Neighbor Girl Priyanka – Sex On The Road

Hi guys. It’s me, John. So, the last story, ‘My Neighbor Girl, Priyanka’ told my experience with a neighbor girl Priyanka.

A little recap of the story. Priyanka is a curvy fair girl quite round boobs and ass. Well, busty assets for a woman her age. She is my neighbor’s daughter. After some seducing tricks and a lot of patience, I happened to get her to bed.

After one of her interviews outside the city, we were at an Oyo. Fucking in burning daylight. Freshened up in the bathroom and fucked again, and gladly overslept.

We woke up around 7. After 4 lusty sessions, the bed was in ruins. She freshened up and got dressed. Her bra was ripped and she threw it in the wastebasket. She asked me to get a move on as we have to get up.

It was true. I had to get her back to her house before any suspicions arise. She then called her mom as we got into the car. She told that she was visiting her friend’s home nearby and had lost track of time. She was just getting into the car now.

It was a long 2 and a half-hour drive. But because of the traffic, we were stuck on the road for 2 hours. During the traffic block, I glanced around. As I saw her milky white thighs, I was still in the mood. My junior slowly woke up with my mind bringing back the memories of her moaning and riding on my dick.

I then acted like I was putting my hand on gear. Then I slowly put my hand on her thighs. She didn’t notice it at first. She was tensed and busy chatting and looking around and wanted to get a move on. I then slowly starting rubbing my hand on her soft thighs. She gave a wild stare into my eyes.

She gave me a smile and asked me what I was doing. I responded like I don’t know. Just caressing some beautiful thighs before I lose sight of it today. Then she put her hand on my thighs. Driving up to my dick and felt it was coming alive. I started rubbing my hand over her thighs.

I suddenly touched her pussy which was a little shocker for her. She then took my hand and allowed me to be inserted into her pants. I went into her panties and inserted 2 fingers. She gave me a slight moan. As she was rubbing over my cock over my pants.

I just fell her insides and slowly rubbing on her feel good spots as she gave light moans. She took out my dick and started to rub it. We had to move. I think a biker noticed my dick outside. I took the car. I moved into the adjacent lane and took a side road. The road was abandoned. Then I moved a lot inside.

It was completely dark. No houses on both sides and only one car on the road. I looked in her eyes. We both knew what was going to happen. I asked how was she feeling?

Priya:- I am a little scared and turned on.

I:- Me too. If you are not comfortable we can go back.

Priya:- It’s fine. I love being adventurous. And fact that I am about have sex in a public place.

We then kissed passionately as I opened up her shirt. She didn’t have a bra. She was topless as I removed the shirt completely and threw it into the back seat. I went to cup her round boobs. I sucked on those nipples one by one and sucking them like anything. I pressed on her boobs tightly and she was moaning.

I pinched on her nipples and she said, “Maza nahi aaya ye to kuch bhi nahi hai.” I said ok. I then opened the windows. The wind blew in. I then removed my pants and threw them in the back seat. I then went out nuked and came to another side of the road.

I asked her, “ Ab maza aaya?” for that she replied, “Nahi aaya.” I then pulled her out. A headlight came our way. As soon as she saw it, she pushed me into the garbage. I pulled her along with me and we feel on the side of the road. I was pretty sure they didn’t see us.

Her topless body was now on my hard dick. We then rose ourselves up. She then sat on the front seat with the door. Then she removed up the panties and threw it in the driver seat. I went down on her. She was completely naked in front of me. I then kept her legs on my shoulders and pulled her waist towards me.

Then I bit her pussy lips. I squeezed her both nipples hard. She was grinding her teeth not to moan. She had a tight grip on my head. I then deep kissed her pussy and extended her pussy lips wide. I started licking her insides. She was wild and had low voice moans. But would grind and close her mouth.

Whenever I bite her clitoral skin or pussy lips, her legs were well extended. So I rubbed on her asshole. As slowly inserted in my 2 fingers into her asshole. She closed her mouth with her hands to prevent the moans. But a low sound of moaning came out.

I kept on fingering her asshole as I tongue fucked her pussy. I made sure her both nipples got pinched and squeezed one after the other at a constant rate. This went on for a few minutes. But in that cold weather, with wild foreplay, she squirted like anything.

By the time she wanted to squirt, I felt her body tremble. I made her face the road and held her legs aside. She squirted a lot on the road. I then pulled her out and opened the back door and pushed her in. She was lying down on the seat and pulling me close. I then went in with my hard dick.

I adjusted it near her pussy and I then teased her by rubbing it. Then she gave a hard stroke as she took hold of the seat. She scratching it as it went in full. Her pussy was still tight and wet. She was panting and taking deep breaths. I then went and laid on to her.

I then gave slow pushes at first. I then started fucking her faster. I played with her boobs as we fucked on the road. I kept on giving hard pushes and biting on her nipples as she came again on my dick. I then went wild on her as the car started to shake.

In the next few minutes, we fucked like rabbits and I came inside her.

Wait for the next part there is more. I would love your feedback and your comments. All ladies are welcome at [email protected]

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