The Forbidden Desires – Part 2

Previous Part: The Forbidden Desires – Part 1

This is a continuation of the previous part where I had my first adventure of getting a call girl home. Now I will continue to what happened after we went inside my house.

I opened the door for the lady and asked her to get into the house. She then went in and then took off her slippers and sat on the sofa beside the main door. I close the door and then go to the other side and sat on the chair opposite her.

Now I clearly see her. She is of an average height (5’4 ish), wheatish complexion, and roughly 70 kgs. She then asked me for the payment first. I didn’t like that as I was not going off anywhere. But then she told me that there were times when people did everything and abused too but never paid.

So that is why they take the money at the beginning itself. I got her point, and then I gave her the money. She then called up her owner and told him that she is home and she received the cash.

I had decided earlier that I won’t get into intercourse on my first try. I have never been with anyone else except my ex. I decided to keep control. We kept talking to each other for almost half an hour. The time was now around midnight.

The lady was supposed to be there till 9 in the morning. So I was in no hurry for anything. Our conversation went on like this. Her name, she said, was Rima, and she is from West Bengal. Our conversation happened in Hindi, but I am just putting it up in English.

Rima: So do you want to do anything or not?

Harsh: This is my first experience with a paid stranger. I would not like to get into sex immediately.

Rima: What do you want to do then?

Harsh: I have nothing in mind yet, you tell me.

Rima: Why are you sitting so far? At least sit beside me.

So I got up from my chair and went and sat on the sofa beside her. I liked her confidence. But again, she must have been used to it as she has been in this line for more than a year now.

Rima: So what do you like? Are you shy, or are you like touch-me-not?

Harsh: I will, slowly, don’t worry.

Rima: Are you nervous like a first-timer?

Harsh: Sex is not new, but this experience is new.

She then comes close to me and tries to pull me towards her by pulling my t-shirt. I went close to her.

Rima: You are good-looking. You must have many friends or girls you can sleep with. Then why come to a broker. Why waste money?

Harsh: I had chances of encounters with known people. And yes, if it was sex, I could get it without paying. I hate paying for sex. But what I have paid now is not for sex. It is for this new experience.

Harsh: When this is a banned activity, I am here enjoying the thrill of doing things that are banned. I didn’t pay for sex. I will only get into sex when there is no payment involved when the lady and I are comfortable with each other and like each other.

There is silence for some time between us, and this time, she pulls me to her lap. I am on her lap as she keeps seeing me and smiles. She has a strong scent fragrance. I see her bag on the table. I asked her, “Why is the bag so big? What do you have in it?”

Rima: Nothing, just my phone and id, and one nighty.

Harsh: Oh, you bring spare clothes too. Good, you can change to that if you like to. You can go into my room and change if you want.

She then takes her bag and goes to change. I am still in the hall waiting for her. She comes out of the room in less than 5 minutes. She is now in her blue satin nighty, which is loose and has a deep neck. I can see her cleavage. She also has her inners inside where I could spot the straps of a white bra.

But as that was also loose, her boobs were clearly seen. She stands beside me and tells me, “Why don’t we go to the room and only talk. We can happily lie down and talk or do anything we want there. It is more spacious.”

I said, ok, and we went to my room. I had a queen-sized bed in my room. We both settled down on the bed and were beside each other, talking. We were both looking at the ceiling and talking.

Then Rima comes closer and puts her head on my arms. She was keeping up the conversation, and as we spoke, she was occasionally running her hand on my t-shirt on my chest. She was trying to find my nipple on the t-shirt. While I was still facing the ceiling, she turned towards me.

She put her legs across mine, and she was talking. She had a habit of eating gutkha, I guess, so there was a slight smell of that. I was not ok with it. She was trying to kiss me, and I might have reciprocated if not for the gutkha smell. So I told her I wouldn’t lip lock.

So, she still keeps running her hand around me and occasionally kisses me on my chest. By now, I have a slight boner with her thigh around and her hand running on my chest. With her hugging me, her boobs are pressing towards my ribs.

It was already a deep neck nighty, so her boobs are more clearly seen. Now when I see down, I can see her smiling towards me. I can see almost 80% of her boobs. I see all this making my boner more evident, which she noticed too. She then becomes more naughty and tries to prick on my dick and asks me.

Rima: You sure you still don’t want to get it out in there?

Harsh: Ok, now stop teasing me.

Then I move her to the side, and then I turn towards her and go up on her. I now slowly run my fingers on her face, cheeks, lips, neck, cleavage, and dress until her belly. I then turn her around and run my hand on her clothes over her back. I then keep her nighty intact.

From the top of her clothes, I unstrap her bra. I also pinched her butt on top of her dress before I turned her around. Now I again run my finger on her neck and cleavage. Now I pull the nighty down from the cleavage with my middle finger slowly along with her bra.

I get the first glimpse of her black areola on her big wheatish boobs. I am bad with the size numbers, but they were pretty big. I immediately let her dress go back, and now I go up and kiss her cheeks and neck. As I was doing that, I pulled the shoulder strap of her bra down and took her hands out of it.

As I had already unstrapped it from behind, now it was just hanging there. I then just sit on top of her. I again slid her dress down. Then suddenly, I pull out her bra. Now she is just in her nighty and her white panty.

Now her boobs are freely relaxing in her nighty, and the impression of her nipples can be seen on the nighty. I go back beside her, and she turns towards me. I pull her cheeks and then put my hand in the nighty from the top to play with her boobs. Soft and warm.

She then tries taking off my t-shirt, and I let her do it. Since this was my first time with a stranger, it was exciting and nice. But I was sure I didn’t want to get more into it. I had a serious hardon by now. I was topless already, and she was trying to play with my dick from the top of my pants.

She was gradually trying to take off my pants with her legs. She manages to take off the pant to my knees, and then I take over and get on her.

Rima: Do you have your protection?

Harsh: Yes, I do, but sorry to disappoint, you won’t need it today as I will not do it.

I lift her nighty from below till her stomach, and from the top, I pull it down below her boobs. So now her nighty is just covering her stomach to some extent and her white panty covering her glory. I did get the idea to take it off. But again, I was not desperate for it and could control my standing tower.

I knew she was keen. So I didn’t want to disappoint the lady. So I just gave a few dry thrusts with my undies on her panty. My hands were kneading her boobs. Her nipples got real hard, and she liked it as I pinched above and hit below.

She told me to take off her panty and my undies and thrust in, but then I decided to stop. I then fell back, relaxing and waiting for my tower to cool down. I pulled up the pant also in the meantime. I then got up and saw the time. It was around 2.30. I then got up from my bed and stood watching her.

Harsh: You are a good teaser.

Rima: Then come back and finish off.

Harsh: Are you in a hurry to go?

Rima: No, why?

Harsh: Ok, let’s be slow. Let’s not just get into only this. Let’s make it fun.

Rima: Ok, you tell me what you want to do?

I said, “Let us give some gap, and then we shall see.”

In the meantime, I decided to sweep the house, which I didn’t do in the morning as I was lazy. So I just took the broom to start cleaning.

Rima: Sweeping at 2.30?

Harsh: I didn’t do it in the morning. So thought I will do it off now.

Rima: Don’t you have a maid?

Harsh: No, we had one earlier, but none now, so I do it myself.

Rima: You are mad. You pick me for sex, and you now go sweeping your house. I can do it if you want. Let me do that.

Harsh: I didn’t pay you for cleaning. Don’t worry. It’s ok, you relax.

Rima: I do it every day, so don’t worry, I don’t mind.

Then I got an idea.

Harsh: Ok, I have an idea. You were asking what we can do. And since you offered to sweep, why don’t you tease me?

Rima: I am not used to that, am not sure of that.

Harsh: Don’t worry.

I just opened my cupboard, took out a full sleeve white shirt from my cupboard, and gave it to her.

“Just wear this, and your inners is your choice. So, you want to button it fully or half or anything that is your call. Just sweep the house as I sit and watch you do it.”

Rima: I don’t know how to tease. I am shy, and I never did it before.

Harsh: Anyways, I am already seeing you almost naked now, except that I didn’t take off your panty. So why shy? Ok. I won’t force you, and if you feel shy and slowly undress, maybe I can also do the same to make you comfortable.

Rima: Ok. Let me see. You are making me do all weird stuff. Others just come and fuck and go off. Ok now go out of the room. I will come out.

I went back to the living room and was sitting on the chair, fully dressed. Rima came out in 5 minutes after combing her hair and changed from her nighty to the shirt I gave her. Honestly, not the most seductive way one could do it, but she tried, and I appreciate that.

She just wore the shirt fully buttoned without her bra (if you focus clearly, you can see her nipples through the shirt). She also had her panty below.

Harsh: Ok, don’t think of trying to seduce me or something. You just do the cleaning as you normally do.

She started sweeping from the kitchen side and then came towards the living room. I was seated at an angle with full view. As she cleans, she keeps looking at me to see what I am doing. She laughs and continues her work.

After some time, she comes to the living room. I tell her, “Ok, just unbutton your shirt to half or full and continue sweeping.” She agreed and took off the first 3 buttons. It was a sight to see her boobs bouncing and hanging around as she kept sweeping.

A glimpse of the nude views always turns me on more than a completely naked woman. This turned me on again, and the tower was rising in my pants. The main thing was she was shy. which was an additional turn-on. She turned to sweep in one direction with her ass facing towards my direction.

I told her I could see something from here. She then turns and laughs and tells me, “You can’t see anything as long as this is there,” and then suddenly, she pulls her panty down and puts it away. I was laughing at her as she did this. Then she goes back to sweeping and showing her ass on purpose.

Till now, I have not seen her ass or pussy. It was decently trimmed and kept well, which I didn’t expect she would. Now this made me rock hard. As she stood, the shirt was long enough to cover it in between. But she made sure she let me have a view of her pussy.

Rima: Now I hope you can see something (as she sweeps facing her ass towards me on purpose).

Harsh: Yes, A clear view, and that is having its impact.

As I tell this, I point out the clear bulge on the pant.

Rima: Now, why do you want to torture that? Get it out, and you told me you would give me company. Now don’t back out.

I said ok, and slowly took off my t-shirt and pant fully and now just sitting in my undies on the chair. Rima stops sweeping and watches me this time.

Rima: Now, why leave that alone? Take it off.

Harsh: Na, he likes being slightly covered for now.

Rima: Let’s see how long.

She resumes sweeping. If she turns back, I see her ass, and if she turns forward, I see her big hanging boobs. Both the views were making it very hard for me. I liked this. Now she came sweeping near the chair, and she sweeps around the table. I had a clear view of her ass right in front of me.

She was doing this on purpose. Now her shyness had vanished, and I was just holding onto my tower from tearing out of my jockey. She then turned towards me to sweep below the chair. She purposely pulled out her nipples from the shirt. I liked the way she was picking up on this game.

She was not bang-on seductive, but I liked her attempt. As she finishes sweeping below the chair, she just puts the broom aside and puts her arms on my thigh, and tells me.

Rima: That piece will tear off now if you don’t take it out. I can see it partially from the sides now as your bulge is making more space to see.

Harsh: Then you see only that. You don’t have to see more.

Then Rima just stands up with her arms around her waist and one tit almost outside the shirt and the pussy in clear view. She just takes my hand, which was partially covering my dick over my jockey, and places it on the armrest. Then suddenly, she turns around and sits on my lap.

Now her bare ass is right on the single piece of cloth. I was surely still not keen on going from behind or forward. But I let her sit, and she took my hands and placed one on her boobs and the other on her slightly wet pussy. She gradually took off her whole shirt and threw it aside.

She was fully naked now and sitting right on my lap with her back facing me. I was kissing her back and fondling her breast with one hand. I continued fingering her while she was grinding me, though not in the best way. But it did give out some pre-cum making my jockey have a slight patch.

This position was a little inconvenient when it came to the fingering part. So I stopped her and put her on the floor. As her bare body touched the ground, she felt the cold floor and just jumped due to the cold. Then again lay down on her back. I started fingering her until she was relieved.

She had some pain as my fingers are slightly fat. But she liked it, and she had her orgasm in 10 minutes. I led her to the washroom and let her clean herself up. In the meantime, I went and washed my hands and cleared up the room. I was sure I didn’t want to do anything more with the lady.

I was keen on a handjob or a blowjob, but I didn’t want to climax with the stranger. I wanted to keep myself intact in my first experience. I was not shy, but I somehow didn’t like being naked in front of the lady who was paid to entertain me. I would have done it if it was mutual liking without money.

After she cleaned up and came, she changed back into her nighty. I offered her some juice and some snack to eat. We then spoke for a while, and at around 5 am I booked a cab for her. In the meantime, she went and changed into her chudidhar, which she initially wore and came.

As she was leaving, she told thank you for a nice night. I just went close to her and told her, “Thank you for being a part of my first experience.” Then I just give her an extra tip in her hand. She said, “It’s ok. You don’t have to give.” I put that cash inside her chudidhar when she smiled and pinched me.

We just gave a goodbye hug. I opened the door and escorted her to the gate where her cab had arrived. I then went and cleaned my bed and took a shower. Since I was all alone, I went to sleep completely naked on my bed after successfully making my first forbidden adventure without a leak.

After this, I was more sure and clear about what I wanted. I realized that I could not get the vibe with these people. I decided to find like-minded people I can be more open with to discuss all my fantasies. I could not open up about my fantasies even with my ex though we were free and open with each other.

I was always looking out for strangers as there would be no fear of being judged. I have some fantasies like a sensual naked body-to-body massage and some role-play. I would be glad to get along with like-minded ladies to explore it together (preferably Bangalore)

Please feel free to share your comments on mail/ hangouts at [email protected]

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