Wild Mallu Girl Sharanya’s Train Ride

Hai people, my name is Sharanya. You can call me Sharu. I am 22 years old. Today, you will be reading an experience that really happened to me last year.

On August 26, 2018, I had to go to marriage at Palakkad, Kerala. I went there by train. The function ended at 4 in the evening and when I reached the station, there was no direct train to my town. I asked them if there was any other train I can travel in. They told me that there is a local passenger train which goes straight to Thrissur.

So I took a ticket to Thrissur and boarded the local passenger train. It was really crowded and many guys were ogling at me as I was wearing a tight churidar.

Oh, I forgot to say. I have a good curvy body. I am slim but have those sexy curves. My boob size is 34C.

Coming back to the story, as there were other lady passengers there, I didn’t bother even when I felt aroused by all those stares. When the train reached Shornur, everyone took off from the train. And the train was going to be held up there for 30 minutes before moving again.

So I also just went out to have some juice or water. And after having it, I came back and was remembering the hot feeling that I got when everyone was staring at me. My pussy got a tickling sensation at that time.

So I decided I will change my seat and went to look for a seat where I can get to seduce some random horny guy. And after some walking, I saw a sleeper compartment where there were only two people – An old man who was sleeping and a middle-aged man who was in his 50.

I decided to sit opposite to him. And he was surprised to see me coming and sitting there. He was really checking me out staring my ass and boobs.

This man was dark and bald and had facial hair. He was wearing a lungi and a white dirty shirt. He smelled of alcohol and cigarettes.

Soon the train started to move. I adjusted my bra in front of him and I took off the shawl. He was able to see my sexy cleavage now. He was staring there like a hungry animal. I was able to see the lust in his eyes. I smiled at him when he looked at me. He saw that and smiled too.

After 2 minutes, I lifted my churidar top a little. Now he was able to see my white creamy deep navel. He was really excited.

When I saw that, I got really hot and gave a sexy smile looking into his eyes. Then I walked off to the washroom area and he followed me.

I was standing at the end of the door feeling the cold air. The next moment, I felt something touching my ass from behind. It was his dick! It was rock hard. I was able to feel it perfectly through the lungi as he was not wearing any underwear.

He hugged me from behind and slowly slid his hand to my belly. Meanwhile, his dick was wildly trying to force its way into my ass. OMG! It was really a hot feeling. I was able to feel his warm hands in my belly at the same time.

I turned around and looked at him. I grabbed his cock. He immediately kissed my lips forcefully. His breath was awful with the smell of cigarettes and drinks but it was somehow arousing too.

He bit my lower lips and then I got wild. I sucked his lips and tongue, sucking and drinking up his saliva. While doing this, he was pressing my boobs really hard and I loved it.

Then I went down on my knees and opened up the stranger’s lungi. I saw his monstrous smelly cock waiting to devour me. It was really hard and had the skin at the top.

I slowly sucked the tip of that dirty cock. It had some precum which I sucked. I started sucking his cock like there was no end. I wanted to make that monster cock mine, so I sucked it really hard. My whole head was inside his lungi, licking his balls and sweat.

Then, suddenly, I heard the sound of someone coming towards us. So we quickly stopped and went back to our seats.

After another stop, some people entered the train. So we were not able to do any wild things there. I asked him to come to the bathroom and I went to the bathroom. It was smelly.

Then I heard a knock at the bathroom door. It was him, his eyes red in color. I was able to see his lust. I wanted to become his bitch. So I pulled him in and said, “I am your bitch for today. Love me like a wild animal.”

He turned me, I removed my tights halfway and my undies too. He kept his dick between my legs and started to stroke. His dick was fully covered in my pussy juices while he was doing that. I was able to feel his cock rubbing my pussy walls and thighs.

He then came down and kissed and licked my pussy. And then he bit my ass cheeks. His teeth made marks on my ass. It was as like he wanted to eat my bubbly ass.

Then I turned, faced him and removed my top. He removed my bra. He said, “Lovely nipples” looking at my light brown nipples. He then bit them and sucked them hard which made me moan, “Ahhh…”

He then pressed my ass really hard and I moaned again. Now he started kissing me and pinching my pussy lips. Then he inserted his finger inside my pussy hole. It was a heavenly feeling.

I really wanted to be violated at that time in that moving train by this dirty stranger. He turned me to my back. I bent a little exposing my sexy dripping pussy. Seeing that, he just thrust his cock into my pussy. I was like, “Haaaaaaaaaaa”.

He kept it like that for a second and he was keeping my mouth shut. Soon, his cock was throbbing inside my pussy. My young pussy was finding it very difficult to handle the stranger’s big cock. My pussy was getting fucked hard my co-passenger’s dirty wild cock.

He fucked me for 5 minutes at a very fast pace. My pussy was dripping wet. I told him not to cum inside me. Then he fucked me even harder. I was moaning really loud now. He bit my shoulder while fucking and was also pressing my boobs and nipples. It was heaven!

In the end, I made him cum in my underwear. And I wore that underwear and sucked his climaxed dick. I sucked him clean. He was happy and gave me a final kiss where he sucked my tongue and pressed my ass. It was really a great experience.

Later, I went home and changed my undies. While changing, I got that strong smell of his cum. Ahhh..!


So that’s all for today, guys. Hope you like it. If you want more orgy stuff, just comment and message me. I am always available.

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