Crazy Sex With My Girlfriend’s Beautiful Mom Rita

Hey guys, I’m back with another real incident which happened with me. So basically, it’s about my girlfriend’s mom Rita. She is very beautiful with a figure of 36D-30-32.

So it was a Friday afternoon. I went to my girlfriend’s place to surprise her. But to my bad luck, there was no one at her place. I called her up just to check on her but then I got to know that she was in college. And she still had 2-3 hours to come back.

I didn’t know what to do so I was sitting on the stairs and thinking about me and my girl as I was a bit turned on. And I was having some crazy ideas like masturbating on the stairs and many more like that. After a few minutes, the silence broke with the sound of the lift door opening and it was my girlfriend’s mom Rita.

She suddenly saw me and hugged me with a lot of excitement and asked me what I was doing there and everything. Then she invited me to come inside and have lunch. I quickly agreed.

Then I was sitting on the sofa and she said she will change and come. So I waited and then my girlfriend’s mom came and we had lunch together. So, basically, I and Rita are quite close and she likes me. We used to share a lot of things.

That afternoon, we had a long conversation about our lives. Then, suddenly she asked me about my sex life. I was blank for a minute. But then she said, “It’s okay if you don’t want to tell me.”

I was quite hesitant and never spoke about it in front of her. So I was quite shy. Then my girlfriend’s mom suddenly started with hers. She said she had no one to share her pain and sorrow and even her body. She said she felt so lonely every time. I was shocked to hear all of that from her.

Idk why it was all so new for me and surprising to hear it from her. Then she became emotional and had tears in her eyes. I was consoling Rita.

Then she hugged me and started crying even more. I tried to calm her down. All this while when she hugged me, I was kind of turned on because I had never touched her and neither did she before. That hug was a pathway that led me to that feeling.

And while I calmed her, I was getting excited down there. Then we went and sat on the sofa, beside each other. And we were talking.

Then Rita placed her hand on mine and held it. We were sitting quite close to each other than usual and suddenly, my gf’s mom planted a kiss on my lips and it turned into a good 4-5 minute long kiss. I was surprised and shocked and I didn’t know how to react.

Rita immediately apologized to me and said, “I am sorry, beta. I don’t know what happened, but I couldn’t resist. I am really sorry, beta”. I said, “It’s okay. I didn’t mind that at all”.

And the next moment, I started eating my girlfriend’s mother’s lips! It was so involuntary and out of control that I couldn’t even control my self and my body.

We were kissing vigorously and our breaths were getting heavier. Then Rita came and sat on top of me and we were eating each other like never before. She started to undress me and so was I doing the same job.

My girlfriend’s mom was wearing a white sleeveless shirt (knee-length) with buttons all over the length. So, in no time, I was in my boxers and with each kiss, I was unbuttoning of her dress.

I was getting pretty excited and my 8-inch dick was hard as a rock. After unbuttoning a few buttons, I slid off the dress from Rita’s shoulders and it fell on the ground. My lover’s mom was now in her white lacy bra and her panty. Her boobs were bigger than I thought.

I started kissing her neck as she pulled my boxers down and grabbed my dick in her warm hand and started caressing it. She whispered, “You have a big dick and I want it inside me.”

I pulled my boxers down and she pulled her lacy pantie down and prepared to sit on my dick. Rita’s pussy was so different. She was soaking wet and her pantie was also leaking.

Then my girlfriend’s mom suddenly sat on my dick and it was like heaven! A slight moan came out of her mouth. Then she got up and pulled down her pantie fully. Rita sat on my dick again and this time, she started riding me.

Her moans increased each and every time she went up and down over my dick. It was evident that my girlfriend’s mom had missed sex so much.

Then I was desperate to see Rita’s big boobs. While Rita kept riding me, I opened her bra from behind. My girlfriend’s mom’s huge white and milky boobs fell on my face as if they were waiting and craving for me!

While Rita was riding me, I sucked her boobs and grabbed them and played with them and bit her nipples too. Then she was moaning too loudly.

I asked her to hold onto me and then I increased my pace. As I increased the pace, I could see her face turn red and moans becoming even louder than before. Rita was screaming now but in pleasure and she wanted me to fuck her more and more and more. She didn’t want me to stop!

My girlfriend’s mom was about to reach her climax and in a few more strokes, my dick was pushed out of her pussy as she squirted on my dick and my body! I was drenched in her squirts. That was a hell lot of juice. Maybe she needed it. Maybe she was craving for love and dying to get one.

Rita didn’t stop there. Her moans were too loud and her breaths were getting heavier with every stroke. And again my dick was pushed out and she squirted once more and harder all over me and her with a loud gasp.

Then she got up, came down on her knees and licked my dick which was covered in her juices. She loved doing that. Rita started taking it deeper and deeper. I was deep throating her and she loved it.

I fucked her in the mouth for a while with some gagging. Then I pulled her hair, made her turn around and decided to give it to her from behind. I spanked my gf’s mom’s ass and made it red. Then I held her ass and positioned myself like one leg up and the other leg down. Rita was in doggy style. She was begging me to go hard and spank her hard.

We started moving together slowly and passionately but then the wilderness of her couldn’t hold me so long and that thing made me go even more crazy. Soon, we were fucking so hard and I could hear those very loud moans from Rita. If someone would have been standing by the door, they would have heard us!

I was banging my girlfriend’s mother harder and harder. Her legs were shaking and her hips too. She squeezed herself and then “SPLASHHH”! My dick was pushed out and she came hard.

Rita then got on her knees again and started to suck my dick making me want to cum. She placed my dick in between her huge boobs and started titfucking her.

While I was titfucking, Rita was just looking at me like a cum-hungry slut and that look made me go so crazy. She stopped after some time and then started jerking me with her hands. She stuck out her tongue and I was like, “AAAAAHHH FUCKKKK!” and shot a huge load of cum in her mouth.

Rita was sucking me till the last drop of the cum came out of my dick. Then she showed it to me, jiggled her boobs and swallowed it. And she said, thank you. I still don’t know why did she even say so but she was really very happy.

Later, we got dressed and sat and had a cup of tea and spoke about the crazy sex we had with our blushing and amused faces.

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