Unexpected Erotic Spa Session At Home – Part 2

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Hi readers! I am Jenny. My heartfelt thank to all the people who have responded to my story. Thank you so much for all the encouraging comments. I did try to implement most of your suggestions in the second part of erotic spa sessions.

Hope you all enjoy it as much as the first one. This is my first story continuation part.

For a brief introduction, I am a regular woman with 38-30-36 stats. I am chubby, not skinny. I have recently been transferred to Hyderabad from Bangalore. I mistakenly booked a male professional for spa service at home.

As there was no refund, I opted to get the massage done. Slowly the service began to turn into a hot sensual roleplay session. The masseur, Alan, has already removed all my clothing and covered me up in a flimsy see-through towel.

He enacted his part well as a masseur, trying very badly to relieve my stress in every way possible. I liked the way he was trying to make up a story. I started to play along.

He first moved the towel to barely cover my erected nipples. Then he started massaging them. My nipples started to grow harder and wriggled out of the elastic.

As I put my hands to cover, he said, “No, ma’am. Let me help you.”

He bent over, took one nipple into his mouth, and said, “I will cover this one,” He started sucking it like a baby trying to drink milk! I was still trying to hold on to the act, but I could barely do so.

My hand automatically moved to my other nipple and pussy. A moan escaped my mouth as he sucked the nipple so hard. The masseur held both my arms above my head.

He got on to the bed and started licking and sucking both my nipples madly. He said, “Ma’am, you are so sexy like this.” I couldn’t help but blush.

He slowly bent down, planted a kiss on my forehead. He continued to kiss me down the bridge of my nose till he reached my lips. I was hoping for a long kiss. However, he moved to kiss my eyes and cheeks and every inch of my face.

He started to kiss down my neck, slowly sucking the skin in with enough pressure to make me go mad. As I was moaning, he let go of my hands and asked if I was relieved of the tensions and stress

I didn’t want this session to end now. Not with me dying to be fucked.

I said, “No.”

He said, “Mam, Let me help you. But you need to cooperate completely to let me take off your stress completely.”

He got down from the bed. He tore open the flimsy cover. He stood back and observed my naked body covered in a wonderful aroma of oils shining in the moonlight. He scanned me slowly. I tried to cover up my boobs and pussy.

He came slowly removed my hands. He put them above my head and said, “Mam, you need more oil.” I was partly confused. I looked down. I can see every inch of my body shining with oil.

The room has cooled down very quickly. It’s very chilly with slight shivers through my body and erected nipples. He did not wait for my approval. He walked over to his station and started to heat some more oil.

Then he took off his clothes. I was trying too hard not to stare at him. But he looked so great, like a chiseled Greek God. He took the oil checked the temperature and poured some of it onto my each of my nipples.

The hot oil and cold AC Air spiked up my nipples instantly, making it erected and inviting. He got on top of me. I could see his cock semi-erect hanging in between his legs.

He placed himself in such a way that the rod pointed towards my pussy entrance, currently on top of both my closed thighs. He rubbed some oil into his palms and started massaging my boobs. He kneaded both the boobs and ended each knead with the twisting of the nipple.

He dragged his dick up and down on my legs while moving. I grew restless. I was so wet that I just need him to drill me. I opened my legs completely like a wild girl, hoping to make his tool meet my wet pussy.

With every touch of his tool, I was hoping for it to enter me. I could no longer bear the weight. So I held his hand and pulled him closer. His chest crushed my boobs, and he fell on to me.

He looked at me, smiling. He came closer and started to take in my lower lip first. Slowly the kiss began to become intense. I started to open my mouth a little, and we continued to kiss. It was electrifying the way sucked my lips.

His tool rubbed against my pussy lips growing stronger and thicker. I said I can no longer hold it. Alan smiled and replied, “I am going to make it happy, trust me.”

He went down and opened my legs. I shamelessly spread them for easier access to him. He ran his cold finger on the pussy lips and, without warning, dipped in his finger. I could feel getting hotter.

He bent down and started kissing it while slowly finger fucking my love hole. The licking and fingering drove me so crazy. I held his head and pushed it more on to my pussy. He raised his free hand and started pump my boobs pressing them harder and harder.

I was cumming like crazy, and he licked it all off without stopping even for a second. The pleasure was rippling through my entire body. He still continued licking and fingering.

I wriggled on the massage bed with the second orgasm on its way. As I exploded, he still kept licking. I held his head and stopped him, saying I can’t anymore bear this.

He pulled me up and started kissing me. I got hold of his hot rod. It was burning.  I started to stroke it. He stopped me and got onto the bed. He asked me to sit on top of him on his lap

I was trying to adjust myself to accommodate his hot iron into me. He stops me, places the rod at the entrance, pulls my head closer starts kissing me. I got cozy with the kiss, but I still want him to drill me harder and deeper.

Without warning, he suddenly enters my love hole with his hot rod in its full glory. A loud scream starts but unfortunately gets muffled through his kiss. Once my pussy totally accommodated his tool, he let go of my lips.

He strongly held on to my hips and guided each thrust. With every thrust into me, he made me moan, going deeper and deeper. After a few thrusts, he got up took me to the balcony. I was in no mood to object to him.

I readily stepped onto the balcony. There were not many people at our floor level. He bent me down over the railing and enter my sweet pussy from behind. He held on to both my boobs as reins and started to ride me at a crazy pace.

He kept driving my nipples crazy. My pussy kept on wetting itself with the pleasure and the proud display of my steamy session to the entire neighborhood. I could feel a heavy orgasm building in me.

As I started to cum, I started moaning. But he was in no mood to listen to me. He kept drilling me crazily. The only sounds apart from my moans are his breath and the sound of flesh slapping against each other to the tune of fucking.

Finally, after 10 minutes or so, He started to jerk and held me closely without moving. I could feel his hot lava filling me up. He slowly pulled it out of me. I turned and hugged him in the moonlight.

He slowly kissed me holding my ass and pushing it to his pelvis. I could feel all our fluids dripping down my thighs. I broke the hug and stepped inside. He followed me inside.

I said I will clean up and be right back. I take a step forward and feel my legs are trembling with all the continuous fucking sessions. But he pulled me back and said, “Let me take care of you.”

He lifted me up and stepped into the washroom. He turned on the hand shower and started washing my inner thighs, slowly rubbing off our dripping fluid.

He trailed his finger up to my love hole. He started to slowly trace the curves of my pussy lips, driving my horny side to wake up once more.

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