Experience With A Reader On The Beach

Hi. This is Ram from Chennai. I am going to narrate another experience of mine. I am a guy who likes to share experiences and wants to know about others as well. I will be really happy if this story gives me some new friends. Those who haven’t read my previous stories please read them here.

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Thanks for all your feedback and emails and messages. I would like to inform all the readers that these are individuals and would like to maintain their privacy. Please do not ask for their contact details or ask if they will be interested in threesome or foursome. If they are interested, I will let you know.

Let’s move on to the story. I dropped Bharathi and came home. I got a notification that I got a message on telegram from Chitra. I was surprised as she told me that she was going to her native and will be back only after the New Year. She messaged me that she is coming back to Chennai for urgent work.

So she would like to meet before the New Year. She had told me that she has some work till afternoon and will meet in the evening. So we decided to meet in a juice shop called Fruit Shop on Greams Road in Besant Nagar. Then we bid goodbye with Chitra telling me that she will message me after her work is over.

Chitra had messaged me that she would be there around 5. I reached the fruit shop a little before 6. Although we had chatted on telegram, we haven’t shared our pics. Curiosity and suspense were killing me. I received a message from Chitra that she will be there in a while.

Whenever someone passes by, it made me think whether it would be her. I was alternatively looking at the phone and the road. Then I got a message from Chitra asking me to come inside the juice shop and come to the last room. When I entered I could see that the shop wasn’t crowded.

I proceeded to the last room and I could see a gal sitting dressed in a skirt showing her back. As she was the only one there, I assumed that it would be Chitra. But to be sure I had messaged her that I am here. When she took the phone to see the message I confirmed that it’s her.

I said hi and sat in front of her. That was the first time we were seeing each other. We smiled shook hands and I asked her what she wanted to drink and suggested a few and then we ordered. After the service guy left with the order we started talking.

She told that she had planned to meet me only after the New Year. But because of some urgent work, she had to come to Chennai again. I thought I would use this opportunity to meet you. I started to observe her. She had a round, beautiful face with a mole on her upper lips, cute lips.

She was wearing a shirt and that went well with the skirt she was wearing. She had normal boobs by the looks of it. It looks like she was asking me something when I was scanning her. When I didn’t reply she waved in front of my face. I gave her an awkward smile.

We talked about general things and then we drank the juice. She had told me that she entered the shop when she had messaged that she will be in a while. She had to confirm my identity before deciding to meet me. Only after she felt that I would be comfortable, she decided to proceed with the meet.

I told her that I can understand her and from her perspective when meeting a stranger, comfortability is most important. We were talking for a while and then she asked, “Can we go somewhere else more open?” I asked her whether we can go to the beach. We walked out.

I asked her to lead so that I could see her from the back. As it was a loose skirt, the shapes weren’t that clear. When we came out of the shop it was already 7 and it was dark. We took the bike and she sat on one side as she was wearing the skirt and kept her hands on my shoulder for support.

She came forward to talk and that’s when I felt her boobs on my back. It was soft. We parked the bike and got into the beach. We walked for a while. We sat in a place where it was not too crowded. From where we sat we could see all the shops, people eating snacks and couples who were hugging and kids playing.

We sat by side and she was to my right. It was an open place and no one near to hear our conversation. Chitra felt comfortable and opened up about her life, dreams etc.etc. She told me about her personal issues which I am not gonna disclose here.

She told me that she has been a reader of this site for a while. Since I was from the same place, she thought of getting in contact with me after a long discussion within herself. She asked me about my experience and wanted me to answer all the questions that she had.

From the looks on her face, I could make out that she was excited. She was pointing out to me a couple who was busy kissing and the guy was fingering her. She told me that they are too busy to note the world around them. While talking I caught her hand in mine and was just caressing it.

She was just smiling and she rested on my shoulder. I just put my arm around on her shoulder. We just stayed there for a while. She told that the place is too open for her. I told her that I am doing nothing except for the arms on her shoulder and if she is not comfortable with that, I shall remove that also.

She told me that she wants to stay a virgin until her marriage. That’s why she doesn’t want to meet me in a hotel as she fears that one thing might lead to another and finally sex. I also told her that I am not comfortable meeting in a hotel. I prefer a theater anyway and the thrill it gives can’t be replaced by anything.

I took the arm put around her shoulder and kept in on her thighs. I was slowly caressing it. Then I took her hand and placed it in on my thighs. With each of our hands on each other’s thighs and her head on my shoulder, we spent some time.

If you have been to Besant Nagar beach, you know there are several shops selling, fish, bonda, and snacks. I saw that one of the shops was closing and they were busy packing up things. I pointed out that to her. I told her that if we sit behind the shop, it will be dark and will have some privacy.

She was excited and tensed. I assured her that all will be fine. Then we moved towards the shop. I went around and sat with my back resting on the shop which hid us from the beach. She sat close to me like before. I told her that I am gonna give her something and if she doesn’t like it, she can return it.

She said ok and I slightly rose to access my shirt pocket. While her eyes were on my pocket, I suddenly kissed on h her lips and then sat again. I told her that if she didn’t like that, she can return it. She smiled and pinched me on my thigh playfully. We were just rubbing the thighs and sitting.

I took her face in my hands and kissed her. Likewise, she caught my lips one by one with hers. We kissed for a while. While kissing I was rubbing on her back till her hips and then lowered and kept it on her ass and pressed a little. She bit my lips a little. I kept pressing her ass.

She pressed my thighs and I raised my hands to cup her boobs from the back between her hand and body. I told her to sit on my lap so that it would be easy. She rose and sat on my laps sideways and we both hugged. I felt her boobs pressing my chest and cupped her ass cheek.

We were still continuing the kissing. I had easy access to the boobs and cupped alternatively from above the shirt. I told her to be comfortable and unbuttoned two of the buttons and inserted my hand and felt her bra covered boobs. Then I asked her whether I can take the treasures out of the cage. She nodded shyly.

I inserted inside her bra and caught the boobs and took it out and bent to kiss it. I was alternately kissing and sucking both the boobs. She was excited and was pressing my head against her boobs. While I was kissing and sucking her boobs, my hand was feeling her calves.

I was slowly progressing upwards towards the thighs. She closed her thighs to prevent me from access. So I took her erect nipples between my teeth and flicked it with my tongue. This made her loosen up and she spread her legs. I used that opportunity to insert my hand up her thigh and touched her panty.

She froze and tightened her legs and my hand was caught there. Using my fingers I just traced her vertical lips from bottom to the top. The panty was already wet and I kept on doing it. She liked it and loosened her legs and it was easy for me.

Then I caught the panty and pulled it to one side so that I can have full access to the vagina. I felt her naked pussy. She had light hair little more than stubble. I traced my finger on the lips. I then inserted one finger inside. As it was wet already it just went in easily.

I was fingering her slowly and she pressed my head on her boobs. I was slowly increasing the speed of fingering. She was twitching. She pulled my face and kissed. That’s when I knew that she was gonna cum. I then took the thumb to the clit and was rubbing it.

She kissed me deeply and she raised her hip and she cummed. I then took my hand out of her skirt and kissed her deeply. Then kissed her forehead and hugged her. She rested on my lap for a while and then I pulled her bra down and buttoned her shirt.

She adjusted herself on my lap and her ass was on my dick. She told me that she could feel it and brought her hand under her ass and felt my dick. She gripped it for a while and she rose to sit by my side. I straightened my folded legs. She took the cue and unzipped me and freed my erect dick.

Using her thumb she wiped the precum and pulled the foreskin back. She then bent and kissed the head. It was an immense feeling. She used her tongue and licked the head and slowly took the head inside her mouth. Using her tongue she played on the slit in the head.

I was in another world. I pressed her head and she took the penis fully in her mouth as much as she can take. She started giving me blowjob slowly. Seeing my penis go in and come out of her mouth in the dim light was a pleasure. She slowly increased her speed.

As I was excited already, I was on the verge of cumming. I lowered my hand and cupped her ass for a while. Then when I pressed her ass tightly and told her that I am gonna cum, she took her mouth away and masturbated me. I spread my legs so that I don’t cum on my pants.

I cummed heavily and she cleaned me with a tissue. Then finally licked clean with her tongue. Then I corrected myself and sat to her side so that I don’t sit on the cum. I thanked her for the wonderful blowjob and told her that for every favor there has to be another one.

She was puzzled and wondering how is it gonna happen. I asked her to take her phone and stand up and keep talking to someone. She didn’t understand. But she stood and dialed her friend and was talking by slightly moving here and there. I kept my hand on her calves and guided her to stand close and in front of me.

She now got what I was gonna say. She then stood with one leg on each side of me, rested her hands on the shop and was talking on the phone. I inserted my hands inside her skirt and pulled her panty down. I inserted my head inside the shirt and started to lick her.

She adjusted herself so that her pussy lips were on my mouth. I started licking her and at the same time was feeling her clit. I was holding her so that she doesn’t move much to cause attention. After a while, she used her hand and pressed my head.

I understood that she is gonna cum. She cut the call and lay down on the shop and soon she cummed on my mouth. I licked and cleaned her pussy and then pulled her panty up. She then sat near me and kissed me. When we looked at our phone it was already 9.

She said she needed to be dropped at Alandur for her to catch her bus. We hugged and then kissed. Then started walking from that place to my bike. I then dropped her and waited till she caught her bus and then came home. I had received messages from her thanking for the wonderful pleasure.

I messaged her that the feeling is mutual. We chatted for a while. She told me that she will meet me if possible in the coming New Year. We knew that we were gonna miss each other. But wished her for her successful career. She promised me to meet after she is back from onsite after two years.

Thank you for your patience and for reading the story. Please send your feedback to [email protected] You can contact me on Telegram. https://t.me/ram_Chennai. I am a guy who likes to share experiences and wants to know about others as well.

I will be really happy if this story gives me some new friends. Waiting for your responses via email. I request you to also like and comment on the same page as well. I will be publishing the stories one by one as and when they happen.

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