Some Married Sluts Need Hard Fucks – Part 1

Hello. My name is Saraswati. I have a story about unsatisfied married sluts who need to be fucked by other men.

This is my first story about how the inner slut took over my body, and I got fucked by many men and boys all over Delhi. My measurements are 34D-32-36 and height around 5’5. I’m a fair 32-year-old curvy woman. I got married at 24. My sex life was good initially, but it got dull after 2-3 years of marriage.

My hormones were still on the rise. It made me fantasize about other men, but I never acted on it. I just used to look at men’s lower checking out for boners thinking of how big they must be and how good they will fuck me. I have been groped and dry-humped in public places by men thinking I might get lucky.

But I always found it disgusting. My fingers and sex stories/videos became my best friend for a long time. Watching porn of women cheating on husbands and hotwives cuckolding husbands as bulls fucked them. It was all good, but I was determined to change them for a good dick.

I created profiles on dating sites and pinged the authors of stories I liked to look for a match. I did it all secretly from my family and husband. But I wished he could watch me turn into a slut for other men as they fucked me. He is very bossy, possessive and caring yet never cares about my sexual needs.

I was bored of 5-10 minutes of missionary till he cum. So as punishment, I stopped fucking with him as well. But this was driving me even crazier because I removed the only sex I had in my daily life.

So finally, I got in touch with a guy over Bumble, and he was very sweet and flirty. I, too, liked his profile, and we decided to meet up outside. We met at Barista. I was wearing a tight pink kurti and white leggings. He was a 29-year-old dusky man with a decent build.

Let’s call him Sid. We both hugged and had a good conversation. I wasn’t wearing anything that could tell him that I was married. I wanted to be treated like a single woman with attention. We talked and got to know each other. I lied to him about my age and marital status.

For him, I was a 28-year-old single woman he met online. His arms were strong and had veins showing, making me get horny every second. But in the middle, I got a call from my hubby. I went outside to attend it. He fucked my mood up, asking about his office file’s location and where I was.

When the call ended, I went back in and continued the date. Soon we exchanged numbers, and he offered me a ride back home, which I declined. But he was very persistent, so I agreed to a nearby metro station. We walked to the parking lot, got in his car and drove off.

In the middle of our drive, our conversation started again.

Sid – I really liked meeting you today, Saraswati.

Me – Same pinch. It was nice meeting you too. You have been a gentleman.

Sid – Thank you. So how many men have you been on a date till now?

Me – Um. A few, maybe.

Sid – I see. Mind if I ask you something?

Me – Sure.

Sid – What are you exactly looking for?

Me – I don’t know yet. Maybe a relationship.

Sid – Oh! That’s good. If you don’t mind, did you recently get separated?

Me – You mean to break up?

Sid – Kinda, but I meant divorce.

Me – I never had a divorce. And what made you think that I was married?

Sid – Come on. Your wedding ring finger still has the impression of the ring on the skin, and your phone wallpaper is of you and your partner.

I went into complete shock. He really got to know it, and I didn’t know what to say. I was so embarrassed.

He stopped the vehicle and asked me if I was okay. I said yes in a muted tone.
But he just hugged me and questioned why I hid it. I opened up to him in his arms, crying about my life.

Me – I’m married, and I have a husband. But I felt something missing, so I got on the apps. I never dated anyone in a long time, and you are my first date after marriage.

Sid just patted my head and made me calm down. I composed myself and sat straight on my seat. He asked me what I wanted, but I was such a mess that I wanted to get out of there. So he dropped me at the metro and booked a blue line till my station.

I got off and corrected myself, wore my ring, mangalsutra and mang tika. Then I just went home and blocked him. He tried calling me to check up, and I just told him I needed time.

The final call was the one that initiated it. Sid kept ringing my phone, and after a few missed calls, I picked it up.

Me – Hello.

Sid – Kya Hello? Phone uthana nahi hota? (What Hello? Can’t you even pick up the phone?)

Me – Utha to liya. (I picked it up)

Sid – Haan to kaha gayab hai. (Where have you been missing?)

Me – Kahi nahi, aur tum chillao mat. (Nowhere and don’t you scream at me)

Sid – Chillau na? Jhuth tu bole, shant main karau and fir mereko ignore marti hai. Date pe single bol ke aati hai pati ki peeth pichay saali shaadishuda randi ban ke chudti hai. Yehi tha to bol deti, hotel le jaa ke chod deta tereko. Yehi chahiye na tereko?

(Not scream at you? You lie, and I calm you down, and then you ignore me. You show up on a date as single, but in reality, you are a whore who gets fucked behind her husband’s back. If this was what you wanted, you should have told me. I would have booked a hotel and fucked you there instead. This is what you want?)

I went silent, but I was really angry at him.

Sid – Bol kutiya. Ab muh kyu band hai? (Speak up, bitch. Why are you silent now?)

I just hung up the call and vent my anger on dirty dishes. But then I realized he was telling the truth. I am a slut who fucks men behind her husband’s back.

That night I got permission from my husband to go to a party with my friends the coming Saturday night. It was tough, but a blowjob solved it.

The next day when my husband left, I called Sid.

Me – Hello.

Sid – Hey.

Me – How are you?

Sid – I’m good. And I’m sorry I vented on you last time. I was going through too much.

Me – It’s okay. I understand. The fault was mine too, and I take responsibility for it.

Sid – Thank you. You are gorgeous, and losing you made me a mess. I wanted us to be so much more when I first saw you.

Me – Well, about that. Are you free this Saturday night?

Sid – That’s going to be tough. I need to attend my friend’s wedding. I’ll be back on Monday.

Me – So you don’t want to meet this slut who fucks men behind her husband’s back?

Sid – Wait, what? I didn’t mean… what? Do you want to fuck?

Me – You don’t want to?

Sid – Yes, wow, I mean. Ah, I’ll get back to you. Give me a moment.

He hung up the call, and I lost my confidence. I thought about what I had done. Did I push him too hard? Did he not want to fuck me? Why would he want to fuck me? I’m 30 and old compared to teen babes and whatnot.

After 30 minutes, he called back.

Sid – So darling, where are we meeting?

Me – What about your friend?

Sid – He was angry, but I have it under control.

Me – Nice, then.

I booked us a resort in Gurgoan, and we left early. He got there straight from work. I checked in before him and removed my boring party wear kurti and leggings to change into something hot. A revealing lace chiffon black saree contrasting my fair skin.

There is no blouse but a deep-neck black bralette, black eyeliner, kajal, red slutty MAC lipstick. A sexy black panty with red high pencil heels matching my lipstick. My saree and high heels were showing off my curves. He too checked in and wore a nice white shirt, red tie and trousers with office boots.

He wrapped his hand around my waist and scooped me up, locking his lips on mine, and our tongues fought a new battle. We then fell on the bed, and he pointed out the lack of jewelry on me.

Sid – Why are your neck and mang so sober?

Me – I thought they would make you awkward.

Sid – No way, the thought about a bhabhi in mangalsutra and mang tika turn me on.

Me – Okay then. Wait here.

As I got up, he spanked me hard. I went to the washroom to put some makeup on before wearing my mangalsutra, mang tika, wedding ring and unwrapped my saree till I was just a married babe in a bikini with high heels.

I clicked a few pics of mine. I was surprised at how slutty and hot I looked. Then I wrapped the bathrobe on me and opened the washroom door with a full motive of being a true married bitch who needs to be fucked no matter what.

Part 2 will be on the way soon. But I wanted to show my journey of becoming an Indian slut as it was a major step for women like me. Please leave your feedback down in the comments and let me know how you felt. I hope you like it.

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