Sex With A Married Woman On The Highway

I was traveling between Vadodara and Bhuj in Gujarat all alone in my car, about 4 months back. This is a very good road with very little traffic. Besides, there are very scanty cities and villages along the road. Therefore, the road usually remains deserted.

Moreover, it was noontime and for miles, there was not a single face to look at. I would have traveled about 100 km when I saw from a distance a car parked on the roadside and 2 people besides the car. I slowed down with the intention to know if someone required my help.

As I moved closer, I could make out it was a couple. I stopped right beside the car and inquired, “Any problems?” The man replied, “We have two flat tires.”

“How can I help you guys?” I inquired again. “Can you drop us along with the tires to the nearest puncture repair shop?” the man asked.

“Oh! Why not.” I replied. I parked my car on the side and help him put the wheels in my dicky. The man came to sit in the front and the lady sat on the rear seat. On the way, I came to know that they were traveling to Kandla and that the lady had some important work there.

Kandla is on the way to Bhuj, about 100 km before Bhuj. We drove for nearly 25-30 km when we came across a puncture repair shop. The couple discussed between them for a couple of minutes and then walked to me.

“Would you mind if you take my wife along and drop her at Kandla? She has to reach there urgently. By the time I get my tires repaired and we go back, it would be too late for her,” the man inquired. “Why not! I would not have to do something special. Kandla is on my way anyways,” I replied.

After exchanging pleasantries, we parted. I continued on my journey with this young lady sitting at the back. Now, coming over to this woman, she was around 24-25 years old. Tall with an excellent figure, very fair with short hair cropped till just below her shoulders. She was wearing a shirt and a trouser and looked like an executive.

In the course of our talking, in indeed came out that she was an executive with a large organization. She was going for some important work. She had juicy lips with deep pink lipstick. Her 34D size boobs were round and firm looking like 2 huge balls packed inside her shirt.

Her ass was in tune with her boobs, a tight round one with shapely curvy thighs. She was wearing black sandals with her toes painted deep pink. She had beautiful hands and feet. I was talking to her frequently looking at her in the rearview mirror.

When we were comfortable with each other, I suggested, “Why don’t you come to the front seat! I get distracted looking at the back while talking to you. It is not good to do while driving.”

“Not a bad idea!” She replied. I stopped the car and she came in the front seat. I could now comfortably have a proper look at her whole body. My eyes were almost glued to her gorgeous feet and hands. I was getting a hard-on. I was often trying to settle my dick in my trousers. She could sense my condition.

After some time, when it became unbearable for me, I stopped the car on a clear patch. “What happened?” She asked. “Nothing! I just need to ease myself.” I replied and walked out of the car. I walked around and came behind the car. I took out my 7” rock hard cock and started fondling it.

I positioned myself in such a way that she could see my hardness through the left side mirror. I could see she was looking very intently at my hardness. I put my cock inside but did not put the zipper up. After a couple of minutes, I walked back to the car and continued on my journey.

I could see with the corner of my eyes that her eyes were glued to my open zipper as if she expected something to come out of it. I continued as if I did not know that my zipper is open. After some time, she said she too needed to pee. I stopped the car on the side.

She said she cannot go far from us and needed to pee right beside the car. “Will you please look at the other side?” She asked. “I promise, I will do that,” I replied. But in my heart, I thought, would I be such a fool to miss such an opportunity.

She stood right beside the car and pulled down her trousers. She was wearing one with the elastic. I could see her splendid round ass in her full beauty. She then pulled down her panty uncovering the remaining part of her nether beauty. As she bent to sit, I could see her nether lips looking so inviting.

I swiftly took out my hard cock from the underwear and hid it under the trouser with open zipper. She returned to the car and we carried on with our journey. She was still concentrating on my open zipper. She removed her sandal and crossed her left leg to put it on the right one.

She put it in such a way that my hands touched her foot whenever I changed gears. After brushing my hands on her foot for a few times, I did not remove my hand. i left it on the gear itself. With the movement of the car, her foot was literally massaging my hands.

After some time, while she was looking outside the window on the other side, I swiftly moved my hard cock and positioned it in such a way that a part of it was visible to her. When she returned her face towards me and glanced at my zipper, she saw a part of my cock. The color of her face changed reddish.

Now she was nearly gazing at it all the time. I slowly moved my hand from the gear lever to her foot and started massaging her foot. She smiled. I pushed my hard cock a little and it came out full throttle, fully erect, pulsating. She was shocked at the sight.

“Oh! I’m so sorry,” I said hurriedly as if it happened accidentally. I did not hurry to put it back into the trouser. As I moved my hand to pull my cock back inside, she held my hand and said smiling, “It’s OK! I don’t mind it.”
This was a clear signal of her intentions.

I put my hand on her thighs and started fondling her beautiful sexy thighs. She moved a bit closer towards me and held my cock in her hand and started fondling it. I made her rest against the door and asked her to put both her feet on my lap. I put my rock solid cock between her feet.

She started massaging my cock between her lovely feet. She seemed a pro. She was massaging my cock with her toes and sometimes between her soles. I pushed her trousers up and was massaging her legs with my one hand. It was unbearable for me now.

“Oh! I am cumming, Aarti”, I said. She giggled and started massaging my cock faster. And, I shot my load all over. I parked the car on the side and bending over her. I pressed my lips over her juicy lips. I was sucking her lips. I took her tongue into my mouth and started sucking it.

I opened her shirt buttons and let her round boobs out. They were damn tight with erect dark pink nipples. I took her nipples into my mouth and started sucking them as if a child suckles the mother. With another hand, I pulled down her trouser and inserted my 3 fingers into her cunt.

“Aaaaah!” Aarti exclaimed. I spread her legs and bend down between her thighs. I pushed my tongue deep into her cunt and reached her clit. I started massaging her clit with the tip of my tongue. She went mad with ecstasy. “Aaah! Aaaah!”

She held my head tightly between her thighs and started shaking vigorously. And then my mouth was filled with the salty liquid. She reached orgasm. Aarti took a few deep breaths and then held my cock in her sexy hands. I immediately had a tight erection.

She bent down and took my whole cock into her mouth and started sucking. With the other hand, she was rubbing my small nipples. “Let’s go out and do it in the open,” I suggested. We came out of the car and went to a clear patch behind some bushes. It was all deserted with not a soul to the farthest sight.

I spread her on the grass and climbed over her. I inserted my cock into her cunt and started pumping slowly and smoothly. I held both her boobs into my hands and continued pumping. We were both in the seventh sky and rocking. Suddenly, I saw some movement behind the bushes.

I saw a village girl about 20-22 years watching with amazement at us. I continued as if I did not notice her. Aarti did not see her. We were now pumping very fast and Aarti had reached several orgasms. I suggested Aarti get up and we fuck standing.

I ensured that Aarti did not see the girl. I made her raise one leg and pushed my cock into her cunt and started pumping. Now the village girl could have a much clearer view of our fucking. She was standing hardly 10 feet from us. She was amazed as well as aroused. I beckoned her to come closer to us.

She refused first with her head. But when I beckoned here several times, she walked slowly towards us. Suddenly, seeing a stranger, Aarti tried to cover her. “It’s OK Aarti. She wants to join the show.” While still pumping Aarti, I reached out to her and fondled her decently big boobs.

Aarti again achieved an orgasm. I pulled out my cock from the Aarti. Seeing my 7” fully erect and pulsating cock, almost red with blood, the girl was astonished. I pulled down her skirt and climbed over her. I inserted swiftly into her cunt before she could refuse. She immediately started enjoying it with oohs and aahs.

Within no time, she reached several orgasms. I emptied all my load into her.

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