Fucked Assam Tinder Girl On First Date

Hi friends, I am Rohan and I am back with another real-life sex experience. So hold your dicks/boobies/pussies and read on

This story is about 3 months old. I was chatting with a girl named Neha on Tinder. She had recently shifted to Guwahati after completing her graduation and was preparing for UPSC exams. We talked on random topics and then after some time, I asked her if she wants to meet over coffee or lunch.

Neha immediately agreed. We exchanged contact numbers and decided to meet over lunch on Saturday. At around 1 pm on Saturday, I messaged her on WhatsApp and asked her where should I pick her from. She said that she just had classes over and asked me to pick her up from her coaching institute.

I reached her given location and started looking for her. I noticed a decent looking girl with curly hair wearing a cream color salwar suit. Neha looked a little tall than the average Assamese girl and had beautiful deep intoxicating eyes.

She was wearing a salwar suit, so I couldn’t figure out her curves. But it looked like she had small boobs but sexy thighs and hips. I knew it was her so I honked the horn of my car for her to notice me. She looked at me and smiled. I opened the door of the car and asked her to get inside.

She sat in the car, looked at me and said, “Hi Rohan, how are you?” I said, “I am good Neha.” I complimented her by saying that she looks pretty. She blushed and said thank you. We exchanged some small talks and then started driving towards a restaurant for lunch.

Neha told me that as she is new to the town, she does not know much about the place. She curiously started asking me about malls, hangout areas, parks in the town. We kept talking on these topics and drove towards the restaurant. On the way to the restaurant, I asked her if she would like to have lunch in Shillong.

Shillong is a beautiful hill station approximately 100 km from Guwahati. She said that she can go anyplace. But the only thing is that she needs to get back to her hostel before 8 pm or else her hostel gate will be locked. I told her that we can come back to Guwahati before her hostel timings.

The roads to Shillong are very good. We drove for around 2.5 hours and reached Shillong at around 4 PM. It started raining heavily there. So Neha asked me if we can reach back to Guwahati before 8 PM. I said that it’s a little difficult because of the heavy rain.

She then said that she can stay overnight in Shillong if need be. I was not expecting this from her. But once she said that, I knew what could end up happening. So, I confirmed to her that we can stay in Shillong if she is comfortable.

She then called her hostel warden and informed her that she is going to her friend’s house and will come the next day. We reached Shillong and booked a hotel room. We checked in to the hotel and entered the room. All this time, I had no idea what was going to happen.

We had also bought beer cans as she said that she loved beer. I went to the bed and lied down as I was tired after the long drive. Neha went to the washroom. Then she came back and sat beside me and started drinking the beer from the can. After some time I asked her to lie down beside me and relax.

She kept her beer can on the table and lay beside me. We were both a little drunk and so we were talking effortlessly about random things. I came close to her and started playing with her hair. I slowly came closer and planted a soft kiss on the back of her neck.

She did not resist. So I continued kissing her neck. Then slowly moved towards her cheeks and kissed them. Now, I moved a little further and rested my lips on Neha’s cute small lips. She responded by kissing me back. I kept my one hand on her belly and the kiss slowly turned into a smooch.

My tongue was now sucking her tongue and we were passionately kissing each other. Slowly I moved my hands up and placed on her boobs. Neha’s boobs were small but were firm like a tennis ball. Her boobs reminded me of one of my girlfriends whose boobs were also similar.

I was slowly pressing her sexy firm boobs and kissing her. I moved my hands down and put my hand inside her pajama. I noticed that she had not worn a panty. I asked her why she hasn’t worn the panty. She said that she had removed the panty in the washroom and smiled at me.

Now, I could sense that she was all prepared to get fucked and she was hornier than me. I raised her hands and removed her salwar. She was now in a brown striped bra and white pajama. I came on top of her and started kissing her everywhere. I went down and kissed her navel.

I then kissed the sides of her waist. Then I moved up and kissed her small cleavage and then again went up and kissed her lips. Now I removed my t-shirt and came on top of her. I removed her bra and now her sexy hot boobs were naked in front of me. I started kissing her boobs one by one.

Her nipples became erect. So I started biting them with my lips and then sucking them with the movements of my tongue. I was squeezing her both boobs with both my hand and sucking them. My 8-inch dick was already very hard and was poking her navel.

I turned her around and started kissing her bareback. Then I moved down and pressed her buttocks before removing her pajama. On removing her pajama, I saw one of the sexiest pair of buttocks. Neha was completely naked in front of me. Her hips looked very sexy and curvy.

I started kissing her buttocks and then spread her legs apart and started kissing her wet pussy from the back. Her pussy was hot and was dripping juices out of it. I was licking her pussy like a dog licks the pussy of a bitch. I removed my jeans and underwear.

I placed my hard penis on top of her pussy from behind and pushed it inside. The entire penis went inside her pussy in one shot. Her pussy was hot and my penis could feel the hotness of her pussy. I pulled back the penis and then again pushed it in her pussy. She moaned with pleasure.

I again pulled the penis out and then again pushed it deep inside her pussy. Now, I was vigorously fucking her pussy in the doggy position. I fucked her like this for about 10 minutes and then turned her around and came on top of her.

We started madly kissing each other and were passionately loving each other. My lips were on her lips, Neha’s boobs were rubbing against my chest, my penis was rubbing against her pubic hair and pussy. While kissing me, Neha held my penis with her hand and put it on her pussy lips.

She wanted my penis inside her pussy. So I pushed and it again went inside her wet pussy. I started fucking her again. This time in missionary position, she had spread her legs for me to fuck her nicely. I was pressing both her boobs with my hands and fucking her very very very fast.

She kept moaning, “Fuck me, Rohan, fuck me harder, fuck me like a slutty bitch.” Her moans and words aroused me more and I fucked her vigorously. I fucked Neha like this for about 5-7 minutes. Then I got up and caught her by her thighs and kept her legs on my shoulders and continued fucking her.

I could see my hard penis go in and out of Neha’s pussy. The view of my penis fucking her pussy made me fuck her more and more. I fucked Neha in this position for around 10 minutes. Then I was about to cum. So I increased the pace and fucked her harder and deeper.

My every shot made Neha moan louder and louder. Then when I was just about to cum, I pulled my penis out of Neha’s wet pussy and released all my cum on her naked body. My cum was spread all over her navel area and some cum has also fallen on her boobs.

Neha was exhausted and so was I. I lied down close to her and we stayed in post-orgasm silence for some time. But the night was not over and after a couple of beer, we fucked again.

In my next story, I will write about how I fucked Neha again in the washroom under the shower. I hope you enjoyed the story. You can share your sex fantasies with me or you can also get in touch with me for a good friendship, sex chat, exchange nudes or for a quick secret fuck.

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