Neighbour Bhabhi In Aurangabad Helps After GF Break-Up

I am Karan living in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. I have been reading stories for a long time about bhabhi, neighbor and all kinds of stories but only thought that they were fantasies, never knew it could happen with me though I would try to get lucky having hope.

But, this lockdown showed me the truth that some of those stories can be true. So let’s drop down to the story.

The bhabhi of my fantasy has been living in the opposite flat for a year. It is a rented flat that her husband had got from the company he was working for.

I used to only see him once a month and always thought of some chance to talk to his wife but never dared to try anything. During this lockdown, that is for 3 months, I haven’t seen her husband.

Her name is Dipti bhabhi, she used to live with her in-laws and had a 5-year-old son. While coming down or going up the stairs, I have talked sometimes with her son, and even gave him a bar of chocolate but nothing more. Bhabi has a moped and I have helped her with it sometimes.

The main incident took place 3 days ago and I couldn’t wait to write it here from where I got my inspiration. Due to the lockdown and the fear of the Corona virus, we can’t go out more often. I would take a walk on our apartment’s terrace minding my own business.

My neighbour bhabhi Dipti had started coming to the terrace for a week and we would share a smile. She would come in her saree, and I would glance at those bazookas, and yes her size if I am not wrong is 34-32-34 and her age is a perfect 30 years.

One fine evening, she came up for a walk with her son and was wearing a saree. Her son was running here and there and fell down when he got hit by a pipe, hurt his knee, and started crying. I rushed to pick him up and she also came there to help her son. I helped him stand up but he was in no position to stand and was asking his mother to pick him up.

I was sure she would not be able to lift him up, so I helped him and picked him up, and took him to his house. We talked but nothing happened though I wished that time that something would have happened.

Her father-in-law thanked me and I came back. After 2 days, my neighbour bhabhi came to my house and told my mom that she wanted to show her thanks by inviting me to have lunch at her house.

I was more than happy to join her, as she had said that there would be chicken for lunch and I hadn’t eaten chicken for some months as chicken was not available easily.

That afternoon, I went to her house and we talked. I asked about her in-laws and she said they had gone out. Her son was there and I asked him how he was feeling now. He said he was better and thanked me for helping him when he fell.

Then we sat down at the table and had lunch watching a movie at the same time. To my luck, the movie was “Ragini MMS”, and I got really excited.

Then after lunch, we were casually talking sitting on the sofa when her son said that he was feeling sleepy. I said that I should go, but my neighbour bhabhi insisted that I stay. She said that she was so bored during the lockdown and suggested, “Let’s play something.” She asked me to join her in the bedroom and suggested we play cards.

Dipti bhabhi let her son sleep and we played 5-3-2 and chatted. She asked me about my girlfriend as she had seen her when she used to come to meet me in my apartment. I told her that she had broken up with me and I was all sad. Again, I suggested I should go, but then she was like, you don’t have anything to do now, so hang out here.

But I was all sad. So, my neighbour bhabhi came near me telling me it was okay, and then unexpectedly, she hugged me! I got the hint. I too hugged her and felt her boobs rubbing on my chest and was breathing on her neck intentionally which I think made her hornier as she kissed me!

I was roaming with my hands all around my neighbour bhabhi’s body, feeling her back and then attacked like an animal on those big boobs! Oh my god, my neighbour bhabhi’s big tits felt so good that I put one hand directly in her kurti and pinched her nipple!

Then one of the hooks of her bra came off, and she too jumped in ecstasy and bit me on my lips. I then took off her kurti and bra and she simultaneously took off my shirt. I sucked her boobs, licked them, and circled around the nipples. She was moaning really loudly. I was worried that her son would wake up.

Dipti bhabhi started kissing me again and she put her hands inside my shorts and felt my dick. I made her stand and then we kissed while my one hand was on her boobs and the other was going inside her pajama, fingering her pussy. Her one hand was on my back and the other was on my dick.

We stayed in that position for 4-5 minutes taking out the saliva from each other’s mouths. I was simultaneously sucking her boobs.

Then I put my hand on her head and made her sit so that she will suck me but she only took it once and said, “I haven’t done that before,” so I let it pass but she said, “Now just put it in because I haven’t had sex for more than 3 months.”

My neighbour bhabhi then put a condom on me. I pushed her on the bed and fucked her from behind. I kept fucking my neighbour bhabhi while pinching her boobs. As I cummed, I hugged her and started kissing her.

Then I returned the favor by fingering Dipti bhabhi. I licked her pussy for the first time and soon, she came too.

Then we kissed and she started dressing saying that I should go now and we will talk afterward. Then, later on the terrace, she thanked me and said, “I really like the foreplay you did.”

We again fucked the previous day and just now while writing this story. I had to go down to give a letter to my friend and she was at the door. We kissed for a minute as her in-laws were in the kitchen.

So, guys, I hope you liked the story and I am really happy that I had Dipti Bhabhi for a company as I was really heart-broken after my breakup.

Any girl, bhabhi, or couple from Aurangabad interested can contact me for a group session too as I am too much into group sex and I am sure bhabhi will also agree. Feel free to email me your comments at [email protected]

Thank you.

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