With A Divorced Lady

I stay near BHEL, Hyderabad. I’m 45 years of age married with one kid. You can read my story here.

I was completely away from sex for a long time. Just satisfying my self with my hand. Like that, I’m spending my days and into dating apps.  In the dating app, there is no proper response to my pings. So, I kept those apps as time pass on my mobile.

In the month of Nov 2018, I got one match on the dating app. Initially, we had a common chat like our likes and dislikes and our interests, etc. Let’s call her ‘P’. While chatting, I came to know that she is a divorcee and looking for a permanent relationship.

Then I told her to unmatch me on the dating app. I’m not looking for any permanent relationship and told her that I’m married. Then she told that let’s be friends.  She said that she has more friends in that dating app and she is chatting with them as well. I told her okay.

One night we are chatting as usual. She told me that she will be going to her native place somewhere around 150 km from Hyderabad in the early morning. Then I asked her which bus stop and how is she going? She told that she will go by bus to old Bowenpally and from there she will take another bus to her village.

Then I casually asked her can I drop her to old Bowenpally? Immediately she accepted and gave her WhatsApp number on the dating app. Morning 4:30 am I picked her the location and dropped her near the old Bowenpally bus stop. She looked amazing.

But I was speaking normal things and just admiring her beauty by my looks. She was also feeling shy but kept on talking till we reach the bus stop. So our chatting is promoted from dating app to WhatsApp. In the month of December 2018, I was deputed to Bangalore on official work.

In Bangalore, we used to chat sometimes, and she also became busy with her work. She works for a TV news channel. Though we are on WhatsApp our chatting frequency reduced as both of us were a bit busy. Being on deputation, every fortnight I used to travel between Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Just spend 2 days in Hyderabad and go back to Bangalore. But ‘Hi’ and ‘Hello’ is going on WhatsApp. One night when I was in the hotel, just casually I pinged her, ‘What are you doing?’ She told, “I’m sleeping on the bed.” I told her that, “I’m on the bed too and I’m in a mood. Can we do the video chat?”

I got a very long pause. I thought she was not interested and I was about to order my dinner. Before ordering my dinner, I just looked at my WhatsApp, then I received a response. Then immediately I called her on WhatsApp with video chat and she responded to my call.

I was flattering her by praising her body and her shape. I asked her that in mood and wanted to see your boobs. Initially, she hesitated and slowly she started showing her boobs. After some time, she was completely topless and pressing her boobs. The ultimate part is her moaning.

OMG, her moaning made me too play with my tool and reach my organ. Then I asked her to show her pussy. She refused to show me her pussy and ended the call. Like that, we used to have almost every alternative day a video call. I used to play with my tool until I reached my orgasm and show her in the video about the flowing semen.

Days were passing like that. In the month of June, my project demanded me to travel to London. So as per my company norms, I need to start the visa process. It took almost a month to complete the visa formalities. I was very busy with my work and the visa formalities.

I was not at all in touch with her and she also did not ping me much. So finally, my travel date was finalized and I completely moved from Bangalore to Hyderabad. So, on a few Saturdays I asked her for a meeting at her place. But every time she refused saying that her watchman will be awake. If he sees it will become a problem.

So, I did not force her much thinking that she is not interested in physical relations. I was busy shopping and also busy with my deliverables. Once I casually pinged her. I told her about my London trip. She was sad and asked me where I’m right now in Bangalore or Hyderabad.

I told her I have moved to Hyderabad and doing my shopping for my London trip. My tickets are booked for 6th July. I told her the same that I’m flying on 6th July. On 3rd July night around 11 pm, she would be at Hyderabad airport to drop her brother for Dubai flight.

Then I asked her how you are coming back from Hyderabad to her residence. She told that her friend is going to book the return cab. Then I asked her can I pick her from the airport to her place. After a long gap, she accepted and asked me to come after 11:30 PM.

By that time her brother will be inside the airport for boarding pass. On the previous day, I told my family that I’m going to the airport to pick my friend and I will be late home. I started at 10 PM at the airport. By the time I reached the airport. Her brother went into the airport to collect the boarding pass.

Then she called me to check if I’m coming to pick her or she needs to book a cab. I told her that I’m about to reach. She waited for me and finally, I reached the airport. She was waiting. As soon as I reached there, she came and sat in my car. Then I took her to the food court.

She told that she will have only coffee. After coffee, she went to the restroom and from there, we started to her place. We did a normal chat during the drive. It took around 40 minutes to reach her place i.e. around 12 midnight. I just dropped her in front of her house and was about to go back to my house.

She invited me to her house. Without a second thought, I accepted her invitation and we both went inside. After we entered the room, she locked the door and we both came to her bedroom. As soon as we entered her bedroom she closed her window with the curtains.

As soon as she closed the last curtain, from the backside I hugged her and started kissing on her neck and massaging her huge boobs (36 is her size). They were really massive and she started moaning like anything. Her moaning made my tool hard and thick.

My penis was pressing her ass. Slowly, I made her nude and was kissing from her head to ears and forehead. Then neck and slowly her boobs. I sucked her boobs like there is no tomorrow and her moaning was really awesome. Then I rubbed her white pussy for some time.

I moved my head down to suck her pussy. Yummy what a smell and what a taste it was. I sucked her pussy for some time and then moved to her boobs and started sucking them. Then she started to undress me slowly by removing my t-shirt and then my banyan. Then my trousers and then my underwear.

She played with my tool for some time. Then I asked her to give me a blowjob. But she refused to give it as she does not like to do it. So I did not force her and asked her to spread her legs. Then I entered my penis into her pussy and I fucked her till she discharged.

Then I continued to fuck her till I reach my orgasm. I removed my penis and discharged on her thigh. We did another round and I left her place at around 2 am and on 6th Jul morning, I traveled to London. We do sometimes video calls to satisfy each other and she is eagerly waiting for my arrival.

Ladies and girls, please provide your feedback at [email protected] Especially anyone from London (East Ham side) or from Hyderabad.

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