The Forbidden Desires – Part 1

Hi guys, I have been following many stories here. I have finally come up with my own story of forbidden desires of my first sexual experience with a call girl.

This story is not for readers who are keener on sex but for those who can relate to the experience. If any of you have tried this, you will be able to relate to all those moments of excitement, fear, turn-ons, and all other such feelings. So please be ready for an elaborated story.

Just to brief about myself, I am Harsh from Bangalore. I am 29 years old and am 6ft tall, and a regular sport build. I am not into abs and workouts. But I love to keep myself in shape by playing games and, yes, other bed workouts too.

I am someone who loves the process and sequence of sex than the actual sex itself. It is not the climax that matters, but the journey which makes a wonderful memory. I am a guy who loves exploring a lot of the forbidden stuff.

Today, I shall share one such experience of mine where I searched for a call girl. When I say call girl, it was not out of desperation to find someone for sex by paying for it. I had my share of sexual experiences. I can find ladies to get laid with without involving money.

But I wanted to experience the shady world encounter and with a random stranger. It is something that excites me. I paid for this excitement, not for sex. Even if it is Tinder or Bumble, people still know something about each other before they get laid. But here, it is entirely different.

I don’t know if everyone can relate to this feeling, but it sure was a thrilling experience. So coming to the story, this was 3 years ago. I was looking for contacts to approach a call girl directly or through a broker. Initially, I did a lot of research and compiled a list of genuine brokers.

I then contacted them one by one on WhatsApp. Some shared the pics and various options to choose from. Some only sent their location and asked me to come to an area and give me a call. Some only had options at their place or a hotel. I was uncomfortable with both options.

I have my house. Usually, I stay with my family, but I am alone for a lot of time. So, I was doing this when I was enjoying my home alone times. Hence I was looking for someone I could take home along with me. I was not ready to give my first try with someone in some odd room and with doubts in my mind.

I was staying near JP Nagar, so I was looking for someone around that area. After all my research and calling multiple people, I could figure out who was genuine and who was fake. I then found a contact near BTM 2nd Stage where a guy shared some pics of girls, and I liked one of them.

When I sent him the pic of who I liked, he asked me to come near Udupi Hotel. I found this guy to be reliable and so went to the location he suggested. It was 10.15 pm when I just locked my house and started off to BTM. I didn’t want to take my car, and so I took my bike. It was just a 10-minute ride.

As I was riding there, I had so many thoughts in my mind. What if these guys are thugs who call you to a shady area and loot you off? What if cops come down there? What if the girl is not as expected and so on. So, the 10 minutes was a real mixed feeling, mainly dominated by excitement and fear.

In 10 minutes, I was near the landmark. Before I went and stopped straight at the spot, I just went around the area and the side lanes. I made sure it was safe. I then went near the location and called the guy telling him that I was there. He then told me to hold on for 5 minutes, and his guy will come there to meet me.

I said ok and was waiting for the person to turn up. The road was empty, and I was sitting on my bike and waiting for him. I still had my helmet on too. Then in like 7 to 8 minutes, I got a call from an unknown number. I received the call.

The guy asked me where I was. When I told him the exact point, he came there in like 2 minutes. The minute I saw his vehicle approaching, I could feel my heart picking pace. I was all attentive to the complete surrounding. It was a semi-residential area.

I knew I could manage myself, and my fear was slowly subsiding. Then the guy comes to me and asks if I was the one who called. I said yes. Then he told me to stop my vehicle to the side as I was waiting in the middle of the road. I put my bike to the side and came to him with my helmet still on.

Then I felt I was being a kid and then took off my helmet. The guy started telling me the rates and timing and all. I said ok but then showed him the pic asking that this is the girl that we are talking about. The girl I chose looked more innocent, and so I chose that for my first adventure in this line.

He then saw the pic and said that right now, she is not available. But he has other options. I told him I was looking for that option only. He then took his phone and started showing me some more images telling me that only these people are available.

I had a look at the other images and was not really ok with the options. So I told him that I didn’t really like any. I told him I didn’t want to and told him you wasted my time and I was about to leave. I told him I was looking for a younger girl of my age or less than mine. I felt it would be easier to relate to them.

He then showed one of the pics. He said she is good and tried convincing me. It is not that I don’t like elder ladies, but in the pics he showed, I didn’t find that innocence or the spark in any of those images. By then, my eagerness to meet the girl was gone.

But, I still had the excitement of the adventure I was doing. I didn’t want to back out on it this time. I told him, I hope you give me the best option as I am looking for a friendly person than just sex. So then he assured me, saying she is good, friendly and experienced.

He then asked me to pay 1000 bucks there first. I told him I won’t give until I see the lady and I will give it to her hand only. He then said, “Ok, you give me 500, and immediately the lady will come with you. You pay her the rest, and this 500 is my commission.”

I agreed, and he just started his vehicle and asked me to follow him. Just 2 minutes from there, he stopped his vehicle in front of a lodging hotel. I stopped there, and then the guy calls the lady and asks her to come down. In less than 5 minutes, a lady comes down.

The broker then comes to me and tells me, “Now you pay my commission at least as the lady is there.” I paid him his 500, and then the lady comes towards me, crossing the road. Then she sits on my bike. I could not see her face clearly as she was covering it with her dupatta. She was wearing a pink chudidhar.

As soon as she got onto the bike, I asked her If she was ok and then started. I didn’t want to stay out for longer. As I started, I became more cautious, and I saw at the sides in the mirror if anyone was following me.

I was familiar with the area. So I took multiple turns into smaller roads until I made sure nobody could follow me. Once I calmed down, I turned the mirror to have a look at the lady’s face. She was sitting silently behind me, with one hand on my shoulder and one hand on my waist.

I still couldn’t clearly see her face. So I told her, “Just take off the dupatta from your head.” She gladly listened to me and took it off. The guy said to me that she was 28 years old, but she was older. She was not great, but then she was ok.

She must be around 5’4 and slightly on the fatter side but can’t say fat. I asked her name and other general questions. I asked, “How do you guys go about at night? Don’t cops ever ask?”

She then showed an id made for her. She usually shows that as if she is working for a call center on a night shift. “Smart move,” I said.

So we now reached my place. It was an independent house, and neighbors usually sleep early. So it was easy to get in without grabbing eyes. I opened the door for the lady and asked her to get into the house. She then went in and then took off her slippers and sat on the sofa beside the main door.

I closed the door and then went to the other side and sat on the chair opposite her. Now I could clearly see her face. She is of height (5’4 ish), wheatish complexion, and roughly 70 kgs.

I will continue in the next part the events that unfolded in the next few hours.

Please feel free to share your comments on mail/ hangouts at [email protected] Hoping to hear from you and soon develop another experience based on your feedback and comments.

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