My Sexy Neighbor Lady Leena In Bangalore

Hello readers, this is Sonu here with my first story. Forgive me for any mistakes. This story happened last month and is still going on. Feel free to give me feedback.

So, let’s get to the story without wasting time.

I am Sonu, 29 years male from Bangalore, working as Business Development Executive in an MNC. The story is about my secret relationship with my neighbor Leena.

To describe my neighbor, she is 34 years old, married to Ravi (36 years old) who works in India but travels a lot. Leena is a woman for whom every male will die to spend time on the bed. Her stats stand proudly at 36C-32-36. A perfect epitome of a busty woman.

Since day 1, I had an eye on my sexy neighbor and wanted to fuck her wild someday. But, god had something else in mind and thinking that, I kept waiting.

We used to smile at each other and talk rarely when we meet. So, the relationship was more of a friendship and nothing else.

Once I was watching some porn and suddenly the bell rang. I somehow managed to wear my pant quickly but forgot to wear my undies. I went to open the door. To my surprise, the lady of my dreams, Leena was standing there with a bowl. She was wearing a tight kurti with leggings and was looking stunning.

I kept staring at her for few seconds, but her hand brought me back to my senses. She moved it in front of my eyes and I said. “Sorry bhabhi, kaise aana hua?”

Leena: This is prasad from our hometown. I brought it for you.

Saying this, my sexy neighbor lady handed the bowl to me.

Me: Oh, thank you. Please have a seat, I will empty the bowl and give it back to you right now.

I was sure that she had noticed the tent on my pant.

Leena: Sonu, you have maintained the house well all by yourself.

Me: Ya, nothing like that, just work around in free time, setting things right. Bhaiya, isn’t he home?

Leena: No, he is on an official tour for a month to Dubai.

Me: Oh. You must be feeling lonely, right?

Leena: Ya, I keep myself busy with household chores and surfing on the internet.

Me: Oh, by the way, what do you surf on the internet? (with a smile).

Leena: Just social networking sites. But, why did you smile?

Me: Nothing, leave it. Here bhabhi, your bowl.

I smiled again.

Leena: You naughty boy thinking of something and smiling again and again! Tell me now, please.

Me: Okay, but please don’t get angry on me. I thought you might be watching some extra stuff to kill time and satisfy yourself.

Leena: What extra stuff, tell me? Tell me, what did you think?

Me (huffing and fumbling): I mean..Porn.

Leena: I see, you had this in your dirty mind. Well, I do watch them sometimes and I know for a fact that you were watching the same just before I came here.

Now I was sure now that my neighbour had seen my bulge. I said, “Yes, sometimes I also have to take care of my thing.”

Leena came forward and said, “Your bhaiya doesn’t cater to my needs, so I have to watch them sometimes. But, I think I have to be contented with only watching and no practicals.”

I saw her giving me a lusty and naughty smile and I was sure this busty Indian wife was not satisfied with her husband and wanted some more game.

So, I went close to her and said, “Leena bhabhi, what practical do you want, may I know?”

Leena held my dick over my pant and said, “I want a practical with this, Sonu. Can you help me with that?”

These words took me to cloud nine! How could I possibly deny to this busty woman of my dreams and not let myself engulf in an intercourse with her.

I then pulled her closer to my body and lip locked her without uttering a single word. She responded well and I could feel the burning desire and urge for sex with her lovely smooching style and quickness.

We lip-locked for 5-10 minutes and then I took her to my bedroom and lie her on the bed without breaking the lock between our lips. We did a bit of saliva exchange as well while kissing.

Before lying her, I removed my neighbour’s saree, blouse and petticoat. Leen removed my pant and shirt. Now she was in her black bra and black panty and I was nude.

I jumped on her and we kissed for some more time while caressing and fondling each other. Leena was holding and pressing my dick while I was pressing her boobs and slowly set her 36C size boobs free.

We stopped our kiss and I moved down to her boobs and started to eat them one by one. Leena started to moan and then said something which made me go mad.

She said, “Sonu, from today I am all yours. Even after your marriage, you can use me anytime.”

I replied, “Leena, thanks for saying this. I will make sure I satisfy you every time starting from today.”

Leaving my teeth marks on her boobs, I moved and started licking her navel and she said, “Aahhah baby…Love you”.

I raised my head and reciprocated with a “Love you too baby”.

I then slowly took her panty off and man, what a lovely sight of a pussy it was. It was pink in color and well shaved. Yes, every man’s dream.

I plunged into my neighbour’s ‘cave hole’ and started licking the clitoris with my tongue while fingering her pussy. She was letting out loud moans and saying, “Aahh Sonu baby, please do it more…I love it baby”. Leena was pushing my head into her pussy more and more as the intensity of my pussy licking increased.

I must have licked her for about 15-20 minutes when she held my head still and shuddered with a salty stream of love juice. I licked it well and licked her pussy clean.

The next thing, I was near her lips and kissing her, so that she can also taste her love juice. After resting for 5 minutes, Leena said, “Now it’s my turn to make you enjoy. And stay relaxed baby, your bhabhi will play with little Sonu now”.

My neighbour bhabhi slowly started licking my precum filled dick-head and said, “Nice taste janemaan”. Then she started to encircle my dick with her tongue, tasting each side and took my dick and started moving her mouth. Man, what a feeling it is when you have the woman of your dream licking and sucking your dick!

I kept on encouraging her to keep me deep throat. Leena then took my dick out of her mouth and in one go, she took the whole length in and gagged.

I said, “Leena, you will make me cum sooner than later”. And I asked her to get up and kissed her while standing and made her lay down.

I lifted her leg up and spread it myself and said, “Baby, get ready to take my rod in your cave”. She replied, “Jo marzi karo baby, am all yours”.

I slowly put my dick near the entrance of my neighbour’s pussy and gave one strong push for it to go all the way in. Leena moaned so loudly that I had to put my hand on her mouth.

I started with slow pushes which made Leena accustomed to my dick and then she said, “Chalo hero, ab karo speed se. Maaza aa raha hai mujhe”. That was what I was waiting for.

Then I increased my speed and kept on ramming her for 15-20 minutes in the same pose without changing. Leena kept on encouraging me by saying, “Sonu, you are a lovely guy, fuck me everyday please. Am all yours baby”.

And I kept on replying, “My dream lady, from today my masturbation stops and I will only ejaculate in your pussy or mouth or on your breasts”.

She then said, “Baby I am about to cum..Please fuck harder”. I increased my speed and we both came together and I released my sperm in her pussy.

I fell on top of her and we cuddled each other with my dick still in her. After taking rest for 15 minutes, she got up and said, “It’s late and someone may think bad. We will decide from now on how and when to do baby”.

I said, “Leena baby as you wish, just let me know a day prior and I will be at your dispersal”. She went to the washroom, got freshened up and came out. We kissed for some time and she sucked my dick before going.

I went to the door to bid her a bye.

We have been in this relationship since last month and have been having wonderful time together.

Ladies and girls from Bangalore of any age and size can connect with me on [email protected] for having a good time.

To let you all know I work during daytime, so please don’t connect for staying overnight. Please feel free to connect and give me feedback.

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