Interesting Affair With A Reader

Hi, to all readers. I am from Bangalore and working in an MNC. I had shared one of my previous experiences online and an interested reader got in touch with me over google hangouts. Her name is Maya. (name changed for security reasons).

Initially, our conversations were limited to general things apart from her liking for my previous experience. We kept conversing online for a few days and I got to know more her about gradually. She has married three years ago but not having any kids. She was in her late 20’s.

Maya told me that her husband keeps traveling often. She feels alone and not being loved enough. I tried to console her but it did not seem to help her. Slowly we both gained each other’s trust. I managed to get the phone number and started to chat on WhatsApp.

I asked her if we could meet up. But she said she wants little time and will inform me soon at the right time. A few days later, she asked if we could meet and I suggested to meet for a movie at a famous mall. She informed that her husband is traveling to Delhi for a few days.

When I met her at the mall, I found her to be charming. She had a good body which was due to the reason that she goes to the gym regularly. She was kind of having an hourglass figure with 34-32-34 which I got to know from her later. She had fair skin and little long hair which she let it loose.

I was lost in gazing at her beauty. I had to be brought back to my senses by her. The movie turned out to be boring luckily. we had a nice smooching session as there no one around near our seats. After the movie, Maya informed that I go with her to the apartment. I had a fair idea about what is in store for me that day.

Once we reached her home, she locked the door quickly and started kissing me. I responded back and the air was starting to get filled with romance. She was good at kissing and that was a pleasant surprise for me. We broke our kiss after a good ten minutes.

She suggested that we move to the bedroom. In her bedroom, I made her semi-naked with only her bra and panty. Her boobs were dying to tear out of her bra and it was inviting me to conquer them. I started squeezing her boobs slowly which started to drive her crazy and she started to moan.

I sucked her boobs one by one after setting them free. At that moment, she took over and made me completely naked. She bent over to give me a nice blowjob. I hinted at her after two minutes. I am about to burst which she insisted to ejaculate in her mouth. I took her to the bed and spread her legs.

I proceeded to remove her panty which revealed her neatly shaven pussy and along with her silky smooth fair skin that was driving me nuts. I started to lick her pussy like a thirsty guy on a summer day. She kept moaning loudly and started to throw in some abuses in between.

She kept saying, “Oh baby. I am yours. Please tear my pussy.” A few minutes later, she climaxed and I happily drank all her juices. I had purchased condoms before I went to meet her. She told me to enter her immediately without any delay. I put on the protection and ready for the session.

I entered her slowly while she was co-operating and guiding me to make it smooth. I fucked her in the normal position for a few minutes. We both had climaxed and collapsed over her. I was resting over her for a while. She started teasing me if this all I could give her today.

I told her if she is ready for another ride soon. She winked and told me that for sure, she is ready for more. I made her sit in the doggy position and I entered from behind. She let out a moan as she had never tried this position with her husband.

I started to bang her from behind while holding her hair to have that control over her. She kept saying, “Faster baby. I am your bitch. Don’t you dare to stop.” I had another orgasm and I fell over her. But she still did not have hers. She was not yet done and I insisted to take over the command now.

I lied down on the bed and she came over me from above. She wanted to take control and so did she. She slowly started riding her. It was a long time since I had sex in this position. I went on to grab her lovely boobs while she was doing a great job of riding me.

That went on for a few minutes. Finally, she had her orgasm. Then she slowly fell over me and I thanked her for the journey of a lifetime. She thanked me for saying that it has been a long time since she felt so much love. We decided to take a break and have some food as we both were hungry.

So we ordered food from the delivery app and finished her dinner soon. Maya went to have a quick shower after food as she wanted to feel refreshed. I called up at my place and informed that I am staying over at a friend’s place. She heard that and came hugged me from behind.

She thanked me for planning to stay over the night. The perfume she had just put on was enough to drive me crazy again along with her wet hair. I tried to kiss her but she pushed me towards the bathroom. She asked me to take a shower before the next session.

I took a shower and came out in a towel. She towards me and pulled down the towel and caught hold of my tool stating it is her joystick from now on. I just winked at her and told her to take it with pleasure. We proceeded to have another round of sex.

But this time it lasted for a much longer time as we both had our food and took showers to make the session even more enjoyable. Maya also told me there is no hurry and she has fully surrendered to me. We both were exhausted after those multiple lovemaking sessions.

I left her place before sunrise to make sure neighbors don’t notice me. We managed to have a few more such sessions whenever her husband went out of town. She respects me for respecting her privacy and never disturb if her husband is in town.

Thank you for reading my story. Please share your feedback or comments at [email protected]. I will respect your privacy and keep it all confidential.

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