Love Affair With A Divorced Reader

Hello to all readers. This is Kumar (part of my name), writing from Bangalore about my love affair. This story I am sharing today involves a reader who contacted me after reading my previous story. Her name is Ashwini.

Let us move on to the story quickly, and my reader was in her early 30’s and around 5’5” tall but with an average body build. Though she had nice stats of 34-30-34, and she was married for few years. Her husband took divorce from her as he fell for another woman after the marriage.

She has a young daughter who now lives with her. She works in an MNC to take care of the finances and run the family. Ashwini had no inhibitions in letting me know what she needed. She told me that the previous story of mine had made her wet in her pantie.

She had masturbated and fingered herself to feel the lust that arose in her after reading my story. She was badly in need of sex, and reading the stories on this site was the only temporary relief that she was getting.

Ashwini wanted someone who can satisfy her as well as maintain secrecy. She felt that I was the one who could do it. After few days of chatting, she invited me to her place. When I reached her place and rang the bell, her maid opened the door and informed Ashwini who had arrived.

Then she came wearing a sexy sari and holding few files to make her maid think it was some official stuff. Her maid left in some time after cleaning up the house.

Now it was time for Ashwini to start seducing me. Firstly, she lowered the sari a bit to give a good view of her cleavage. While I was lost staring at her belly, there were not many stretch marks considering she gave birth not long ago. That gave me a clue how she is keeping herself fit and healthy.

In the meantime, my tool was getting erect, and I was just eager to prey on the young sexy lady. Ashwini came close to me, and I kissed her juicy lips. I also started to rub over her back, feeling the soft skin while my other hand was over her belly and rubbing gently.

We were busy kissing and cuddling each other over the next few minutes until we heard her daughter cry from the other room. We had completely forgotten about the baby. So she quickly went to the baby to calm her and feed the baby as well.

She started feeding milk to her daughter, but she made herself completely topless. I could start sucking milk from other her breast. As I was also biting her nipples in between, she was moaning loudly but did not stop me from drinking her milk. Then the baby finished drinking milk and went back to sleep.

Ashwini put her in the cradle and pounced on me. She started to kiss all over me and feeling all of my body. She caught hold of my dick over the jeans and started rubbing over my dick gently.

That was making me even more restless. I removed her sari completely. She was only in her petticoat now, and I removed that along with her panty, which was already wet. Then I teased her by pressing my dick against her pussy. She was getting more desperate and requested me to fuck her right away.

I then remembered what she likes and went to the fridge to get some ice. She kissed me hard to remember what she likes. I placed some ice cubes in my mouth and kissed all over her body. Then I kept one ice cube over her belly, putting two smaller pieces of ice inside her pussy.

All of these were done to her liking. There was a lot of glitter on her body because of the ice, making her look even more sexy and tempting. She was totally enjoying the cooling effect of the ice and the heat from my sexual acts. She also asked me to kiss her with honey in my mouth.

We exchanged honey from our mouths while we were kissing each other madly. In the next step, I poured honey over her boobs and pussy. Then I licked it all with my tongue. She was scratching all over my back due to the uncontrollable pleasure.

She wanted to return the favor and poured few drops of honey on my dick and then started to give me an intense blow job until I let out all my juices in her mouth. Then it was time for me to enter her pussy after putting on the condom.

She adjusted her pussy to let my dick slide in easily into her pussy while lying on the bed. Her pussy was tight as she had not been fucked for a long time. I was fucking her slowly. But she wanted me to start banging her hard as she liked it rough. We both had her orgasm after few minutes of nice fuck.

We were taking rest for some time while simply playing with each other’s bodies. Ashwini then wanted to fulfill her desire to be fucked in cowgirl style but never tried it with her husband. I told her that she could take full control of me and do whatever she likes to do.

Then she quickly climbed over me, gave a few strokes to my dick to make it fully erect, and then glided my dick into her wet pussy. This time, my dick was feeling much comfortable than the first round. She then was bouncing over my dick for several minutes.

Then I told her that I was about to hit my orgasm. She took my hands and placed them over her boobs. Then she told me to release all my juice inside her pussy itself. At the same time, she too hit her orgasm and fell over me once she had let out all her juices.

We then rested for some more time. We had few more rounds of sex, including the doggy style.

That’s the sex story to share about the exciting time I had with my reader. Thank you for reading. If I made you feel excited or made your pussy wet. Then let me know in my email. I am reachable by email or hangouts on [email protected]

About me, I am based in Bangalore. Feel free to share your secrets with me. I am willing to share good times with the readers and also maintain complete trust and confidentiality. Any girl or woman who wants to have fun times or no strings attached relationship can trust me and contact me.

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