Unintentional Sex With Friend’s Girlfriend

Hello! Girls and boys get ready with your hot dick and wet pussy. I am Vijaysurya with a well-built body. I hit the gym daily and have a 6-inch dick. I am a regular reader of ISS.

Actually, I am an engineering graduate but I am not an engineer. I am preparing for competitive exams and people around me say I am very polite, ambitious, and down to earth, which is true.

Ok, I don’t want to bore you. Let’s get into the story.

It has been a year since we shifted to our new home. I don’t believe in friendship resulting in me only having one friend and the story is all about my friend’s girlfriend Vaishnavi. She was my schoolmate as well. She was a medical student.

It was my house warming day. I invited both of them but because of her exams, she was not able to attend. It made me sad as no one was there from my side.

We three, I, my friend, and his girlfriend Vaishnavi were very close. We use to talk for hours on the conference calls and really wanted them to come to my new home. I use to show them my room through video calls. (I forgot to tell you, I always wear vests and shorts at home and during the video call, also I use to be on vest shorts.)

One day, I got a sudden call from my friend’s girlfriend asking me to send the location so that she can come to my home. I enquired about her bf. He was busy with some work.

That day, my mom and dad were out of station. I was not having any bad intentions toward her. I use to respect her a lot. She said she will be here around 10 and it was already 9. I rushed to the bathroom, shaved my underarms and took a hot shower, and put on some perfume. I wore a vest and shorts as usual and I was waiting for her.

It was 10 when I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door and there was she was, my angel in a black kurta. My friend’s gf came inside. She was smelling very good. I asked her to sit on the sofa.

Me: It is very nice to see after 5 years, Vaishu.
Vaishu: Me too, Vijay.

I gave her tea which I prepared.

Vaishu: It tastes great.
Me: Thanks. Follow me and let me show you my home.

Vaishu: Ok.

I showed her my new home and took her to show my room which was on the first floor.

By the way, our shoulders were touching occasionally while showing her my home.

We entered my room. It was very neat and tidy. She gave a cute smile and said, “You are so clean” and she sat on my bed. I sat on my study chair and we continued talking about my studies after 15 minutes.

Me: Vaishu, let me get some snacks.
Vaishu: Ok. Till then, let me use your washroom.

I left after 10 minutes. I returned and I was in shock! Vaishnavi was holding my brief.

Me: Hey, why do you have it in your hand?
Vaishu: I just find this in your cupboard.

Me: So.

Vaishu: Your brief, Vijay? (with a naughty smile on her face.)

Actually, in our locality, boys wear boxers a lot. Briefs are very rare.

Me: Yeah. Why?

Vaishu: Boys look very sexy in brief.

Me: Hmm. (With shame, I tried to snatch my underwear from her but I failed.)

Vaishu: Do you have the same one inside?

Actually, that day I wore a boxer inside.

Me: No, a different one.

Vaishu: Can you wear this and show it to me, please? I really want to see how it looks on you.

I was in utter shock.

Me: No Vaishu, I am really sorry, I can’t.

I really don’t want because I was a bit introverted and I love my girlfriend a lot and other than her, no one had the right to watch me in underwear.

Vaishu: Please Vijay, I won’t ask anything else.

Me: Ok, wait.

I took it from her hand, went inside the washroom to change. I came out wearing only that V-shaped brief.

With full of lust in her eyes, my friend’s girlfriend was like, “You look so sexy, Vijay!”

Me: Ok, now let me dress.

Vaishu: Please Vijay, wait. Let me take a photo of it.

Me: No, please.

Vaishu: I promise you that your pics will be safe with me.

I agreed and followed each instruction. She took 10 pics in different angles and even spanked my butts when I turned to show my back.

Me: Why are you taking pics?

Vaishu: I need them at night! (And showed me her middle finger.)

I didn’t listen to her. I got dressed and went outside the room. When I came back, I was shocked. My friend’s girlfriend was only in her inners. She asked me to come inside. I said no and she was like, “If you don’t come, I will come outside.”

Scared, I went inside and she locked the door!

To be frank, my friend’s lover was milky white in complexion with really awesome boobs. I could see a wet patch near her pussy area and her nipples were erect like a mountain, poking her red bra.

I was literally in shock and suddenly, she came and hugged me tightly without giving me a chance to escape. Oh god, her body smell was driving me crazy, and finally, I gave up and hugged her back. My 6-inch dick was already dripping with a lot of precum.

I could feel my friend’s girlfriend’s boobs on my chest. She was warm and we both started sweating after 3 minutes of the tight hug. She started kissing my neck and I slowly started pressing her boobs.

To be continued.

Ok guys, I hope you like the story. Please write to me on my email [email protected] whether to continue.

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