Neha: The Horny Bitch – Part 2

Hey Guys! Got a really nice response from you. This is the next episode of ‘Neha: The Horny Bitch’ where her cousin, Jai tricks her into having sex with her. Read how the slutty bitch enjoyed having sex while her family and friends were downstairs partying.

Jai, Neha’s young cousin came along with his parents for a party organized by Neha’s father on his promotion. Jai always had his eyes on his bitchy cousin. He always wished to fuck her but the relations were the boundary in between them. The party was organized at the farmhouse.

Neha’s father invited some of his office colleagues too for the party. Everyone was wearing party wear. Only Neha and Jai were the teenagers along with the other group of working old people. Jai was roaming around the house. Everyone was either drinking or dancing.

The lights were dim and also everyone was drinking. So, no one in the party had any sense of keeping the track of who all are around. Jai was looking for his cousin but she was nowhere to be seen. He decided to look for her in the rooms upstairs. He walked up and looked around for her.

He stood outside a room which was slightly opened. He peeped in and saw Neha getting fucked by her father’s colleague. Inside the room, Neha was lying down by the edge of the bed. Her legs up in the air stretched by the man. Neha pressing her boobs, eyes closed and moaning.

The guy was fucking her with his pants down to his legs and shirt-on.

Neha: Yeah, fuck me, uncle. Aaahhh! Really missed that old dick of yours in my pussy.
Uncle: Yeah bitch, take it. Everyone thinks that your father achieved the promotion because of his hard work. Oh, fuck!

Neha: (pulls him holding his shirt, kisses) We both know why he is having this party today. We made a deal and you keep that between us.
Uncle: I will, kid. I gave away my promotion to your dad for you. Aaahhh, fuck you, bitch. I always wanted to have sex with you.

Neha: Then stop talking and fuck me because this is the fruit of your sacrifice.

Uncle pushed his dick deep inside her and fucked her faster. Jai was standing out of the room, hearing and watching all the moaning and talk. His hand slipped inside his pants and he took out his dick. Peeping inside the room he began to jerk.

Watching his slutty cousin getting fucked by an uncle was a turn-on for him. He was jerking, softly moaning watching a daughter getting her deal done for her father’s promotion. Inside the room, the uncle gave Neha a few more hard strokes and cum inside her.

Neha felt the cum reach deep.  Neha kept her legs down, spreading her pussy with her fingers. She saw the cum ooze out. She looked at the uncle and slid back up on the bed.

Neha: Let’s try some other position.
Uncle: (pulling his pants up) No, kid. My wife is downstairs. It was nice fucking you.

Uncle put on his pants and walked out. Jai heard him coming out. He put his dick back in and walked away. Neha inside was still horny. The old guy had not satisfied her yet.

Neha: Bastard, a deal for my father’s promotion gained my dad a lot and left me unsatisfied.

She sat back on the bed and took the vibrator. She pushed it inside her and relaxed back. Pressing her boobs, enjoying the vibrations reach her body. Jai was outside and he heard Neha not satisfied. He thought this was the best opportunity to have sex with her.

He rushed to his room and searched his bag. He had a different sim card which was not registered. He inserted it in his phone and messaged Neha. Neha received the message on her phone. She checked it and was surprised, shocked to read it.

Neha: “I know what you are doing in your room with that old guy.” (to herself) What the hell, I left the door open.
Jai: (receive a message from Neha) “Please don’t tell my dad.”

Neha: “I won’t. I am at the party and I want to do the same with you. Why don’t you put on a blindfold and I will come to your room.” (smile on her face, to herself) Blackmail sex! That is fun.
To Jai: “You got it right. I never deny a sex offer. Waiting for you in the room.”

Jai read the message and was on the ninth cloud. He walked out of his room and went to Neha. Neha had the blindfold on and was waiting for her secret fucker. Jai walked in the room and locked the door. Neha heard the room door locked. Jai started taking his clothes off.

Neha: So, I am going to get fucked very hard I guess.
Jai: Yeah, you are.
Neha: Your voice seems to be familiar.

Neha lifted her hands up to take the blindfold off. Jai rushed to her and stopped her, he was already naked. Jai kissed her neck. Neha took her hands off the blindfold and moved her hands in Jai’s hair. Enjoying the soft lips on her neck, she was getting turned on. Jai got below and pulled her legs making her sleep on the bed.

Neha: You are rough.

Jai stretched her legs and leaned on her pussy. He began to lick her pussy. Neha felt the tongue pushed inside her pussy. She softly moaned and biting her lips, she pushed his head on her pussy. Jai pushed his tongue deep inside her. Neha was moaning like a little bitch lying on the bed.

She was getting her pussy eaten by a hungry dog. She wrapped her legs around his head and lifted her ass up in ecstasy. Jai took his tongue out and got up. Neha was moaning, moving her ass up and down. She pushed her fingers inside her pussy and started rubbing it.

Jai watched her excitement, he knew that she was close to cumming. Jai took her handoff. Neha wanted to rub her pussy.

Neha: No, I am going to cum. Don’t stop me.
Jai: I am here to do that. But before that suck me good, you bitch.

Neha with a smirk got up and pushed Jai down on the bed. She crawled down and took his dick in her hand. She started jerking it. Neha smelt the cock and licked it.

Neha: Can I take a look at your dick at least. Not looking at your face. I promise.
Jai: No cheating, okay?

Neha was jerking his dick. She took one side of her blindfold up and saw the cock and not the face as she promised. She took the dick in her mouth. She started blowing it like a real slut, which she is. She took the whole dick inside her mouth and was sucking it like a bone.

Jai: I always had an eye on that body of yours bitch.
Neha: Hmm, you have a nice dick. I can suck it and fuck it the whole night.

Neha took a deep throat. Jai pushed her head deep onto his cock and gagged her. Neha choked herself on his dick and took it out of her mouth. She spat on his dick and spread the saliva on it.

Jai: Even though you are blindfolded. You are doing it pretty well.
Neha: Horniness is enough for me. I am a bitch, I can smell. (leaning down on the dick, licking the dickhead) And I know how a cock smells. The aroma is fixed in my nose.

Neha got on top of Jai and pushed his dick inside her. Jai and Neha gave out a loud moan. Jai’s dick was fat, it went inside widening her pussy walls. She started bouncing on his dick. Jai was all horny. His eyes were half open and half his eyes were closed because of the horniness.

He was watching his cousin bouncing on him. Neha was pressing her boobs, bouncing on his dick. She brushed her fingers in her hair and other hand playing with her nipple. Jai moved his hand up to her other boob and started pressing it. Neha lowered her hand from her hair and kept it on Jai’s hand.

She helped him press her boobs more hard.

Neha: Ah! Thank you for helping me with this, whoever you are. That old bastard left me horny and you made me cum.
Jai: I am all yours. You can get that dick whenever you want.

Neha now increased her pace of bouncing on the dick and her moans were getting louder with every push in her pussy. The loud music downstairs was not making them audible below.

Downstairs, Neha’s father and mother were looking for her.
Mother: Where is she?
Father: She went to her room.

Mother: Let me get her.
Father: No, Jai went afterward behind her. Both the kids must be feeling bored in this old people party. Let them do what they want.

In the room, Neha was moaning loudly and bouncing faster on the dick. Jai kept his hands moving on her milky thighs. He pulled her on him and both kissed. Jai grabbed Neha’s ass and squeezed it. Neha felt Jai’s strong grip on her ass.

Neha: (kissing Jai) You are really into me. I like it.
Jai: (spanks her ass) You like it. You little bitch. You are a slut that you can fuck anyone for your pleasure.
Neha: (kissing Jai’s neck) I can, um. (sits back on his crotch bouncing) This little bitch is about to cum, daddy. Make me cum harder, daddy.

Jai: (spanks her) So, tell me a louder bitch, who is your daddy?
Neha: (bouncing faster) You are my daddy, Ah! You are.
Jai: (spanks her harder) I did not hear you, tell me louder.
Neha: (loudly, screams and cums) You are my daddy!

Neha with a loud moan cum on Jai’s dick. Jai had not cum yet. She falls on his chest, panting.

Neha: Huf! Didn’t you cum yet?
Jai: I am not that easy to make cum.
Neha: Oh, challenge accepted.

Neha got down from his dick and took his dick in between her boobs. Jai was impressed because he always imagined the dick between her big boobs when he used to jerk.

Neha: Everyone tempts for this valley between my mountains. A river of white fluid always flows when the pipes get stuck in between here. I have a jerk record of 100% in between these tits.

Neha started giving Jai a titfuck. Jai’s dick was rock hard getting pressed by her boobs. Jai sits up watching his dick getting pressed, his skin rolling up and down with Neha’s moments. Jai relaxed back on his hand, closing his eyes as he was reaching his climax.

With a loud moan, Jai shot his load all over her tits and face. Neha took the dick off from between her tits and licked the cum on his dick.

Neha: Thanks for the help.
Jai: (kissed her on her lips) All my pleasure.

Jai took his clothes and put them on. Neha sat up on her bed, licking the cum on her face and boobs. Jai puts on his clothes and walks out. Neha hears the door shut. She takes the blindfold off and looks around.

Neha: (licking the cum from her boobs) Who was the guy? Well, who cares. Whoever he was, he was great. At least I got a dick before going to bed.

Neha put the blindfold on and went to sleep. Jai walked back to the party. Neha’s mom walked to him.

Neha’s mother: Where is Neha?
Jai: She was tired. So, she went to sleep.

Neha’s mother walked away and Jai sat on a couch.

Jai: (to himself) Well, after a great fuck. She really needs some sleep.

Jai drank the drink he was holding with a smile on his face. This is the way Jai tricked Neha in having sex with him. Will Neha find out about her secret fucker or not? Whom will she fuck next? Stay with me to know this.

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