around my house naked, and I was giving her a tour. Her clothes were in the dryer, and they were dry by then. I asked her, “Let’s take a bath and freshen up. I’ll drop you off afterward.” We went to my bathroom, and she said she needs to pee.

I said, “Fine. You don’t need to be shy. Go ahead but not on the toilet!” We climbed on the bathtub, and I told her to pee there standing. She was surprised, saying, “I didn’t know you were this dirty. It’s my fantasy too!”

She stood in the middle of the bathtub spreading her legs. She started peeing slowly at first, and then a steady stream started. I sat right below her, touching her pussy, and tasted her pee. Then I put my open mouth under her stream.

It wasn’t that salty. It didn’t have much smell. It was completely clear instead of yellow. After she finished, I collected some in my mouth and kissed her, giving her piss back to her mouth. She swallowed it and said, “Didn’t you like it?”

“It was heavenly,” I replied. She lay down on the tub and asked me to pee on her. I, too, wanted to do that and started peeing on her face, boobs, pussy, all over her body. She, too, drank my piss and motioned me to kiss her. I did and kissed her mouth full of my piss.

We were lying on the bathtub full of our piss, kissing, and caressing and soon had another session. This time more passionately and lovingly. We then washed each other in the shower. I cleaned her ass crack by inserting my soapy fingers. She did the same for me too.

After we finished, it was 10 pm, and she started wearing her clothes. I took her bra and panties and said, “I’ll keep them as our memory and jerk off smelling them.”

She laughed and said, “After today, why do you need to jerk off when you have me. Come to my house this Friday morning. My family will go to my village home and come late at night. We’ll have the whole day to fuck, and I’ll show you my dirty side!”

“It’s a date, then,” I replied.

I dropped her off at the house at 11 pm. All the way, she was hugging me and kissing my neck. On the way back, I kept thinking about Friday. It is two days from now and the dirty side she was talking about!

Thanks, guys and girls, for reading my story. I’m sorry for the long descriptions and also for any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.

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