Encounter With A Recently Divorced Woman

Diwali was on the horizon and this year I was in no celebratory mood. Been bored of regular festivities and routine life. One of my friends had shifted a new apartment and she had thrown a party for Diwali. Having nothing better to do, I went to her party.

Her flat was on the 14th floor with an open city horizon for the view from the balcony. It was beautiful. I reached in the late evening around 6. Most of the crowd I knew would be in the 30s – or some late 20s but surely married.

Anyway, she was a common friend of my wife. So I would be careful to talk to anyone single in the crowd. A married woman is safer, as the assumption is always that nothing is going to happen.

I reached the place in my denim jeans and black tee, just casual wear. I play sports so I look pretty lean. The crowd was settling in. I met my friend and she introduced me to her new flatmates. Btw my friend is divorced, but being a common friend of my wife, there is definitely no scope between us.

She is a very excitable person but grounded. She knows me as a nice guy, which I am. But she has no idea how sexually inclined and experimenting I am. So I met her roommates. One was single in her late 20s and I wasn’t interested in her. The other was maybe just barely 30 and recently divorced.

Her name was Kavya. She seemed quite relaxed for a recently divorced person. Anyway, I wasn’t interested in making the conversation sad talking about her situation. So we just got to hang out talking about regular things in life. We talked about our travel experiences, books she reads, gossip.

And we found there was quite a lot of common interests. She was tall about 5’9″, had a fullsome body. Sexy long legs, wide hips, beautiful voice. She wore some sort of cool pajama knotted in front. It looked quite hot in a not obvious way. The pajama cloth was kind of body-hugging.

So when she turned around, I could clearly figure out her ass shape and size. It was quite a view. People started pouring in. Not too much of a crowd around 15-18. We already had a few drinks. We had some talks and already were comfortable with each other.

We were inside one of the rooms, with some people around. Sitting at 90 degrees to each other on a low height seat. A glass of drink on our hands.

Me: “Is getting crowded now.” (looking at the crowd)
Kavya: “Yea, she really has a good number of friends.”
Me: “Yeah. (laughing) useful friends for such parties. You will surely see more of such parties in her company.”

Kavya: “It’s better to be around people.”
Me: “Always!” (sipping my drink)
I took the wine bottle and refilled her glass and mine.
Me: “So how long you been.divorced?”

Kavya: “Just this June.” )So it was like 4 months ago)
Me: “Hmmm. nothing better than moving on from it. Such gatherings help.”
Kavya: “I hope so.”
Me: “Been married for long?”

Kavya: “No.was just more than a year.”
Me: “Oh, maybe the marriage doesn’t count then.” (trying to lighten her up)
Kavya: “Whatever. I am still a divorced woman.”
Me: “You are a free woman now. Look at it positively.”

Kavya: “I don’t know. (pondering over it) Do you feel trapped in a marriage?”
Me: “Well, don’t all relationships feel like a trap after some time?”
Kavya: “Maybe.”
Me: “So for you, it was like .you had a marriage experience for a year. Then now back to a free life.”

Kavya: “Haha, it ain’t that simple a feeling.”
Me: “I know.you are young, hot and have a license to flirt. It’s a good place to be in.”
Kavya: “You are married and don’t have a license to flirt.”

Me: “Hence you are in a better place.”
Kavya: “But you still are flirting.”
Me: “Me? No no. I am not. Just a little maybe. It’s healthy”
Kavya: “Haha, it’s ok. I won’t tell your friend.”

Snacks were around and we grabbed some. The room was getting crowded and people standing near us made us a little uncomfortable. I asked her to move to the balcony. “It would be a good view of city lights.” She agreed. We got up with our glass of drink and moved to the balcony.

Meeting some friends on the way. We hung near the railing, looking over the city horizon. Standing closer to her, I realized she had a really good height and a very appealing physical presence. She seemed happier.

Me: “You have dressed casually for a party.” (looking at her pajama-type pants)
Kavya: “I stay here. I stay casual at home. Plus I didn’t want to look dressed up for some attention.”
Me: “I don’t think that’s what’s happening.”

Kavya: “Obviously.” (she looked at me, hinting I was on her)
I was smiling, she acknowledging my flirt and being ok with it.
Me: “A little flirting never hurt.”
Kavya: “Just a little.” (sipping her drink looking at me and then away)

Me: “So how was the married year.”
Kavya: “Good for the initial few months, then it was like you said, a trap.”
Me: “So nothing beyond honeymoon?”

I was being naughty. She smiled giving me the look.
Kavya: “It was good for some months. Then he would be traveling and I was stuck with parents.”
Me: “Shit, bad deal. The first-year couples ought to stay alone.”

Kavya: “We did what we ought to do as a couple. (smiling and sipping her drink) But him being away from home and his parents. It was just too much of a situation for me to handle.”

Me: “He should have moved away from his parents for you.” (4th glass and I said looking at her hips)
She took it sportingly “I tried, but he was too much of a momma’s boy.”
Me: “Wait, what you mean by you tried, please explain.”

She rolled her eyes up “Men, I tried as a woman.to seduce him away from his parents”
Me: “That I got. I was asking about how part.”
Kavya: “Isn’t this a too crowded place for such talks?”

Me: “Ok.so let’s move to corner” I gently pushed her to the corner end of the balcony. She walked towards the end of the balcony and I couldn’t take my eyes off her ass walking behind her.
Me: “So, the how part.”

She gulped her drink. “Fill me first.” handing over her glass to me. I grabbed her glass rushed to the hall and refilled her drink and walked back. She stood at the balcony corner bend over the railing gazing at the skyline. Her ass was just out there for me to see, or she posed herself that way.

I took a good glance at her curves and her sleeveless top. She watched me watching her. I handed over her glass. Both of our glass was refilled.
Me: “I am very eager to continue our conversation.”
Kavya: “I can tell.” (she was flirting now)

Me: “So what kind of man wouldn’t want to give up everything for this.” I gazed her body from her shoulders to her breasts, to her hips and ass.
Kavya: “Maybe he wasn’t just into it.”
Me: “Into, not fucking you?”

Kavya was taken aback with that word. She looked at me “He fucked me well. But did not have much interest in it that I could use it to draw him away from his parents”
Me: “Tell me what you tried. What you offered?”

Kavya: “A lot.all positions. Gave him oral and stuff.”
Me: “That’s normal sexual activity.”
Kavya: “Well I offered him to take pics of me, videos.”
Me: “And?”

Kavya: “He was not interested.”
Me: “Such a good offer.”
Kavya: “Only for personal use.”
Me: “Of course.” (of course not)

Kavya: “I gave him a blowjob in a parking lot in a mall after the movie”
Me: “Wow, that’s naughty.”

Kavya: “But he thought it was inappropriate public behavior.”
Me: “Damn, what’s inappropriate is not to satisfy a woman who is asking for it – anytime anywhere”

Kavya: “He didn’t think so. I dressed up skimpily when going out with him, thinking he would get jealous of men watching me and do something. Nothing.”
Me: “How skimpily exactly?” (I was pushing my chances.)

Kavya had already done her 5th glass by then “Ok. Imagine me on a tank top and this length skirt.” She put her hand about 3 inches below her ass on her thighs.
Me: “Wow, any guy would be on an instant fuck zone.”

Kavya: “And then I went to the washroom, removed my panty and gave it to him. I roamed around the mall for like 30 minutes without my panty. Still nothing. Instead, he just got preachy about public wear and stuff.”
Me: “Damn. I am not sure you were teasing him or all the guys in the mall.”
Kavya: “I am sure everyone else had a boner except him. I so wanted to be fucked that day.”
Me: “But he didn’t.”

Kavya: “He or anybody. I just wanted to be taken.”
Me: “Wow, thank god you are divorced.”
Kavya: “What you mean?”

Me: “You don’t deserve to be with a guy who can’t explore that naughty side of yours”
Kavya: “I didn’t know I had that side. I just brought it out for him.”
Me: “Who didn’t deserve it. You are a hot catch.”

Kavya: “It’s good anyway. I am free now”
I just keep staring at her beauty with a massive hard-on in my pants.
Kavya: “Don’t look at me as if you gonna tear my clothes off!”
Me: “I would love to.”

Kavya: “Too many people.”
Me: “They could watch.”
Kavya: “Naughty guy.”
Me: “Or get in line.”
Kavya: “Fuck, that’s so naughty.”

She giggled and excused herself and walked away from me. I watched her swaying ass and she turned and looked back catching me checking her ass out. She smiled and I knew she wanted me to follow her. We went through the crowd, none knowing the sexual tension between us.

She went to her room. The door was shut and she went in, leaving it just open. I walked into the room after her and shut the door behind me. She stood there, standing near her bed watching me as I locked the door from inside. I walked closer to her, not sure how to go about it.

I was close enough to her to hear her heavy breathing. She puts her palm on my chest holding my forward movement “You are married.” asking and telling at the same time. “I would have done even if you were married still.” I moved forward putting my hands on her hips drawing her closer.

I bent and kissed her lips. She gave in and kissed me back. We were smooching. In the next moment, our tongue licking each other. My hands were all over her ass, feeling her ass shape, squeezing them gently and then spreading them apart. She left a moan from her mouth into mine as I spread her ass cheeks.

She put her arms around my shoulder as she submitted her body to me and continued kissing me. I started touching her body harshly. My fingers exploring her ass hole, and even going further down between rubbing her pussy over her pajama.

The pajama cloth was soft and I could already her moist pussy lips on my fingers. She started undoing my belt and unzipped my jeans, drawing my cock out. I pulled down her pajama and she stood in her black thongs, just covering her essential private parts.

She took my throbbing cock into her hand, caressing it and had her gaze fixed on it. She caressed my dark cock wrapping it in her palm. I had my hand inside her panties. I was already fingering her cunt, she was dripping wet. It didn’t take much time before she went on her knees and started sucking my cock.

She knew how to do it. She had done it before and she wanted to show how good she was. She jerked my cock, slapped it on her face, spat on it and sucked it. She did it like a pro. She got up after salivating my cock and we kissed. She stood there watching me and removed her thongs.

She held my cock and guided us to bed. She looked at me and said, “I am not your wife, so don’t fuck me like one.” She laid on the bed and had her legs open, naked, her hand on her vagina rubbing and inviting me on her. She said, “Fuck me as if you have paid for it.”

Next moment I was on top of her and my cock inside her. She was moaning in pleasure. The loud party music was subduing her voice. I thrust my cock deeper inside her. Surprisingly none of us thought of using a condom. I was much deeper inside her and her eyes open looking at my face.

“Aah, it feels so good feeling this naked cock inside me.” Her hands went from my head to my back and then to my ass. “Push it deeper baby.push that cock inside me.” I kept fucking her. I removed her sleeveless top and pulled down her bra. Revealing her firm boobs.

My hands were on them and crushing them. All of her naked was too much for me and I was about to cum. I withdrew my cock from her pussy and placed it right between her boobs, My cock tip facing her lips. She squeezed her boobs, pressing against my cock and I cummed all over her lips and face.

Her instant reaction was to cover my cock tip with her mouth. Whatever residual cum was there, I cummed it in her mouth. She gulped it and licked and cleaned my cock. We both crashed on the bed lying naked next to each other. We embraced each other after a while.

Her naked body shape was looking gorgeous. “You look so hot, your ass is just absolutely fuckable.” Her hands were on my chest. “Bunk office tomorrow and come over here.” I readily agreed “Definitely yes.”

“Get some lubricant, it won’t go easily in my ass,” she was touching my cock which was getting aroused by just hearing that. I then went down between her legs and licked her pussy. She cleaned up all her cum with my tongue and also licked her ass hole.

Just a prelude to what’s gonna happen the next day. I fingered her again and she came one more time. We kissed, bathed and were out of room in a while.

We just been in the room for like 40 minutes. The crowd was still there and nobody missed our presence. Even if someone caught us coming out of the room, we didn’t care. We hung together the entire evening. I talked dirty about things I had in mind for her. Making plans for the next day.

She made it clear, she wasn’t into a vanilla fuck. She wanted it dirty and rough. Next sessions, I would write in a further story. Thanks for reading. If you liked it and wanna connect, ping me: [email protected].

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