Life In Bangalore – Part 1

Hi guys, my name is Alan. I am freshly graduated from college and moved to Bangalore to work in a software engineer firm. In this story, I will tell you how I managed to fulfill my fantasies with my friend’s girlfriend Riya.

Riya is hands-down one of the hottest girls I have met in my life. She has a beautiful brown complexion with a very curvy delicious looking body. She never dresses too slutty, but it was always tight-fitting clothes and her boobs and ass always stand out. She started dating my best friend Rahul about 3 months before college ended.

In college, I didn’t have any sexual intentions towards my friend’s girlfriend Riya because I already had a girlfriend Sanjana and we were always ready to satisfy each other’s needs. Sanjana was not the hottest or the sexiest girl, but she was was a beast in bed and gave me pleasures beyond words!

Unfortunately, after college ended, Sanjana had to go back to her hometown in Mumbai and that was the end of steamy sessions. We didn’t break up because she knew I would move to Bangalore and was planning on visiting me often.

Both Rahul and I got a job in Bangalore and we decided to rent a 1 BHK apartment to share as housing was very expensive and this was the only thing we could afford. Everything was going well, but my sex life was a disaster. The only consolation was the regular sexting with my girlfriend Sanjana.

About a month after moving to Bangalore, we got news that my friend’s girlfriend Riya also managed to land a job here and was gonna be moving here in a couple of days. Now Rahul was in the 7th heaven hearing this news.

I was also happy as Riya and I had become good friends over the past few months, but I was also very jealous thinking of all the sex my friend was going to get.

Riya used to visit out apartment almost daily and we would drink and smoke up and watch TV and it was a lot of fun. Sometimes she will stay the night and those times, I used to sleep in the couch.

I was okay with this because I understood how horny a guy can get after some intoxication. But I too used get horny thinking about what they were doing inside the room.

One day, I decided to go eavesdrop on them. My god! That night I came almost instantly listening to my friend’s girlfriend Riya moan! It was one of the sexiest noises I had ever heard in my life.

That night onward, Riya became the object of my sexual fantasy. She was very close and open with me. She would always wear her nightdress when she comes to stay over. This was usually a butt shorts and t-shirt with no bra and every chance I got, I tried to get a sneak picture of her ass and her boobs.

Sometimes, her nipples will be poking out and it used to drive me crazy! I used to jerk off to these pictures daily.

So, one day, two of our friends from college decided to visit us in Bangalore. We all decided to go out and have some drinks. Riya joined us too.

She was wearing a sexy black dress and I got an instant hard-on looking at her. And throughout, I didn’t miss an opportunity to cope a feel of her sexy body. I think she noticed my hands lingering on her boobs and thighs a little longer than it should, but she didn’t seem to mind.

We partied till very late at night and decided to return to out apt. After returning, everyone passed out almost instantly. Our friends took up the couch and the bean bag we had. Rahul and Riya took the bedroom.

I decided I will sleep on the floor and went to take a pillow from the room. But seeing this, both Rahula and Riya insisted that I should sleep on the bed as there was plenty of room. I too was very tired and the bed sounded much better that the stone-cold floor. So I said yes and went to sleep almost instantly.

At around 2’o clock in the night, I woke up to go and pee and I was surprised to see that both Rahul and Riya were missing. I thought they might have gone out and I was too sleepy to care.

I went to the washroom and saw that the lights were on inside. I could hear some noises. I instantly understood where they had gone and what they were up to! I didn’t want to disturb them but I had to pee very badly. So I knocked on the door.

As soon as I knocked, the moaning stopped and I could hear them rustling and putting on their clothes. Before they opened, I leaned on the wall and pretended to sleep so that they don’t feel embarrassed. But as they opened the door, I couldn’t help but notice how sexy my friend’s girlfriend Riya looked.

Since she didn’t bring any clothes, she was wearing Rahul’s boxers and my t-shirt. I could clearly see her nipples poking out and knew she was super horny. This made me super horny!

As my friend’s girlfriend stepped out of the bathroom, because the floor was wet or something, she slipped and fell on me!! I was startled and for a second, I could feel her boobs pressed against my chest and her neck pressed against my face. The smell of Riya’s sweaty smooth skin was intoxicating and my boner was completely erect now.

Riya must have felt my cock harden up and press against her legs. She quickly got back on her feet and gave a small slap to Rahul who was laughing his ass out watching her fall.

They went back to the bed and before I closed the bathrooms door, Riya gave me a small wink! After this, I had no choice but to jerk off before going back to bed. And no surprise, I came in 10 seconds. And I was still hard!!

I went back to bed and saw Rahul and Riya were asleep in a tight hug. I laid down on the bed facing them.

Rahul was next to me with his back towards me and my friend’s girlfriend was facing me. I knew they were still horny so I pretended to sleep but was very aware of what was happening. And sure enough, after a few minutes, I could hear some making out sounds.

I opened my eyes and there they were, making out like mad people. I could see Rahul’s hand was inside Riya’s shorts and this made me super hard again.

Then I saw Riya slowly moving down the bed and pulling down Rahul’s shorts. I knew she was going to give him a blowjob. I couldn’t control anymore and put my hands inside my trouser and started to jerk off! I could see the silhouette of my friend’s horny girlfriend’s head moving up and down furiously as she sucked my friend’s cock.

I was rubbing my cock just as hard. And suddenly, Rahul’s body tightened and making Riya press her head hard into his cock. I knew he just came in her mouth.

I was completely awestruck seeing this but as she lifted her head off his cock, she looked at me and smiled! I knew she was 100% aware that I was watching and this turned me on even more.

Riya moved up the bed and kissed Rahul, with some of his cum still in her mouth. Then she slowly lifted her t-shirt, and put Rahul her under it and pressed it hard against her boobs. I knew Rahul was sucking her delicious milky mounds like a rabid dog. The pleasure of it was evident on her face.

Since Rahul’s head was inside Riya’s t-shirt, I knew he couldn’t see me. So I took my cock out and started jerking watching this sight! Riya saw this and gave me a naughty smile.

She slowly extended her hand and touched my face. I got a shock running down my entire body as my friend’s sexy girlfriend slowly glided her finger down my face and touched my lips.

I immediately opened my mouth and started sucking her fingers like a mad dog and rubbing my cock faster. I could see that she was loving this. Riya closed her eyes and started moaning. I could see Rahul’s hand moving faster and faster inside her boxers and his head inside her t-shirt.

I started sucking her fingers faster and in no time, Riya arched her back, pressed Rahul closer into her boobs and let out of loud moan. I realized she had just come and seeing this, I also came.

I quickly put my cock inside my shorts so that the cum won’t fall on the bed. She pulled her hands out of my mouth. Rahul came out of her t-shirt and I quickly turned around and pretended to sleep.

The reality of what just happened was hitting me hard and I didn’t know whether she did this because she was drunk or because she found this exciting. But I was very thrilled to see what was going to happen when I face her the next morning and I had a feeling it was going to be good.

To be continued.

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