I gave pleasure to an unsatisfied married lady

Hello friends, I am Raj from Orissa. I am a regular reader and writer of my real story. This is the best place where I can share my sex stories. I am from Bhubaneswar. Due to corona, I lost my job. At present, I am working as a male escort provider at Bhubaneswar, Konark, and Puri.

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In August, I suffered from appendicitis and was admitted to the hospital at my locality. The treating doctor advised me for the operation and had no alternative. So I was admitted to the hospital for three days.

The doctor successfully conducted the operation, and I was shifted to bed for three days. When I was shifted to bed, there was another patient on another bed. The person was newly married, and his wife was also staying in the same room.

The room was huge. The bed was for two patients and two beds for their family members who could watch at night to the patient.

The patient’s name was Raghu, 35 years and his wife’s name was Priya, 31 years. Both were married just 2 years back. Raghu was working in a reputed software company as a team leader.

We were in one room so we had started a conversation. From my side, my brother-in-law was here at night, but during the daytime, I was alone.

Priya and Raghu were M.Tech passed out, and both were non-Oriya (Andhra Pradesh). Priya was working in Bhubaneswar in a software company. Raghu was working in Hyderabad. They had no kids.

Raghu had a stone operation. The doctor advised both to take homemade food. Raghu could not arrange the homemade food. After seeing their situation, I gave assurance that I could arrange for him. I called my wife to send my food along with two persons. Both husband and wife thanked me for it.

During those three days, Priya always looked at my dick. The hospital dress was not properly worn, and my dick was visible. I did not bother anyone. I did not like to make conversation with women because of my profession. While I was alone on my bed, I liked to read Indian Sex Stories.

She liked to come near me and wanted to make conversation as I was the only person in the room. On the first day, I called Priya to call the nurse as I was not passing urine properly. Her husband was in a deep sleep.

When the nurse came to take up my dress, the whole private part was visible to Priya. She was looking very interested. Priya looked after me. She was very smart and intelligent. She knew all these sex stories and porn movies and had good maturity also.

The second day while I was reading a sex story, suddenly I slept, and my mobile was on. Priya thought that someone important was calling me. While she held my mobile, the call got disconnected and the sex story page was opened.

She searched my mobile and found some documents where I had written some story. She easily understood that I was partly working as a male escort.

These days my relationship with both husband and wife has been very good. The doctor discharged both of us on the same day. Raghu asked for my contact number. While I was telling him my number, Priya also saved it on her mobile.

After a few days, Raghu called me. He called me to his apartment, and I also went to his apartment. The apartment was 2 BHK. We had so many conversations. On the next day, Raghu went to Hyderabad for his job, and Priya was alone in his apartment.

After a week in the evening time, Priya called me.

Priya – I am going shopping, and I need someone who can guide me. Can you go shopping with me?

Me – No problem.

Priya went with me to so many shops and purchased dresses for her. She showed me by wearing the same and purchased two dresses as per my choice. She also went to the Jockey Showroom to purchase the bra and panty. Without any hesitation, she purchased in front of me as per her size.

After shopping, we both went to a nearby park and sat there for a few minutes. Priya had a lot of doubts, and she wanted to clarify the same. But she hesitated to ask me. I told her, “What is going on in your mind? You can share with me without any hesitation.”

Priya – When we were in the hospital, I knew that you were reading sex stories. You also mentioned in your one file that you are doing an escort service.

Me – Yes I am providing escort service, and it is my part-time job.

And I shared with her why I am doing so also.

Priya – What is your charge per night?

Me – It depends on who needs it and for how many days. How is your sex life going on?

Priya – Not good. Raghu is in Hyderabad, and I am here, so once or twice in 3 or 4 months when we meet. I am starving for pleasure. If you help me to come out of this situation, I will be grateful. I may also give your charges.

Me – I have not thought about that.

After three days her office was on holiday, and she invited me to her apartment. I went to her apartment at 11 am. When I knocked on the door, Priya opened the door. She wore a nightdress.

When she saw me, she went to her room and changed her dress. Which dress we were shopping for at the last meeting she wore the said dress.

Priya – Do you remember? This dress was purchased on that day. How am I looking?

Me – Looking beautiful like an actress.

I understood her intention. Due to the deep-neck dress, I could see her black padded bra and cleavage. She went to the kitchen to prepare food. Due to her dress, I could not control myself, and I followed her. In the said apartment, we both were alone.

When she was cooking in the kitchen, I hugged her from the backside. I whispered in her ear that I wanted to give her salvation, and started to kiss her neck.

Priya was in a very hot mood. She stopped cooking and put her lips with mine. We had lip locks for 5 to 10 minutes, and both enjoyed the sexual hotness till the end. While we had lip lock, I slowly put my hand on her boobs and slowly squeezed over her dress.

After 10 minutes, we broke the lip lock. I started licking her neck and part of her breast for a few minutes and make her wild. She was hungry for pleasure. I put ghee on fire, and that fire was wild and out of control.

She wore a fitting one-piece dress with a chain from the backside. I slowly, with my mouth open and started to kiss and lick her backside. I put my hand in her dress and held two boobs with my hands. After that, I undressed her. She was only wearing a bra and panties.

Priya told me and wanted to show her bra and panty. She looked pretty like a white goddess.

I told her if she wanted full pleasure at one time, then she will have to wait. I had brought the dairy milk chocolate. The chocolate was melted due to heat. I applied dairy milk chocolate on her stomach to the lower part of her boobs.

I started to lick her stomach to the lower part of her boobs. Then the upper part of pussy made her wilder. She wore a padded bra, and I squeezed her both boobs for 15 minutes. Here time was essential to give pleasure to a woman. So I did it slowly.

After 15 minutes, when I opened her bra, I found that her boobs were white and had a black spot on them. The nipples were brown and small. Slowly sucked both boobs and licked the nipples to make her wild. Now Priya was only in her panty. She undressed me and held my dick in her hand.

She started to masturbate just for a few seconds. After that, I put my dick in her mouth wildly and sucked deeply. She showed me heaven by sucking. She had relations with her husband but not with any other man. This was the first time with another person except for her husband.

She sucked my dick and balls for 10 minutes deeply. Thereafter I licked her from neck to upper part of pussy, including boobs and nipples. When I went down, I found that her panty was fully wet and gum was on her panty.

Slowly I opened her panty and licked on pussy. My hands were busy with her boobs. First, I put my finger in her pussy, and the finger fuck was continued for 10 minutes.

Priya – Now you fuck me, or I will die.

Me – Wait, now you can enjoy the pleasure.

Priya – Baby, I am begging you. Give me salvation from this now. Please fuck me. Fuck me, baby.

At that time, I started to lick her pussy outside and slowly put my tongue in her. She was moaning with pleasure and happiness. I intended to show her the meaning of pleasure that she had not enjoyed. While I was fucking with my tongue, she was moaning loudly and told me to fuck her.

She was on the bed. Initially, I slowly inserted my dick, and slowly, I fucked. She told me to increase my speed. Still, I did not do so. I fucked her in a missionary position for 5 minutes, and after that, I told her to sit on my lap. In that position, I fucked for 5 minutes.

After that, I fucked in a doggy position for a long time. I held her two boobs with my hands and squeezed. I fucked her for 15 minutes in the doggy position. Finally, when her first cum came out, she told me that she wanted more. In the standing position, I fucked for 10 minutes.

Then I fucked her on one leg standing position for 5 minutes. Her second-time cum came out, and mine also came out. I put her boob in my mouth with pleasure. I slept in her apartment for 2 hours.

This was the incident before lunch. After lunch, we had another shift also. And in the evening, she paid my charges.

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