Seduced By Hot Classmate Girl Suchita

Hey, I am Puneet Sharma, from Shahganj, Uttar Pradesh. Now I am studying at Amity university, Delhi. This series is about how I and my friend became more than friends.

I am a person who is on a healthier side when it comes to body weight, or you can say, slightly fat.

I can’t forget that day when it all started. I will say that before that, as a person, I didn’t have that much courage and confidence that I have now in front of another person, especially toward the opposite gender.

So, it was the month of November, 4 months before the college semester exam. I was going back home on my college bus, where I got the ID card of my classmate, Suchita Shah. Oh my god what, a beauty she was. Anyone would love to die for her. But there is a twist.

In the class, my hot classmate girl would act as a very introverted person and don’t talk to anyone. So no guy in my class was attracted to her. But, a few days before, I went to a wedding function, where I saw my hot classmate. Fuck, I was shocked to see her. I couldn’t believe that she was Suchita. She was looking extremely different.

The saree she was wearing, the bangles, the rings, the nose pin, the earrings, the lipstick, the makeup, the sandals, and her hair. Everything looked different.

I was not able to digest, what I just saw. The only thing in my mind was that we were on the stage, and kissing each other to infinity!

I just couldn’t sleep that night. I knew this hot girl was out of my league.

Suchita as a person was the same as me in the class, she didn’t talk much. She was not so fair, but a pretty girl. I had some friends back then including girls but she only had one friend Nikita. They both came from the same place.

Nikita use to be on leave very often and that made Suchita sad. I saw that her eyes were searching for a person, whom she could, make her friend.

But thanks to God that I got her college ID card. This was the key to come into her eyes.

I immediately took the ID card and went into the class and gave it back to her. That was the first time I was talking to her. She said thanks and I went to my seat. Her image of that wedding was constantly running in my mind. Due to that, I was sent out of the class by 2-3 teachers because I could not study. And I am not exaggerating!

The next day in the class during lunch break, as my sexy classmate girl was sitting alone, I went to her and asked how did her ID card come in my bus, because her route was opposite to mine. She came from another village.

Then she told me that her bus got punctured in the middle of the road and then another bus came, in which she left her id. I then went back as the break got over. I desperately needed to talk to her but could not as Nikita was with her.

But some miracle happened. After a week, Nikita was absent and Suchita was alone. I found a perfect time and tried to share my lunch as Nikita didn’t inform her before that she will be absent.

Suchita first refused but then took some bites from it. I knew that she will take it, I could tell by seeing her face only that she was hungry. This was the first nail in making me a gentleman-type person in front of my beautiful classmate.

That was how things started and slowly, we came close and became friends from classmates. After some time we exchanged our numbers so that we could easily be available for each other. Their was nothing impure in my mind regarding her.

We began started talking for hours on the phone as we couldn’t talk that much in college.

I don’t know but from where, but one day out of curiosity, I asked her about porn. I asked my hot classmate whether girls watched porn or not. She said yes and confessed that she also watched it. She did not hesitate to tell me this. I didn’t know she was that straightforward. In fact she even told me her favorite category in porn.

I thanked God for that ID card incident. She was the girl I always wanted as my friend.

We started to share each other links of porn videos sometimes, whenever we came across some stuff. She was so crazy. I would have hesitated to send someone an adult link, but she was the one who started it. I thought that I was very lucky. But this was nothing.

In college, Suchita told me the most exciting thing, that she was coming to live in my village. There were some family issues and hence her father was settling at another place. Then she recommended my village and her father agreed. I just wanted to hug her but.. we were in college.

My hot friend coming to my village meant that now we could meet each other regularly. We will share the same route, same bus, and even the same seat. Oh my god.

After she settled, when we were coming from college, our stop was the last one, and no one else would be there. So it meant I can go and sit with her, and no one will mind.

One day, on our way back home, we were scrolling Instagram where we saw a couple kissing each other. We looked into each other’s eyes and I went back to my seat.

That day, we didn’t talk. I didn’t reply to her message. The next day, she pulled me to her seat and asked why I didn’t reply to her.

Me: I was not feeling well.
She (touching my head): You don’t have a fever.

Me: I had a headache.
She: No, you are lying.

I got up to move to my seat, when my hot classmate suddenly grabbed my hand, grabbed my head, brought her face near mine and kissed me!

Oh my god, her lips and her lipstick, that taste. For a few seconds, I was not in my senses. I don’t know what was happening, but slowly, my eyes closed. The force she was applying on my tongue was killing me. It was like she will cut my tongue in half!

After applying some force, I pushed her face away, and she was breathing heavily. Then I started to kiss her, and it was the first time that she moaned. We went for at least 5 minutes, but we broke it because our bus stop was coming.

It was hard to break our kiss, but we had to do so. I had the mark of her lipstick, which I was going to rub but she took my handkerchief and instead, used her own to clean it, and then kissed that handkerchief. I was thrilled to see all that. But all that experience was the best in the world. I could have given any of my belongings for that same experience again.

Then I went to check if the first aid box in the bus has all the medical facilities in it or not, as I was given the responsibility of it. Then our bus left us at our stop and went back.

In the evening when I was taking my book out, I could see someone’s handkerchief was there. To my surprise, it was Suchita’s. And then to my shock, I saw something unimaginable, which no one would believe. That idiot kept her pantie in my bag. It even had some stains, which showed that she became wet when we kissed.

I immediately took it and smelled it. That pungent fragrance made my tool stand straight. It became so tight that it pained. I sniffed my classmate girl’s pantie and masturbated.

I was into her pantie and my world was moving around it. I even licked it, and it tasted like “jalebi” that time. I even masturbated on it so that I could gift it back to her one day. In our culture, we do not give someone back their thing, empty. And for me, this was the most valuable gift.

She called me at night when everyone slept and asked about her gift. I told her that it was the most amazing one that I ever received. She then said that it was nothing, there is something else, more exciting than this, and asked me to wait for tomorrow.

I also told her that I also have a gift for her and will give it to her some day. Then we kissed each other on the phone, on which she teased me by making a moaning sound and ended the call.

Her moan and another surprise gift made me masturbate. Her pantie was full of sperms, or you could say, it was filled with my love.


So, guys, how did you like this story? This is my first story. And please, if you like it, support me here by liking it and I will bring the next part of this series as quickly as possible.

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