Under The Open Sky – Erotic Poetry

The stars were the only witness to the moments I had spent together with Nikita. The stars had been quietly listening to the erotic poetry and our plans about the family we wanted to start. Now all of a sudden, Nikita said that our stars don’t match.

Each day after that, I tried to convince her that it’s not the stars, but our minds should match. But suddenly one fine day her stars did match with the Merc riding businessman. Born on the same date as mine, and the name also starting with ‘D.’

I congratulated her for choosing the social and economic security over my love. I ask her for one last date and to spend one last night with me. We met at the pub where I ordered ‘sex on the beach.’ I requested one last dance, I tipped the DJ to play ‘Last Christmas.’

I could feel her guilt within, and as a penance, she kissed me. While I was driving Nikita to her home, I slid my hand under her miniskirt. She didn’t object, so my fingers crawled on her thighs under the mini skirt. My fingers touched her panty.

My hand reached the crotch over the panty to press her pussy. I stopped the car beside the closed gates of the Buddha garden. I moved forward and kissed her on her lips, which still had droplets of vodka. I bit her lips lightly and then sucked them.

The lips weren’t new to me, but today, they seemed new and unknown. I lifted Nikita from her seat and made her sit on my lap. Her mini skirt was tight and making her uncomfortable. I lifted it up to her belly and exposed her maroon lacy panty.

I recline my seat behind the steering to make more space for her. I unbutton the buttons of her striped retro shirt and then parted the sides in the opposite direction to bring out her tits of their hideout. Only a small portion of the large tits could be covered with Victoria’s Secret fancy maroon brassiere.

I pulled out one of them from the embroidered bra cup and sucked the dark brown nipple. With one palm, I pulled out the other one from its cup and squeezed it. My eyes fell on the tattoed ‘D’ on one of the tits. She would keep it since D was common to mine and her future husband’s name.

I wanted to ask something more, but she sealed my mouth and suppressed my words with her kiss. After a little bit of fondling her boobs, I brought back my hand under her skirt. My fingers crossed the borders of her panty’s leg opening. I straightened my middle finger and inserted it inside her pussy.

I inserted my middle and index fingers together inside again. I moved my fingers in and out and continued sucking her boobs. She lifted her ass from my lap and worked her hand to unbuckle my belt and unbutton my jeans. She unbuttoned my shirt and kissed the tattoed N on my right bicep.

I got this N for Nikita. While she gave me an open mouth kiss, she felt my hard dick rubbing against her pussy. I lifted my bums from the seat and pulled my jeans and underwear together down to my knees. My hard cock stood straight and pricked her on the ass.

I pulled the border of her panty keyhole aside and exposed her pussy that was covered with a patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair. She lifted herself a little again and guided my dick with her hand. She placed my dick just outside her clit.

Just as she sat back on my lap again, my dick slithered inside her pussy hole like a snake. My dick entered slowly, rubbing against every inch of the internal vagina wall. I held Nikita’s curvy waist with my hands and made her move up and down.

She felt every inch of my dick inside her while I kept sucking her boobs. I measured the length and breadth by rotating, pushing, revolving my tongue around each of the brown elongated nipples. I felt her tightening her thighs and grip my cock tightly with her clit.

She arched herself backward, pushing my chest with her hands. While she was nearing an orgasm, I too felt the pressure in my dick. She increased the momentum of her bounces on my lap. Her boobs bounced in sync with the rhythm of her bounces.

I couldn’t hold it anymore and released my sperms deep inside her. As soon as she felt my juices gushing in, she released her juices, which she was holding till then. Our juices mixed with each other, but I continued to release some more. She slowly lifted herself and slowly pulled out my dick from her vagina.

She went back to her seat and bent down. She took my dick inside her mouth in which her tongue licked it clean. She clamped my dick with her lips and touched the tip of my dick with the tip of her tongue to taste the last few drops of my sperm.

Now my dick was limp and over-sensitive, but she wasn’t done yet. She opened the door at her side and got out of the car. She came to my door, walking around the car with her boobs dangling out of her shirt. Nikita opened the door for me and said, “Fuck me under the stars.”

“Let us allow the stars to enjoy this moment, for bringing us together. Allow me to be grateful for the sessions of overwhelmingly satisfactory lovemaking we occasionally had when we were going around,” she said, looking deep into my eyes.

It was 1:30 am, and the Ridge road was hauntingly empty and deserted. I, too, came out of the car and walked with my pants still down to my knees. We went to the rear side of my car. I opened and lifted the boot of my HondaCity. She placed her bums on the luggage compartment.

She pulled down my pants further down and worked towards hardening my now limp dick. She clasped the dick with her fingers tightly. She moved it back and forth. My dick hardened a bit, but she needed a fully erected dick. She lifted my dick and brought her face between my thighs.

She sucked my testicles while still moving her hand back and forth, with my dick within the tight enclosure of her fingers. My dick hardened a bit more. But she needed it to reach the peak of the hard-on moment. She again took it inside her mouth and gripped it tightly with her lips.

She sucked my dick while playing with my testicles with her fingers. My dick was ready and hot again. The length increased an inch longer, and the width of my dick increased by half an inch inside her mouth. I pulled out my dick from her mouth, which was hot as a fresh oven-baked cake.

The pink dickhead of my hard dick peeped out of the wrapping with my brown skin. I lifted her legs and placed them over my shoulders. While she pulled up her miniskirt herself with her hands. I pulled down her maroon-colored lacy panty to her ankle in one quick move.

I pulled it away from her ankles completely and sniffed the wet panty. I moved a few more inches inside, between her thighs. I parted her legs a bit more to make more pace between her legs. I pressed my face to her pussy and rubbed my cheeks against her pubic hair.

I parted her vagina with my fingers and moved my tongue inside. I licked the drops of the cocktail of my sperm mixed with her cum. My tongue moved swiftly inside the clit while she whimpered and wriggled by the tickle. I stood up and now brought my waist between her thighs.

I pushed both of her thighs forward, bringing her knees closer to her navel. In this position, her buttocks convexed outward and made it easier for me to search the hole. I guided my dick and placed it outside her pussyhole. I pushed my already lubricated dick inside her vagina, to which she moaned.

I clasped her thighs tightly again and moved my waist back and forth. My dick rubbed inside the narrow alley of her vagina. It moved like a serpent moves inside a burrow. With me slowly moving my hips backward, my dick came out of the depth, keeping only a bit inside.

But with every forward thrust, it moved deeper inside. My dick reached the deepest part of her vagina and touched her g spot. She acknowledged the pleasure that she was getting with a series of back to back, “Yes, yes, yes.” Puffs of breeze touched us while we were fucking under the open sky.

While I was thumping Nikita, I looked up towards the starry sky. I wondered if any extraterrestrial being was watching us like a live pornographic video. I withdrew my dick from her pussy and made her turn around. I pushed her left leg aside with my left leg and again lifted her miniskirt over her waist.

I exposed her fleshy buttocks and searched for the hole. I placed my dick outside her hole and pushed it inside. She whimpered like a puppy as my dick entered the hole slowly from behind. I felt my dick is much tighter when entering from the rear than entering the vagina from the front.

I placed my hands on her buttocks and pushed my self harder and faster. Her sounds were an intoxicating mix of moans, whimpering, ‘Aah’ from a little pain, and ‘Yes’ from the maximum pleasure. And with the final rounds of thrusts, I let loose the currents of energy inside her.

My fertile juices flowed in like a stream, to explore her depth. My sperm overflowed out of her hole and flowed down her thighs. I wiped my dick with her skirt while she was recovering from the exertion.

We went inside the car. I drove it slowly towards her house. My jeans were still down. She fiddled with my dick while I changed the gear. Once we reached her place, I pulled up my jeans. She kissed me final goodbye and whispered in my ear, “No matter whom I marry, you will be the father of my child.”

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