Nude Before College Girl, Barber And A Nurse

I needed to undergo hip replacement surgery when I am 21 years old, and I am male. The surgery is going to happen in the early morning the next day. So doctors want me to get ready for operation by night itself.

To do the operation, we normally have to cut the hair in that place to not be a problem during the operation. So a nurse took me to the preparation room, which has like 3 beds in it.

She said that I have to cut my private hair because it is beside the hip area and asked me whether I have done shaving before. I said I normally only trim, so I am not used to shaving. So they don’t want to risk as it is a sensitive area and called the barber to cut my private hair.

I am actually a bit tense because I know I have to take my pants and underwear off in front of him to shave. But I am also worried that it is going to be a male and not a female. As expected barber came to the preparation room and asked me to remove my pant and underwear completely.

I slowly did it and stood in front of him. As my shirt is a bit long, nothing is actually visible. He said to remove my shirt, too, as he had to shave in the belly area. I am feeling tense so that he went to the door and locked it. As no one can come inside, I removed my shirt too, bringing all the courage.

I am just completely nude, standing before him, covering my dick with my hands. He asked me to sleep on one of the beds. I went to the middle one in those 3 beds as it is near me. I am in a sleeping position on that bed, covering my dick as normal.

He came near me and said, this is normal for him. I don’t have to be worried. Anyhow he slowly started shaving my legs while I am covering my dick. Once the leg part is completed, he asked me to remove my hands to shave the hair on my dick.

I am tensed, so he said, “Ok, turn around and sleep. I have to shave on your butt.” I thought it is better than touching my dick and quickly turned back. He is touching my butt with his bare hands and trying to remove the hair on my butt. Then he started to remove the hair in between my butt.

I just felt like a whole embarrassing situation. He is completely squeezing my butt to open it up and shave in the middle. While in such an awkward situation, somebody knocked on the door. My heart just dropped down, thinking that they might be my parents or sister.

But it is just the nurse calling to open the door. I got relieved but tensed that the nurse might come inside. But the barber said it takes few more minutes. But the nurse said it is an emergency, and that’s it. The barber went and opened the door.

I am completely nude, sleeping on my front, fully exposing my butt to the world. I am looking at the door, and it’s not just the nurse. There is also another girl who is the same as my age. I just don’t know what to do. The girl is actually hot with big eyes and boobs that can be visible even in the hospital gown.

But a part of me wanted to know what that girl is wearing inside that gown or actually wearing anything inside? I cannot see any pants below the gown. So I thought she is also nude like me but just in an operation gown. The nurse asked the girl to sleep on the bed.

She came to sleep on the bed, which is obviously beside me. There is just a small space between both the beds. I am sleeping nude on that bed beside a girl who is smoking hot of the same age. As she is sleeping, I can see that she is wearing a t-shirt and 3/4th from beside that hospital gown.

I am a bit disappointed but immediately got excited when the nurse said she also needs shaving. The nurse said she needs to go to the operating theatre now, and they forgot to shave her. The nurse told the barber to shave her first, then me. At this point in time, I am ok being nude and actually wanted to be nude.

But I am also confused about how can a male barber shave a girl. Then the nurse slowly explained she just needs to get her left hand shaved. So no removing of the dress and everything. Barber quickly went to her left hand and started shaving while the nurse left the room.

I am on her right hand side, so I cannot see what the barber is doing. I am still in the sleeping position on my front and showing my butt. That girl is looking at my face and my butt nonstop. I am not embarrassed. I actually want her to see my dick.

So just pretended to see how the barber is shaving her hand. I got up even without covering my dick and sat on my bed. I can see how the barber is shaving. But most importantly, she can see my dick in full view. You must have expected, my dick became too big and standing like an electric pole.

Barber came to notice the change in my behavior and directly asked me, “Aren’t you feeling shy now?” I said, “I am in this nude position for the past 15 – 20 minutes, so now I am used to it.”

She laughed and asked me, “What’s your problem? Why they want to cut hair in those private parts?” I said my problem near the hip, and she said ok. For the next two minutes, the room is in complete silence. She looks at me and my dick in the middle, just like I am not noticing.

I started to play with my dick hair and said, “I am going to miss these.” She laughed and again, silence in the room. Now no matter what, I want her to touch my dick. The barber completed her shaving part and wanted to shave me back again. He asked me to sleep on the bed and started shaving.

He is in between us and shaving my dick. I can see that my dick is not visible to her. So I asked the barber to come to this site and shave. He quickly understood my intention and said, “You want her to see your dick?” I am just tensed that he is asking things directly.

But replied without hesitation, “She is soo beautiful and hot, so I just wanted to…” She quickly said, “This is the first dick I see in my life directly. It is actually bigger in real life than I thought. I said, “I just have a bit bigger dick.” After few seconds, I asked her to come closer and see if she wanted to.

To my surprise, she actually got up and came near my dick. I came to know that I am a nudist. At this point, I have full confidence that she is definitely going to touch my dick before going. Barber completed shaving my dick and asked me to wear the clothes.

He went to get the nurse as she said her case is an emergency. I asked her name, and she said, “Naveena.” I asked her about my dick, her phone number, etc. She asked me can I touch it. I said, “You can give a blowjob if you wanted to.” She kept the face angry and said that she only wants to touch.

I said, ok. She just touched my dick with two of her fingers and said it is weird. I said, you just touched my skin. You can grab it. She was like, no, I don’t want to. I said you don’t get the chance, again and again, so just enjoy. I am totally open to you.

She slowly grabbed and started pressing. After few seconds, I asked her to give me a blowjob. She said, no, I cannot do that no matter what. I am just new to it. But I don’t want to waste out this time asked her, “Can I masturbate looking at you?” She was like, “WTF, here?”

I pleased her tp, which she agreed obviously. I am just masturbating, looking at her while she is just laughing and feeling embarrassed. Just came near me and started kissing on my lips. Then the tongue got involved, and I am still masturbating. I really got the feeling that I really took advantage of the time.

Someone is coming, so she quickly gets back to sleeping while wearing my clothes as quickly as possible. The nurse and barber came in, and I am still wearing the part. After the nurse took her out, the barber came to hear me and asked, “What have you done?” I said, “Nothing.”

He said that he was out like 20 minutes, “And you are still wearing the pant, so I can understand there is something wrong.” I said, “Nothing as much as you, she or I need to be worried.”

He understood and left the room. For just the last time, I went to her bed, gave a kiss where her butt used to be, and went out. I was nude before her for more than 40 minutes and just stayed nude for more than 1 hour the whole time.

We met later many times and definitely had a lot between us. But being nude before her for the first time is just memorable for me. Not just her, but also the barber and the nurse. The nurse hasn’t seen anything except my butt but she helped me enjoy my hospital stay.

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