Fucked Her On A Rainy Day

Hello! This is my first story that I am writing here. I fucked a married woman in Chennai on a rainy day. Her name is Kalpana. She is a housewife aged 31, 5’6 ft tall, 36-32-36 would be her stats.

A bit long story, please bear with me, and you won’t be disappointed. This story will be in okay English, and if you are a grammar Nazi, I am very sorry.

This happened when I was 25 years old. I was missing sex life very much, and I wanted someone badly to fuck.  I was surfing in Locanto for any genuine contacts, but it didn’t work finding one. I decided to post an ad like I am looking for a genuine woman for some fun.

I didn’t receive any response for a week. After a week, I received a message from an id. She expressed that she likes my ad and my writing there. So we were casually chatting for few days, sharing some personal information and our fantasies.

She told me that she is married and happy with her husband. But she misses something in her sex life. Her sex life for very short, and her husband use to just fuck her for 5 minutes until he satisfies himself. She was sharing everything with me.

But she was not ready to meet me as she was very frightened about getting caught. So for nearly a year, we were chatting over Locanto, and later, we moved WhatsApp. We have shared each other pics. She is a good-looking Tamil girl with a good amount of flesh on her body.

One day we were chatting about sex and stuff. I was horny and decided to surprise her by sending my dick pic to her. She got shocked as she was not expecting it. My dick was around 7 inches and thick girth. Seeing my dick pic, she got aroused.

She told me not to tempt her like this. She might call me to her house and suck me and make me cum. She was aroused now, and I was taking my chance. I asked her if I can come for some quick romantic foreplay. In this thought, she asked me to come over to her place.

I was overjoyed and decided to start at her place. But in another 5 minutes, she called me and told me not to come. Her husband has started from his shop, and he might reach home anytime. I was very sad that I missed a golden opportunity after one year. But we made a deal we would meet someday for fun.

The day arrived. It was a Saturday evening at 4 pm. I received a call from her asking me to come over to her place. Her husband would reach home only after 8 pm. We could have some fun. I got excited and quickly went to take a bath and wore my track and t-shirt, nice perfume, and kick-started bike to her place.

I followed the place she shared with me on Whatsapp, and it showed me 15 minutes drive from my place. When I started, it started raining heavily to my bad luck. But I didn’t have a second thought. I was driving to her place in the heavy rain.

I stopped near a tea stall for shelter and took out my mobile. I had 10 missed calls from her. I immediately called her. She picked in a ring and told me that it is raining heavily and thinks we cannot meet today. But I told her I am just 500 meters away from her place.

After hearing this, she said, “Okay, come quickly.” She told me that she will leave her house door open for me. I started my bike again since I can reach her house easily from here. I reached her place, and I couldn’t find her house exactly and called her. She waved at me from her window, and I found her house.

As she mentioned, the door was kept open for me. I entered her house, and once I am in, she locked the door. I couldn’t find her since it was dark and she informed power was down. I was fully drenched, standing in the middle of her house couldn’t see anything.

Suddenly she came and hugged me tightly from the back. I immediately turned and pushed her against the wall and started kissing her madly. She was also responding to my kisses, and both our lips met. We started playing with our tongues, and she even started sucking my tongue.

I was wet, and I started to go down on her neck and started licking it. She started moaning. She was wearing a nightie. I started pressing her 36 sized boobs over her nightie. She was moaning like anything and kissed me on the lips very hard.

I could see how lustful she is and how badly she needs me in bed. She removed my top, started playing with my chest and rolling her finger, and gave me a tight hug. All the while, my cock was up 90 degrees. She could feel my dick raise, and she held my cock over my bottom and started to feel it.

I took her in my arms and carried her to the bedroom. I dropped her on the bed and removed her nightie in a go. To my surprise, she was not wearing anything inside. We again started kissing madly. She was playing with my cock over my pants.

She now started removing my pant and feeling my cock in her hand. I was on top of her kissing her lips, licking all over her face, neck, sucking her big melons, and biting her hard nipples. She was moaning all the while when I was sucking her boobs.

She was now spreading her legs which made me comfortable in the middle of her completely. All the time, she was holding my cock in her hand, and I was playing with her boobs and lips. She got aroused, and she started to rub my cock on her pussy walls.

It was already wet, and she was playing down with my cock. To my surprise, she pushed my cock inside her pussy without any protection. Both of us were feeling that moment eye to eye when my cock entered her pussy bare. The feeling was top-notch with her surprise.

She held my head and asked me to fuck her nicely. I started to and fro on top of her. She was biting her lips and making some facial reactions which made me hornier.

Trust me, guys being on top of a woman while fucking. Her facial reactions would make you hornier. Within some time, she had her first orgasm, and she pulled me and started kissing my lips. I removed my cock from her pussy, and she started giving me a blowjob. She was an expert in it.

I was standing, and she was on the bed on her knees and was blowing me. Then she made me lay on the bed and started to suck my cock. She was going deep and took all my cock in her mouth. She was lubricating my cock with her saliva.

She now climbed on me, sat on my cock, pushing it inside her pussy. She started riding me, which is her favorite fucking sex position. She told me that after our session. She was riding me well, and I was grabbing her boobs and pressing them.

She was making some moans while riding my cock. She started to fuck fast and came all down and hugged me and kissed me started shivering. She had another orgasm. We both remained there, hugging each other and kissing like there is no tomorrow.

All the while on the actions, we were sweating like anything since there was no power. I pushed her to the bed and spread her legs. I inserted my finger into her pussy and finger fucked her for some time. She wanted me to enter her pussy, and I went top of her and started fucking her with all my strength.

I was about to cum, and I wanted to cum in her mouth. But she sensed me cumming and asked me to fuck until I cum inside. She wanted to feel the warmth and cum inside her. So I fucked her pussy fast and left all my cum inside her pussy.

We had some kissing after the session. We cleaned ourselves, and I started from her place. She gave me a nice kiss in the hallway while leaving. She told me she will call tonight to talk about this, and I left her place happily.

She called me that night. I told her she was happy that I came in the heavy rain for her. She liked having fun with me. And from then on, we are fuck buddies. But I used to meet her very rarely, only when she needs. She is free to meet me. In the past four years, I would have fucked her 10 times at her place.

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