Seduced And Fucked Sexy Gujarati Bhabhi In UK

Hi everyone, I am 47 years of age, married, and with one kid.

In the year 2019-2020 mid-corona time, I stayed in London. During my stay, I opted for a PG accommodation in one of the Indian families. As soon as I landed, I stayed in an Airbnb temporary accommodation, and from there, I started searching for permanent accommodation till my stay in London.

So, for searching, I took the help of a broker and that person showed me one family consists of a couple and two kids. They stayed in a double bedroom house. They showed me my room and then we discussed it. They told me the DOs and don’t DOs during the stay, etc. And my stay included food and accommodation.

This family consisted of a husband, his wife, and two kids. I started calling them ‘bhayya’ and ‘bhabhi.’ They were a Gujarati family.

After around 6 days, I shifted to this place with my luggage. I was getting adjusted to this new country, the new place, the new food, and the new work culture. Slowly, I got acquainted with bhayya and bhabhi, and the kids.

Bhabhi used to work from morning 5 am to 2 pm and bhayya used to work from 10 am to 7 pm. And my work timings were from 8 am to 6 pm.

Days were passing normally. Bhabhi used to work 4 days a week and bhayya used to work 6 days a week. Bhayya’s weekly off was on Fridays. My weekly off was on Saturdays and Sundays.

4 to 5 months went by. Our lives were busy with our respective works.

Whenever the family went out to temples and other places, they used to ask me to come with them. In between, my family also visited London for 3 weeks. Bhayya was okay with my family staying at their place. But I insisted that I will book a hotel for them.

In early 2020, bhaiyya and bhabhi and their kids went to India for holidays. So, I was staying alone at home. I was searching for something and accidentally, I opened their wardrobe and found bhabhi’s undergarments in that. I got so tempted and I secretly started wearing them and filling them with my semen when bhayya and bhabhi went out.

After they arrived from India, our regular routine continued. Now my lust towards bhabhi had increased unknowingly. I used to stare bhabhi secretly. But bhabhi used to talk to me freely.

Bhayya then shifted his job to a departmental store where his timing of work changed to afternoon 3 pm to 11:30 pm. Then corona started spreading in the UK. So my company asked every employee to work from home. But for bhabhi and bhayya, as they were the key employees, they had to go out for work.

Every day, the kids will play in the front yard for around 2 hours. One such day, bhabhi was there in the kitchen and doing something and the kids were very busy playing.

I approached the Gujarati bhabhi in the kitchen and casually started talking about general things. Then I told bhabhi that I needed some hot water to drink and hence I will boil the water. She agreed and gave me some space next to her to make use of one burner for boiling the water.

During the process, I used touched bhabhi. She did not say anything, so I took it as a green signal and touched the sexy Gujarati bhabhi more and more.

For the next 5 days, I continued the same routine. I even rubbed my shoulders with bhabhi’s shoulders. Bhabhi also did not object and neither was she getting away from me.

On the 6th day, I took a bold step while bhabhi was cooking. I just stood behind her so that my front part and bhabhi’s ass were touching against each other. I asked bhabhi what she was cooking. While saying that, I pressed my penis on bhabhi’s ass.

I noticed that bhabhi’s body had become very still. She did not move or object.

I was talking to her normally and she did not respond anything. Then I increased the pressure by holding her shoulders tightly. Then she looked into the window what the kids were doing. As she confirmed that they were busy, she turned and looked into my eyes. Then suddenly, our lips locked.

I held her face in my palm and was enjoying her saliva. The married Gujarati bhabhi closed her eyes. Then I moved my hands down to her mid-area and pushed her close towards me so that her boobs crushed on my chest area. We were there for some time like that.

Then I slowly moved my hands on her ass cheeks and pressed them continuously.

I broke the lip lock and started kissing on her neck area and then on her cheeks. I bit her ears, to which she moaned softly. Her moans hardened my erection and I pushed her ass to my penis.

Then I told her in her ears, “Let’s go to my room, bhabhi.” To which she did not respond and looked towards the window to check the kids.

I slowly pulled her hand and moved towards my room upstairs. While climbing the stairs, I put one hand on the Gujarati bhabhi’s pussy area and one hand on her boobs.

As soon as we entered my room, I closed the door and hugged bhabhi tightly, and kissed her on her lips. She was looking into my eyes. I kissed her eyes and pressed her boobs.

Then I slowly opened her t-shirt. She was in her bra. I kissed her boobs one by one, on the top of the bra. And then I kissed on the navel. OMG! What a sweet navel my Gujarati bhabhi had! When I put my tongue inside her navel, she started moaning.

After a few minutes, I dropped her pants. Now she was in her pantie and bra. Her pantie was wet. I kissed that wet portion and she pushed my head by saying, no.

I stood up and kissed her lips. Slowly, I pushed my married landlady on the bed and removed the bra first, and pinched her nipples which were erect like a kismis (raisin) dry fruit. I sucked those nipples one by one and with the other hand, I released her pantie from her legs.

I rubbed on this hot Gujarati bhabhi’s clean shaved pussy with my fingers, to which she started moaning a bit loudly.

Then slowly, I moved towards her pussy and got down from the bed. I was on my knees and spreading her legs wide. I had a clear view of her beautiful pussy. And by kissing her thighs slowly, I moved towards her pussy and kissed that wet pussy. She took a deep breath and pushed my head. She got up and was sitting on the bed now.

I asked what happened? She told me it was not good to do so.

“Okay, I respect you bhabhi but listen to me. Who told you it is not good? I love to taste it, let me do it. If you don’t like it at any point, then I will stop it,” I said. I tried to convince her. Finally, she agreed and she slept on the bed.

I spread her legs and I was on my knees so that I can reach her pussy easily to taste it. As soon as I put my lips on her vertical lips, she brought her legs closed around my head.

I spread the Gujarati bhabhi’s legs again and put my tongue again on her pussy. I slowly rubbed my tongue between her vertical lips. She was shaking her body like anything and pushing my head.

I sped up the process and started vigorously sucking her sweet and wet pussy. Then she stopped pushing my head and started enjoying the oral sex, moaning. I sucked her till she ejaculated. When she ejaculated and her body had become very relaxed, I got up and saw her face. I could see the satisfaction on her face.

I asked her how it was. She smiled and spread her hands. Then I jumped on her and she started to remove my t-shirt. I wasn’t wearing any undergarments at that time. As soon as she removed my t-shirt, I removed my pants as well. I was naked now.

Then I started kissing my Gujarati bhabhi and started sucking her nipples. Slowly, I went to her ears and I asked her if she wanted to try my penis in her mouth? She responded with no. Then I asked her once again, then she told me that she was not comfortable doing that. So I did not force her.

I spread her thighs with my thighs and adjusted my penis towards her love hole. I put my penis at the entrance of her pussy and started penetrating her hole with it. She closed her eyes. I sucked her nipples and started slowly moving in and out in her pussy. She opened her mouth with ecstasy and hugged me tightly.

Then I increased the pace of fucking this sexy Gujarati bhabhi. After some time, I told her that I was about to cum. She told me to remove my penis and do it outside. So I removed my penis and shot my semen on her nipples. She rubbed my semen on her nipples with her hands.

Then I took her panties and cleaned my penis I also cleaned her pussy.

Then we got up and I helped her to wear her panties, pant, bra, and t-shirt. Then I told her, “Whenever you feel that your pussy needs a suck, you always come to my room anytime” to which she said, sure.

After that, whenever she was in the mood, she used to come to my room and drop her pants and adjust her pussy in front of my mouth to suck.

We continued only sucking her pussy till I returned to India. Somehow after that, she never asked me to fuck her and even, I did not force her. But while sucking her, she always shook my penis with her hands, and surprisingly we both use to ejaculate at the same time.

This is how I spend my last days with my sweet landlord Gujarati bhabhi.

Ladies and girls, please provide your feedback at [email protected] Reach out to me for a hot discussion. Now I am in Hyderabad.

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