Massaged Pussy Lips Of Sex Goddess With Cum

Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is Abhir back with another episode of a fantastic experience with a young married woman, oops!! girl.

Sorry for the long gap, I had given a break to massaging due to my busy schedule. But this one happened out of the blue, and trust me, it was the best experience I had giving a massage to a body that I can never forget!

The year had just passed, and days were going as usual. All of a sudden, I saw an email from a young girl Akshata! She had enquired about massages. She told me that she had got my details from one of her friends (who was my customer earlier). She said she had a kick-ass party at the New Year and wants to relax with a nice body massage.

At first, I was not sure if want to go for it, but still somehow replied to her with half a mind and asked for more details about her and some general stuff.

When she replied with the information, there was an attachment in the mail. She had sent a pic of herself. I was shocked seeing the beauty and couldn’t stop myself imagining running my hand on her body!

I am not a cheap person to describe her figure but she was lean, had a curvy body, and an awesome figure to make any man go hard with just one glance.

Cutting the boring stuff! We met on the decided day at the decided venue. She didn’t want to meet at her place, so she had booked a classy hotel room and had shared the details.

I reached the place and the receptionist already knew about my arrival and was directed to her room. I went up to her room and rang the bell!

There she was, a real beauty standing in a blue denim three fourth and a red t-shirt. The shirt was body-hugging and the view of her was mesmerizing.

We exchanged pleasantries and went inside. She didn’t want to waste time and asked me to get ready with my stuff. She went into the bathroom to change her clothes to just a towel wrapped around her perfectly curved body.

I changed into shorts to avoid oil all over my clothes. Soon, we got started. I was massaging her chicken legs from behind (her back was facing the ceiling). I moved my hands on her tender body, and she was complaining of stiffness due to heavy dance on new year’s night.

We started with a pain-relief massage on her calf muscles and legs and soon, she started to feel better. I also noticed that her towel was loose and thought that it was an indication for me to try going upwards, towards her private parts!

I took a bold step and started massaging her inner limbs. She immediately looked at me and gave me a naughty smile. I took it as a green signal and started massaging her limbs in a circular motion.

I did that for a few minutes to see her reaction. She started enjoying it and started giving out light moans. I was sure she was ready to allow me to go further up, but I decided to take it slow and shifted my focus to her neck and shoulder.

I started applying pressure on her neck, and all the way up to her hair, and way back down to her neck, and sideways to her shoulder. This made her really horny, and she was giving extreme moans out of joy. I took this as an opportunity but wanted to hold my horses and make her beg me to take her all the way.

I moved down to her back and did my trick (moving a single finger from top to bottom of her spinal cord). Most women like that, and they fall for it almost instantly.

Coming back to the story, the moment I ran my fingers through her spinal cord, her entire body arched like a spring and she let out a loud moan. I knew that it was the right time. I held her by her stomach, pulled her towards me, and gave her a kiss on her neck. She lost her balance and submitted herself to me.

I continued to kiss her neck for a few minutes. She could not hold it anymore that she turned back and kissed me on my lips. We kept smooching each other and sucking each other’s lips. However, she did not open her mouth or take my tongue inside her mouth.

I did not want to push her. So I kept kissing until she was ready to take my tongue. And finally, she voluntarily opened her mouth and let me play with her tongue.

We were playing with each other’s tongues like two snakes dancing with each other. This continued for a while. In between the kisses, I roamed with my hand on her back and went lower, and reached her ass with my left hand.

Wah, what a beautiful ass! It fitted in my palm perfectly and was so fleshy. I loved the feeling of squeezing her ass and it seemed that even she enjoyed me squeezing her ass.

While I was enjoying her ass, she took my right hand to her boobs. Those perfectly round boobs were mesmerizing and I could still feel it in my hand. I was squeezing her ass and boobs simultaneously and it was too much for her. She kept biting my lips and tongue, and then she had her first orgasm.

She was already tired and wanted to lie down. She lied down facing the ceiling and I was on top of her. I kissed all over her face and neck and slowly moved to her awesome boobs. I kissed her boobs and slowly took her right nipple in my mouth and bit it hard. She screamed in pain but still was enjoying my biting.

I kept sucking her right boob and simultaneously was squeezing her left nipple. After a satisfactory time of having fun with her boobs, I moved down to her navel. I blew air on her navel and she was arching like a snake out of joy and pleasure. I played with her navel for a while, and put my tongue inside her deep navel.

She had a flat stomach with a deep navel. What a beauty she was and what fun it was to play with her navel and stomach! I had my tongue inside her navel. In between, I was fingering her navel too. She was overwhelmed with pleasure and was moaning loudly.

I guess she couldn’t take it anymore. She involuntarily pushed my head down to reach her pussy. She had a small, but cute pussy, and there were no traces of any hair anywhere near her pussy. I guess she was looking forward to this encounter and had waxed her pussy that day or on the previous day. She wanted me to go down on her.

I was more than happy to go down on her. I reached her pussy and just stared at it. I just couldn’t take my eyes off it and kept staring at it for a while. She seemed to be confused, and asked me, “Do you mind going down on me?”

I just gave a smile and straight away kissed her pussy lips. She again arched her back and gave out a loud moan. I just loved the way she arched and moaned and that made me go crazy.

I kept kissing her vertical lips and felt her juice from her previous orgasm. Slowly, I started licking her pussy lips, and let my tongue do the magic for her. She kept moaning and she held my head with her left hand making me move closer towards her inner lips.

I kept sucking her pussy and put my tongue inside her pussy. She was on cloud nine (I have excellent licking skills and can do it for a very long time and make anybody cum with just my licking skills).

I took my right hand towards her pussy and started fingering her with just one finger. She was a little tight, like a virgin girl (even though she was married). I kept licking and fingering her and slowly increased it to two fingers deep inside her. Meanwhile, my left hand reached her boobs and was playing with her nipples.

There she went again! She had her second orgasm.

I drank some of her juice and left her to relax. I went to the washroom, cleaned my face which was covered in her juice, and came back to bed to see a cute, and happy smile on her face.

She immediately pulled me over her and started kissing my lips and was sucking my tongue. We stayed like that for a while, and her hand slowly reached my manhood. She held my dick over my shorts and was massaging and feeling it. I could not hold it in my shorts anymore.

I pulled my shorts down and my dick sprang out like a rod. She was staring at it continuously. I won’t say that I have a huge 10 inches dick, but I have an average 7-inch dick when it is hard.

She pulled the foreskin down and was playing with my dick by moving her hand up and down. She was giving me a naughty smile while giving me a hand-job and started kissing me.

After a while, she just gave a smile and said, “Let me return the favor for you,” and went down on my dick. She pulled out her tongue and gave a slight lick on my dick head, and that itself was too much for me. A sex goddess was going down on me and licking my dick. I was out of the world!

She kissed my dick head and started kissing the length of my dick. She even went down to my balls and sucked my balls for a few minutes, and then again came back to my dick. She kissed it again and started licking my dick head.

After a few rotations, she opened her mouth to take my dick inside. She swallowed half of my dick, and kept it like that, inside her mouth and looked up to see my face. I could not react to anything other than giving her a smile. She started sucking my dick and her head started moving up and down on my dick.

It was an amazing feeling to have the dick sucked by such a mesmerizing beauty!

She started to suck it aggressively and asked me, “Do you want me to be hard like this or would you like to fuck my mouth!?”

How can someone resist such an offer! I held her head and started moving my hips to fuck her mouth. After a few minutes into her sucking, I was ready to release my juice. I told her that I was about to cum, but she did not seem to care and took my whole dick inside her mouth.

I couldn’t hold myself anymore and I came inside her mouth. She drank it all. Not a single drop of my cum came outside and she drank every bit of my cum. She immediately got up went to the table and drank some water ensuring that my cum was not wasted.

I was surprised by her act and went to her, hugged her from behind and started kissing her. She responded to my kisses and put her fingers in my hair and was playing with my hair.

We kept kissing for some time and then my dick started to rise again and was poking her ass. She moved her ass and was making me more and more desperate to fuck her. I picked her up, put her on the bed and spread her legs wide open. It was so tempting and inviting.

I took my dick in my hand and started rubbing my dick on her clean waxed smooth pussy. She was giving light moans and was enjoying my act. I kept rubbing my dick and she couldn’t wait anymore. She held my dick and guided my dick to her pussy.

I started slowly and was giving smaller strokes and was putting only 1/4th of my dick inside her pussy. And then slowly, I started to go deeper. Half of my dick was inside her, and I started increasing my speed with just half my dick inside her. Gradually, I was giving her long and deep strokes and she pulled me by my hair and started kissing me.

We continued this in the missionary pose for some time. Then I rolled on the bed and pulled her above me. She started to ride me like she was riding a horse. Her perfectly shaped boobs with pink nipples were bouncing in front of me. That made me go crazy and I reached out to her boobs and started squeezing them.

I pulled her over me and started kissing and biting her nipples. She was giving loud moans and was calling my name every now and then. She was reaching her climax, and was about to cum, and so was I. That was when we realized that we didn’t have a condom!

She quickly got off me, and started sucking me, and said, “You can cum in my mouth.”

I couldn’t hold it anymore and came into her mouth. I was overjoyed and shot many rounds of cum in her mouth. She again drank it all and we rested for a while.

She kissed me and told me that she had a good time. It was already late and we realized we had spent more than half a day enjoying each other.

We quickly got dressed and she gave me an envelope and said that she will be in touch. I dreamt about her that night and those dreams continue even to date.

It has been more than 10 days and I check my emails every day to see if there is an email from her. I hope she will contact me soon, and we will have another encounter.


This is a true incident, and I hope you liked my story. If any girls or woman are looking for a massage or some fun, email me at [email protected]

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