Unexpected Sex At A Camp – But Why?

Swati’s point of view:

Strange haa? Me starting the story today. Well, I thought, why not? You read how I had my unexpected sex fun for the night in the car with Ranbir. If you haven’t read it, then read that first.

My friend had texted me the hotel’s address, and I drove there. They asked me why I was one hour late, but I ignored it. I asked about the plan for which they called me so urgently

My friends planned a weekend trip as they all were free. To my surprise, those dumb fucks did not inform me that they had a plan for the whole next week too. I did not agree with that because even if I do not have a job, I did not plan to stop for next week.

FYI: All my friends are working. I have not yet looked for a job because I earn by sitting at home. Confused, how? Go, and Google work to do at home and earn, pick up a job and think I do that.

Coming back to the story. This was the plan that they hid from me. Also, there was a birthday girl in the group. So, I did not fight back much as I knew they won’t let me go without enjoying the whole week. I called my parents as they don’t go to sleep early. As you know, they don’t restrict me much. They agreed.

My friends told me about the plan for the whole week, which was pretty interesting. According to the plan, we had to leave for a lakeside camp the next day. The hotel was booked for one night only. So, that we assemble at one place and discuss and then start our trip.

What happens next? It may be a long story, but trust me, without the details, there is no fun. So, enjoy the story as you read it.

Sid’s point of view:

As my dear friend Swati said, ‘Without the details, there is no fun.’ We all agree that. So without wasting time, let’s get back to the story. My name is Sid, and I hope you enjoy the story.

This story is about how I met Swati for the first time in our life. Also, how she ended up sitting on my dick and kissing me as I lifted my ass fucking her by the lakeside.

Destiny works in a lot of ways. You may be reading this story at present, and in the next 2-3 hours, you might be having sex. You never know!

I was free for my weekend, but my friends were not. So, I decided to take a trip all by myself. Sometimes it is peaceful just to have all the time for yourself. I drove to Lonavala and went to my usual lakeside camping. There were not many people around as it was the wintertime.

I knew the owner well. So, I visited any time of the year. I went there and booked a tent for myself. At around 3 pm, a group of friends arrived at the camp who were enthusiastic. Everyone participated in the camp activities.

At around night time, I sat by the lakeside alone looking at the night sky. A girl approached me. She came and stood behind me, saying, “Had a bad breakup, or did your friends ditch you?”

I turned around and saw the girl. Some 5’6” inches in feet, fit and fine. Stood wearing a loose crop top and white denim shorts.

Me: No, breakup. Just thought of coming alone and giving time to myself.

Swati: That is very thoughtful. I thought that only happens in movies. I just asked you because I saw you in the afternoon. You were all alone and had no partner to do the activities.

Me: (smile) Sweet of you.

Swati: You can join us. We won’t mind a stranger in the group.

I looked at her friends and saw 3 couples getting cozy by the fire. I looked at her.

Me: The couples group. You seem alone, too, I guess, in those 3 pairs of love birds.

Swati: (looks at her friends) True, how about I join you? I hope you won’t mind that.

Me: If you won’t mind talking to a stranger and sitting beside him.

Swati sat beside me and looked at the silent lake.

Swati: Stranger, lol. Just between us, I don’t mind if a stranger is good-looking and smart in talking.

Me: Good looking as in gym going? Look at me. I am not a gym-going guy.

Swati: Yeah, that I can see. (patting my belly) Shaukin (fond) of eating haa…..

I looked at her being so free. Just met and patting my stomach in just a few lines of conversation.

Swati: But you are cute, and you don’t seem to be a perv like others. I saw you in the afternoon, and you haven’t even looked at me. For the first time in my life, a boy, an alone boy, did not look at me.

Me: So, just because I did not look at you? You came to me to ask why I did that? What should I look at, even if I have to?

Swati gave me a strange look. She looked at the lake with a smile and told me about her encounters with the other boys. Also, she shared about last night’s car sex.

Me: (looking at her boobs) That is true. You have a nice pair of boobs there. I sincerely did not pay attention to them.

I bowed down to her boobs and enacted, saying, “I am sorry to both of you. I ignored you two lovely pairs of boobies.”

We both shared a laugh, and the conversation slowly changed to flirting. Most of the people in the camp were couples. So, everyone was busy with their partners. Swati and I talked for a while, and then I thought, why not try hitting on her.

Me: So, that Ranbir guy. How well will you rate his fucking skills?

Swati: Um, I can rate him like 7/10. He was good. No doubt in that, but he seemed to be a bit perv.

Me: If any perv hits on you, will you end up being on his crotch?

Swati: It is not like that. I just thought the moment was heated up nice. Why not seize it?

Me: Hm, so you only do with pervs who hit on you or also give some cute nice guys a chance?

Swati gave me an eyebrow-raised look. She knew what I had in mind and nodded her head slowly, biting her lower lip. She looked at her friends and said, “I will think about it. If at night, you see a shadow out. Don’t be scared, and lower the zip of your tent.”

Saying this, she got up and walked away. I did not give much thought to that. No girl will ever be that open to fuck two strangers in two straight nights. At midnight, while I was reading a book. I saw a shadow stand outside my tent.

“Hey, you there or sleeping, open the tent.” I was shocked to hear a familiar voice and lower the zip of the tent. The God of lust was in my favor. Swati walked in wearing her pink night suit and raise the zip.

Me: Really, I thought you were bluffing.

Swati: (turns to me) I never bluff when I am in the mood (winks at me).

I was sitting with my legs stretched, and she came over to me. We both kissed as she sat on my lap and my hands on her back. She caressed my hair. We broke the kiss, and she pulled my T-shirt up. Then we both started undressing her suit’s button.

She was not wearing any bra. She untied my pants nadda (lace), and I lifted my ass. She pulled it off as she saw me wearing no undies.

Swati: You thought I was bluffing, and here you are with a hard dick and no chaddi?

Me: I usually sleep with no underwear.

Swati gave me a smirk and maintained eye contact as she stood up and dropped her pants (no panty). She swirls around as I watch the babe with a perfect figure. I pulled her down and kissing her as we both were naked in the tent. She responded with the same passion and lust.

I rolled over and came on to her. She laid below me as I pulled her right thigh up and kissed her neck. My dick had started leaking precum. Swati moaned as she said, “Um, I can feel your precum. Let me suck on it.”

She pushed me by the shoulders, and I rolled over. She came over to me and grabbed my dick.

Swati: You may not be going to the gym, but you surely keep the muscle down here all veiny. (jerks) Let’s see how it tastes (rolls down the foreskin)

Me: (feels the foreskin going down) Yeah, it tastes good too. Try it.

Swati spat on it and rolled her tongue around my dick head. She maintained eye contact as she lowered her lips. I saw my dickhead vanishing in her mouth, and I closed my eyes. I laid back as she started sucking me.

She blew my dick like a pro. Her spit rolling down my dick meat. I grabbed her head and started giving slow thumps in her mouth. She cooperated well, and I lifted my ass fucking her faster. I kept her stable and tried to reach the end of her mouth.

I gave a hard thump and lifted my ass in the air. I kept it stable, making her choke on my dick. She started gagging, but I did not pull it out. She spanked my thigh, and I pulled it out. She coughed out the saliva on my dick and spit the last drops of her saliva.

The strings of saliva from her lips to my dickhead were a sight worth seeing. Swati moved up and grabbed my dick between her boobs. Swati, “You look innocent by face, but you are a harami mard when it comes to fucking.” I smiled at her, and she started moving her boobs up and down on my dick.

Me: Make use of the boobs…(putting the dick between) Ah, every boy wish…(lift my ass in rhythm) those nice pairs of globes.

Swati: (pushing both boobs together) Yeah, fuck my tits. Show them that you meant you are sorry (looking at me). They are very sensitive. They need your dick’s love.

Me: (fucking her tits, moves the ass up and down) Yeah, here you go. (giving thrusts) Oh, your boobs are a real delight.

My dick felt like it was fucking a pussy as it laid between her boobs. I gave hard thumps to her boobs. I saw her boobs bouncing back and forth because of my thumping.

Swati, “Yeah, harder,” Pressing her boobs together tightly. As I started a bit faster, “Yeah, give me the load, baby, some nice milk before sleep is always good for health.” I loved her talks, and I did as she said. I moved faster, lifting my ass.

She did not lose the grip on her boobs. With a loud moan, I shot all the load up her chin. A few drops fell on her boobs. She took the dick in her hand and sucked all the cum that was left on it. With my dick, she collected the cum over her boobs and swallowed it.

With her fingers, she took the cum from her chin and looked at me as she tasted it.

Me: You are one damn horny bitch. I still am confused about how you can fuck two strangers in two nights straight. Are you that fond of fucking?

Swati smiled at me as she jerked my dick. She did not answer as she was focused on getting my dick hard. In less than a minute, my dick got hard, and she came over my crotch. I kept my hands on her knees as she slowly lowered her pussy over my dick.

My unexpected lover adjusted my dick in her pussy. Tying her hair up as she rubbed her pussy over my crotch, “Two strangers in two nights straight. Yeah, there is a reason behind this. Don’t worry, the night has just begun. I will tell you why I am doing this.”

She leaned on me, and we both kissed as she started moving her ass up and down. The sound of ‘thaap, thaap, thaap’ was echoing around in the tent. I was feeling the nice sensation of her ass hitting my crotch.

Swati’s point of view:

Yeah, you all want to know why I am fucking him. To know that, you will have to wait. Also, you can put your thoughts in the comment of why I am doing it. It will be like homework given to students by the teacher, LOL.

The next story will be a lot fucking and dirty talking. Because the night has just begun. Do tell us your thoughts about this story. Until next time, adiós, amigo. Stay safe and healthy.

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