Satisfied My Lust For Best College Friend Ann

Hi ISS readers, this is Ashtan from Mumbai. I am a tall, dark guy, having an average body type, with a tool of 6″. Today, I am going to tell you a true sex story.

So, this is where it all started. I and my best friend joined the same college for our degree. But her joining the same college, came to my knowledge only after a month of the college opening, as she joined in later.

Her name was Ann. She was kind of chubby with a 38-34-36 sized body, with fair skin and grey eyes that one would die for. I loved her eyes even before I had the hots for her.

So, while all of this was happening, I was already seeing someone from the same class. She was a hot mallu girl with a sexy body. She had a big ass and boobs. She was a 36-30-38 structured girl, and she was crazy to have sex with, but that is a story for some other time.

Coming to my best friend Ann. She had been dating this guy from our high school for a year now. We used to chill. I, my girlfriend, Ann, and her boyfriend. But most of the time it was only me, my girlfriend, and Ann. Sometimes it was just me and Ann.

Then we finished our 1st year and got into our 2nd year. I and Ann got into the financial stream as our major subject, and my girlfriend got into another field.

I and my best friend Ann used to share the same seat in college and I started getting attracted to her. She used to stick her ass out at me and sometimes used to sit on my lap. This started to turn me on, but I never gave her any hint, as I wanted to maintain my friendship with her.

That was where it all started going downhill. We used to meet often now at her place. She had shifted to a new house and her parents were always out. So, we used to chill, drink, etc.

One day, we were in the college and my bestie was looking crazily hot. That day, her perfectly round ass and boobs were popping out! She was wearing a tight, black, top with a deep neck, and tight, apple-bottom jeans. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her!

We met, hugged each other, and that gave me a boner which she noticed and quickly winking at me said,

Ann – Someone’s very excited today. Seems like you are getting some action, huh?

I was quick to give her an answer.

Me – Yes, I am getting action from you today, because you are looking too hot!!

Ann – Oh yeah! Very funny.

She said jokingly and we laughed. I just couldn’t take my eyes off my hot best friend. I was with her the whole day getting every chance to touch her ass and waist. I clicked pictures of ours together, with my hands hanging over her boobs.

Later that day, after I reached home, I took my phone and couldn’t control it. I texted her saying,

Me – Hey Ann, what’s up? You at home today?

Ann – Hi yes, what’s with you today? You seem different!!

Me – Yeah, it’s all because of you!!

Ann – What did I do? Haha.. you are crazy!

Me – Hey, so it’s been a while. Don’t get it wrong, but I want to be your friend even if this sound’s weird. I have the hots for you, and today I couldn’t keep it within me. I had to tell you.

Ann – Hahaha.. really? Stop playing!

Me – I really do. Didn’t I drop hints today?

Ann – Yeah, it was kinda weird the way you were touching me but..

Me – But yeah, I mean I can’t take my eyes off your ass. It’s so sexy. I am sorry, but I just can’t stop thinking about it.

Ann – Yeah, I know about my ass but stop playing, don’t do that.

Me – You think I am playing. I send her a picture of my erect dick. This is what you are doing to me.

Ann – Ashtan, are you serious? I thought you’re playing with me.

Me – No, I am not. I need to touch you, Ann!!

Ann – Hey, chill out. Let’s meet tomorrow and talk about it.

We meet the next day at her place. There was no one at home, which seemed weird to me as she invited me over. But I also had the chance to do something if things got hot.

We sat together with a can of coke. I told my best friend, “I have been attracted to you for a while now. But I just couldn’t tell you,” and to my surprise, she asked me, “Why didn’t you ever drop hints?”

I replied, “I didn’t wanna spoil our friendship.” This gave me a little confidence to get a bit closer to her. I kept my hand on her thighs. They were so soft and smooth (she had worn shorts and a t-shirt). She told me that she did get vibes from me, but she thought she was overthinking and did not pursue it!

Hearing this, I didn’t waste any time and held her face, I pulled it towards me and started smooching her deeply with my tongue. She wasn’t resisting. We smooched for a good 4 minutes, and then she broke the kiss and stopped me saying, “We shouldn’t do this.” But I was so turned on that I couldn’t stop.

I held her again, turned her around, and started kissing her on her neck. My best buddy let out a moan. I rubbed over her navel while holding her waist. She moaned and held my head while I was sucking her neck.

I slowly moved my hands towards my best friend’s big 38D boobs and squeezed them. That gave me an instant boner which she could feel over her ass. Ann then put her hand around and rubbed my dick over my pants. That was making me go crazy and I started nibbling on her neck and shoulders.

I was squeezing her big boobs hard and my best friend moaned even louder. I tore up her top and took a good look at her boobs covered in the white bra.

I turned her around and started kissing her. She put out her hand on my pant and started feeling my dick. My bestie started kissing me. Then she was whipping my dick out, rubbing on my dick head. She spat on her hand and rubbed my dick..

To be continued.


Thank you so much, readers. I hope you show me some love and I will be posting the rest of the part in a few days. If you have any questions or anything to ask, hit me up on email or hangouts at [email protected]

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