Fucked Hot Girlfriend Shifa In Hotel Room

Hi everyone, I will tell you how I had sex sessions with my girlfriend after getting wet and hot in heavy rain after she bunked her college.

My name is Rocky, athletic build, 5’7″ height, wheatish but handsome, dick size 7-inch long and 2-inch wide, staying in Pune.

My girlfriend’s name is Shifa, with a body figure of 36-28-36. Her looks will make any men’s penis erect anytime (lucky me to have her!).

One day, I and my girlfriend planned our trip to Lonavala after the lockdown and when the college was open. She was bored staying at home as we rarely got any chance to meet and lip-lock.

The day arrived and I picked her up from college early in the morning. My girlfriend was looking damn hot in a red top and jeans. Her visible bra and her tight-fit jeans were enough to show her curves and make my penis harder.

We greeted each other and I complimented her. She blushed and thanked me. We got on the bike and headed towards Lonavala. On the way, I touched her thighs and hands as I was getting aroused by her appearance.

As it was a rainy season, it started raining heavily when we were near Dehu road. We had to ride in that rain as we could not stop anywhere and my girlfriend was getting excited in the rain. It was the time when she hugged me tightly from behind and started pressing her boobs and getting wild! I too was losing my control and was pushing back towards her to gain more push from her boobs.

As we both were high and unable to control and on top of that the rain was heavy, we decided to check in to a hotel as we could get more time for us and the rain would also stop after some time.

We checked in to the hotel. I enquired whether there would be any issues but the manager told me that there was no issue and we can enjoy our stay. With that confidence, we entered the room. Immediately, I grabbed her and we started kissing passionately.

After around 5 minutes of kissing, we started undressing ourselves. My girlfriend was hesitating at first but because of the passion and horny mood, even she could not control and ended up getting naked.

OMG! It was my first time seeing my girlfriend naked! Her boobs were milky white, firm, and round. Her body shape was a dream for any man.

I immediately removed my undies and showed my gf my penis. She was shocked and was just starring at it.

I went towards her and asked her to touch my penis and kiss it. She was sacred but at the same time, she was so aroused as well. She took my penis in her hand and started licking and kissing it. Oh man, what a feeling it was! I was in heaven.

My girlfriend licked my penis for the next few minutes. Then I told her that it was my turn to kiss all over her body. She smiled and got on the bed. Now, my dream sexy girl was on the bed lying naked! I started kissing her earlobes, neck, and shoulders. My girlfriend started moaning and pulling me towards her.

Slowly, I moved towards the boobs and nipples which were fully erect. Then I started kissing her belly and thighs. My girlfriend’s pussy was cleaned shaved and I loved that it was cleaned as I was able to see her pinkish pussy.

I moved further down and ended up at her toes. My girlfriend was so horny and was asking me to drill my rod in her hole. I teased her by holding my penis onto his pussy and playing around it without entering it.

She asked me whether it would be safe to have sex without a condom and pills. I told her that I have an idea that without using condoms and pills, we can still have sex and she won’t get pregnant.

My girlfriend agreed and I slowly started entering my penis into my lover’s pussy hole. Initially, she was not allowing me as it was painful for her but I was not in the mood to listen. Finally, I inserted my dick in her. Her eyes were in tears and she was shouting in pain.

As I started moving my rod slowly, my gf forgot her pain and started enjoying the world of sex. I was drilling her in missionary position. After 10 minutes of slow sex, I increased my speed and she too started enjoying and started moaning loudly. I kissed her while having sex in that position and pushed my dick at full speed.

Then we changed position to doggy style and I entered from behind. My girlfriend was looking damn hot. Her ass was so sexy. I started stroking her from behind and she was moaning like hell.

We had sex in that position for around 15 minutes. I was feeling that I would ejaculate so I removed my penis and busted my cum onto my girlfriend’s belly. It was a load of cum and she took it in her hand tasted it a bit and cleaned it with the tissue paper.

Then we both slept for half an hour and cleaned ourselves after that. I ordered food as it was almost afternoon. After having food, it was time for the next round. But, this time, she started the session and now she was also experienced enough to lead the sex.

I told her that I would bang her while standing and made her sleep on the bed as we do in missionary position. We had 40-45 minutes of sex in that position in various styles.

After having 2 sessions, we both were exhausted and slept for an hour naked, cuddling each other. Later, we got freshened up by bathing together and had kissing and body-licking sessions as well.

We left the hotel as the rain had stopped and went towards her college and drop her. Later in the evening, we had a detailed discussion of our sex session and planned more sex in the coming weeks. As my girl is horny now for my penis, she cannot stay away from it.

I hope you all enjoyed reading our sex story and would write more stories.

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