Amateur Massage To A Professional Masseur

Hello readers! I am Aman from Pune. I am here to share my experience which led my way to become a masseur. I am not a professional masseur but I have many clients in the city. Both single and married females. Most of my new clients are from the recommendation of my existing clients.

Anyone interested may contact me on [email protected]. Now coming to the story. This was my first massage experience. I am a fairly average looking boy with a few extra pounds. I live in a good society in the Baner area of Pune city. Now a little background for the story.

So one fine morning, while I was coming back from my morning walk, I observed one of my neighbors. Her name is Nikita. She was panicking as she locked her set of keys inside her home. She was all alone without even her mobile phone. She had no way to enter her home now.

So I approached her and asked her if everything is okay. Now she told me everything about how she locked herself out of her house. She is not even having her phone. It was morning at 7 am. I asked her to come to my home and call a key maker to break the lock. She was a little hesitant but finally agreed.

Since it was the early morning we weren’t able to find any key makers. We were sitting extremely close to each other since we were searching on my phone. She was wearing a thin t-shirt and lower. Her curves were visible a little. She was not wearing her bra too.

I saw and felt her nipples many times and occasionally were touching my arms. After a lot of searching, we were able to find one key maker. He was supposed to come in an hour. Meanwhile, she asked me if she can use my bed to take rest as she is having bad pain.

I immediately took her to my bed and left her alone to take some rest. Half an hour later I heard her calling me, she was in bad pain and asked me to help her come out of bed. I held her hand and helped her stand. During this, I placed my hand on her back for support. She was soft.

After she stood up, we were standing very close to each other. We felt a little awkward. So we went out, she sat on the couch and I made tea for her. Meanwhile, the key maker also came. She left after we exchanged our numbers. Now later that very evening, I got a text from her thanking me for all the help.

After a little conversation, she invited me for dinner as a thank you gesture. I immediately accepted it since it was Friday night and I had no plans. So I reached her place with a bottle of wine. We started drinking and smoking. Within a couple of hours, we got high and we became quite.

We were sitting on a couch and came further close to me. She started asking me questions about my family, education and dating life. I answered all of them and told her I am single right now. I also asked her about her life. She told that she is divorced just after 6 months of her marriage due to the infidelity of her husband.

She got emotional while talking about all this. I gathered some courage here and I wiped away her moist eyes. She began looking into my eyes. We started talking again and now after some of the talking, she held my hands. We were looking into the eyes of each other.

That very moment she leaned and kissed my lips. This was the first time I kissed anyone except my ex-girlfriend. I was numb now. She was leaning on me now and her head rested on my shoulder. I was playing with her hair and we were holding hands tightly.

My arms were around her waist now resting on her belly. I was occasionally touching her navel. The atmosphere was extremely romantic. We kissed again, feeling each other’s tongue and saliva. After some time, we both were hungry. So she went to get some snacks from the kitchen.

While lifting something she strained her back. She called me as she was in pain and was even unable to get up. I immediately rushed to the kitchen and helped her in standing straight. She was in a lot of pain. I held her from her waist and helped her walk to her bedroom. She was crying in pain.

I asked her to take medicine but she said she is not having any medicine with her. She asked me to pass the pain relief spray from her side table. I passed her spray and went out as I thought she will be uncomfortable in front of me. I came after a couple of minutes and found her sobbing.

She told me that she was unable to spray her back because of pain. Without thinking much, I sat beside her and lifted her top and sprayed her back. She looked and smiled. We both laughed a little as we were high. Now she pulled me closer to her and kissed me again on my lips. I kissed her back.

She was kissing me so beautifully I was dying. We kept on kissing her for a few minutes. We broke the kiss and looked into the eyes of each other. She asked me if I can massage her lower back. So this was how I got to become a masseur just out of luck.

I thought for a moment and I asked her if she had pain balm. I started her massaging her back and in the process, her clothes were getting in between. So I pulled her top upwards and started massaging. She guided me to the points of pain and I massaged well in those points.

After spending a lot of time there she said she is feeling much better. She now asked me to massage her lower back. Now I was a lot nervous as this was the first time I was touching someone down there except my ex-girlfriend. So I started massaging her with my hands, pressure on my thumbs, round and straight motion.

She asked me to go lower. I was now massaging just above her buttocks. Here she said, “Don’t you dare make my clothes dirty,” and she laughed. I understood what she said and I pulled her lower down revealing her soft and white ass. She was wearing a black panty which was stuck inside her ass cheeks.

Her ass was completely visible. I was turned on here. I kept massaging her lower back and I was intentionally touching her ass now and then and whenever I did I heard a little moan from her. After massaging her for some half an hour she said she is feeling better now.

She asked me to massage her buttocks. I was shocked and excited. I quickly grabbed her ass with both my hands and started massaging her. She was still wearing her panty. I caressed her ass. Held each her cheek with my hand and squeezed hard, she moaned very loud here.

I inserted my finger in her butt crack and pushed her panty deep inside. She was turned on here and was breathing heavily. She asked me to come and lay on top of her. I spread her legs and now was lying on top of her, my dick was rubbing her ass. I was hard now.

She took her bra off and asked me to massage her more. I was now massaging her back and I undid her bra. She turned back and smiled at me. I leaned and kissed her here. We went wild and started smooching. Her tongue was exploring my mouth and we had a sloppy kiss.

After kissing for really long I was now rubbing all her back. I would occasionally touch the side of her boobs. (Her boob size was 36C). She moaned each time. Later she held my hand and placed it in between her breast and bed. I was on cloud nine and was now pressing and squeezing her boobs.

Her hard nipples were pink in color and I pinched them hard. She gave a loud moan. Now she touched my dick with her hands and started stroking it from above my pants. She asked me to remove my clothes. I did, and she started playing with my dick.

I was rock hard now and I brought my cock near her mouth. I have an average-sized dick, which she kissed and after a few seconds took inside her mouth. She sucked me well for some time. I was about to come. She told me to come on her back as she might not be able to have intercourse because of pain.

I went behind her, spread her legs, placed myself in between and was rubbing my dick on her ass. I was about to come. I spread her ass cheeks and was moving my dick between her ass cheeks. I was in great pleasure. She had a baby pink anus. I fingered her there. She was extremely tight.

I was about to cum now. I came on her anus and massaged her with my cum. Her pussy was dripping wet as I did not even touch her once down there. So now I decided to please her. I spread her pussy lips she was extremely clean there. I rubbed her for a while and then parted her pussy lips.

She was extremely wet and tight. I started fingering her slowly. She was now moving on the bed like a snake. I came down and kissed her pussy lips. Now I pushed my finger inside her and was rubbing her clit simultaneously. She was moaning like hell.

I kissed her pussy lips and started finger fucking her with two fingers. She was moaning wildly and her moans were extremely loud. I fingered her until she came. We kissed and smooched for ten minutes then. We did not have intercourse as we wanted to have a lot of fun and foreplay before doing it. (and there were no condoms too).

This was my first massage experience which made me a masseur. I offer masseur services to females all around Pune. Please drop your feedback. I’ll post more of my massage my experience if you guys loved it.

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