How I Sucked My Telugu School Friend’s Breasts!

This is the first experience that I am going to share here. Let me tell you all about myself first. I am Sahil, a civil engineer and this is the sexual incident with my female friend Divya. Divya is a typical Telugu girl with nice sexy assets. She has a 32C-28-34 body figure.

Divya was my classmate from school. She had then left school and later we met after we had completed our 12th boards.

Both of us got our admission for engineering in Hyderabad. Our native place was Warangal. In this story, I am going to narrate how I started my sex chat with Divya and our subsequent meet.

After the initial “hello”, “hi” on Facebook, we exchanged phone numbers. We started chatting day daily which eventually led to me proposing to her. She accepted that she loved me as well.

It was time to take our relationship to the next level. I initiated sexual innuendos (sexual remarks) in our chats. I told Divya that I want to kiss her. When she said yes, I told her that I wanted to kiss on her lips. That’s how our sexting journey began! I also started to tell her that I wanted to suck those sexy boobs of hers.

When we met for the first time after initiating sex chat, we were traveling in a shared auto. I started touching her hands at that time. They were so soft as if they were made of butter. I wanted to lick her hands badly. Initially, she resisted. She had worn short-sleeved kurti and I slowly slid my hand under her dupatta.

I began fondling my girlfriend’s upper arms just beside her breasts. I also put my hand inside her armpit and tried to pull her armpit hair playfully. Divya had to go back to the hostel so she left.

The next time we met, we had done enough of sex chat to decide to move to the next level. We decided to go to a movie.

We went to a theatre in Secunderabad and took the corner seats. My girlfriend’s presence beside me was making me go mad. I started to put my hands on her arms and fondle them. She seemed to like it this time.

Slowly, I put my left hand on her right breast by folding my hand. Divya covered my hand with her shawl. I slowly slid my hand under her shawl onto her right boob and started to search for her nipple over her kurti. I was fondling her right breast and whispering into her ear that I couldn’t find her nipple.

Divya took my hand in her hand and directed my finger on her erect nipple. I started making circles around her nipple with my forefinger. My girlfriend was growing restless with each circular motion.

Then I slowly opened the buttons of Divya’s kurti from the top and put my hand on her bra-clad breasts. She let out a soft moan! I decided to take it a little further and put my hand inside her bra. Soon I could feel her hard nipple. I pinched it a bit and Divya let out another moan.

“Don’t pinch so hard, Sahil, it pains”, she said.

I nodded. Then I slowly pulled the bra cup down and freed my sexy girlfriend’s breast from her bra. I had her whole right boob to work with. Slowly, I started fondling Divya’s right boob. She was reaching ecstasy with every fondle of mine.

Then I kissed her on her lips and started sucking her tongue. I bit her lips at times. I started making circles on her areola and was pulling the small hairs on her boobs. She seemed to enjoy it a lot.

Slowly, I looked around the theatre. It was fully dark and there was no one around. So I bent down and took my girlfriend’s boob and started sucking it. But after a few minutes, the dim light came back inside the movie hall. I removed my mouth from her boob but Divya left her boob uncovered and was waiting for me to suck her boob again!

She forcefully took my head and pressed it into her boobs again. I started sucking her nipples, taking turns as if it was my last day on earth. I took her hand and put it on my dick over my jeans. After her jerking me a bit, I came off in my undies.

Once I was done, I asked her to dress up. My girlfriend wore back her bra and covered her body with the shawl again. We then left the theatre and went to McDonald’s and had some food.

Then we were on our way back to Divya’s college in my Activa scooter. I asked Divya to hug me tightly from behind. Divya hugged me tightly from behind. Pressing of her breasts aroused me so I asked her to rub her breasts on my back. Divya started rubbing her breasts on my back on those Hyderabad roads.

Whenever there was less traffic, I slowly slid my hand under her dupatta to fondle her boobs. I also took her hands into mine and started kissing them. Once we reached a deserted area, I took my scooter into a side road there was no one and only trees.

I stopped the scooter and slowly started dry humping Divya while fondling her boobs over her dupatta.

Divya knew how badly I wanted to suck her boobs. So she moved her dupatta aside and in a flash, pulled out her left boob from her bra outside her kurti. I pinched her nipple. She covered it again and said, “You have sucked my right boob, now my left boob seeks your attention.”

Those words from her sent a current through my body. I pulled my gf’s left boob and started sucking it like a hungry baby. I was fondling her other boob at the same time.

Divya moaned softly as I kept sucking her boobs, looking into her eyes and taking turns from her left to her right boob. Suddenly, we felt someone coming towards us and we covered ourselves quickly.

A 30-year-old guy came but we had already started by the time he could ask us what we were doing. Later that night, we discussed how I wanted to suck Divya’s boobs by applying honey over them and drink milk from her boobs by pouring milk on them.

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