Triple Penetration At The Gym

It was the month of December and I was doing my regular workout at the society’s gym. I was 19 at the time. My young voluptuous body was glistening in all the sweat of the workout. And at that time 3 unlikely people came into the gym. They were Shukla, Pandey, and Mane uncle from our society.

The 3 uncles were in their 50’s with their pot belly probably because of all the beer they drink. What was surprising was that I never saw them in the gym before. Well, I ignored them and continued my workout. A few minutes later I realized that they were staring my perfect body of 32-28-32.

Intently gaping at my ripe breasts they were rubbing their cocks over their pants while giving me a devious smile. I had a bad feeling about this. But was secretly also getting turned on by their acts. After all, I have this condition of PGAD (Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder)

Deep within I wanted them to fuck me deep inside all my holes. Still, I ignored them like any other pervert and continued doing my workout. Then after my workout was over I was going into the changing room. Suddenly the three of them rushed into the room following me and locked the door.

I was literally shaking and was about to scream. But at the same time, I felt adrenaline rush into my body. It kind of made me horny. In a sudden moment, I was excited to see what happens next. I just stood there frozen and waited for some response from the people who were about to devour my body.

And then Shukla uncle said, “Nangi ho ja, Randi.” I wasn’t expecting such harsh words. But my hormones had by now turned me into an ‘Obedient Slut’. I stopped thinking from my brain and started thinking from my pussy. And I started stripping.

The lecherous old men watched greedily as I was removing my grey sports bra. I removed it slowly baring my round, firm and milky white breasts with pink nipples in the middle. They were now turbid. I took a deep breath as I slid my grey shorts and pink panty down my smooth legs.

There formed a puddle of clothes around my ankle. I shivered as the cold air kissed my nipples making me blush. There I was standing naked and shy in front of 3 old guys. Pandey uncle panted hard as he approached me. His arms outstretched to hold my boobs.

His fingers wrapped around my breasts and my hard nipples were teased by his rough fingers. I was pushed back as he greedily fondled and kneaded my tits. The flesh of my tits squeezed through the gaps of his fingers. “Mhmm,” I moaned lightly clearly indicating the pleasure I derived from those acts.

My gritted teeth relaxed and I licked my pink lips seductively. His palms continued to massage my breasts gently. I let out an uncontrollable gasp of sheer pleasure. He suddenly leaned forward and pressed his lips around one of my nipples.

“Oh, God!” I exclaimed as my pussy twitched releasing juices that trickled down my thighs. My words died and I kept moaning as he skillfully sucked my breasts in his mouth. His tongue danced around my sensitive nipple. He pulled free at last turning me into a trembling mess.

As he withdrew a line of his drool connected my breast and his mouth. His eyes widened as he planted his lips on my other nipple this time making me arch my back as his saliva drenched my nipple in wet hotness. He sucked while also pressing my boobs the whole time. Then he finally pulled free.

The other two guys who were jerking off their dicks now smiled at me. I was well lubricated by my juices and was ready to be fucked in all the holes. Their cocks were twitching at my sight. Shukla uncle broke the silence by saying, “Let’s make this quick before the trainer gets suspicious.”

Now Pandey uncle took me and laid on the floor with me atop. While Mane uncle held my wrists in his hands enslaving me and pressing his dick against my soft butt cheeks. Shukla uncle grinned and stuffed his stinky cock in my mouth without any warning.

Mane uncle slid his cock between my asscheeks suggesting that he was going to anally fuck me. Pandey uncle was under me now began to press his cock inside my pussy. He was spreading my pussy lips and my vaginal walls. His lubricated huge cock sent throes of pain and pleasure throughout my body shaking me.

My trembling screams were muffled by the cock in my mouth. He ruthlessly fucked me causing juices to flow down my thighs. Mane uncle took some of my pussy juice in his hands applied it on my asshole and penetrated it in one go. My tortured gurgles were cut off by the cock sliding down my throat.

Now Shukla uncle was fucking my throat, Pandey uncle my pussy and Mane uncle my asshole. A 19-year-old hot teen was ruthlessly triple penetrated by three guys of my father’s age. My eyes began to roll into the back of my skull as deviant pleasure began coursing through my veins.

There were heated loins in my ass, pussy, and throat. Already near their climax, my trio of fuckers was unable to control their orgasm. They began cumming inside all of my holes crying out in pleasure. They released each and every drop of cum in and on my body as they pulled out one by one.

I laid their exhausted and filled with cum. They got up and casually threw a few coins on my body. And I asked them, “2 rupees for a hot girl like me?” To that, they replied, “We know you are a slut and you fucked with that watchman. You are just worth 2 rupees.”

Then I asked, “How do you know about it?” They replied, “He told it himself,” and then they just left. I was in an intense rage as they had treated me like a 2 rupee whore and left me. I was also angry with the watchman who revealed the thing between us.

Now I understood why those men came to the gym on this very day. Want to know what happened between me and the watchman the other night? If you do then make my story reach 500 likes and I will share it with you.

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